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Lindsay Lohan -- Amphetamines, Opiates, A-OK

7/7/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tested positive for amphetamines and opiates during her random drug tests, this according to the probation officer's report obtained by TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Crying

But according to the report, Lindsay was allowed to take the drugs that created the positive results -- namely, Dilaudid (opiate) and Adderall (amphetamine).

According to the report, "The defendant indicates she has been on the same prescription medication for as long as she can remember."


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Dilaudid ? are these people for real ? I had 2 disc's fused in my neck last year and was given Vicodin 7.5mgs for 10 days. No wonder her "friends" are still hanging around, hoping she will share. Her parents have the nerve to call themselves "Mom" and "Dad", they are both Morons most likely hoping they score a reality show, they can call it, "The Death of Lindsay Lohan".
If one of the networks hops on it, they may be lucky enough to have her do guest appearances, they best hurry, she isn't going to be on this earth much longer if she doesn't get true help with her addictions.
Just saying

1508 days ago


And she's mixing it with coke & alcohol! Whoa!

1508 days ago


I hope when Lindsay goes to jail they will find out why she needs this pain killer. If it isn't caught there, hopefully the rehab center will ask Lindsay's doctor why she needs such a strong pain killer for so long.

This is a case of doctor buying or doctor shopping. I have no doubt about that.

1507 days ago


Rehab is just to help with all the "illegal" substances that she is taking. The "legal" ones like adderall and dilaudid will not be part of that program. As long as Ms. Lohan is prescribed these types of meds she will never be drug free.

1507 days ago


Same scripts for as long as she can remember? Hrm....

Dilaudid shouldn't be given to someone for dental surgery. She shouldn't be getting refills of it if it was AND WHAT IS THE POINT OF TESTING HER FOR DRUGS WHEN SHE'S ALLOWED TO TAKE SUCH STRONG MEDS ANYWAY. What does she need to do coke for when she can just sniff the ADDERALL that she doesn't even need to have!?


1507 days ago


I was given Dilaudid when I was 9-cm dilated while IN LABOR (I did not have an epidural). (Sorry if you are squeamish.) That is some STRONG stuff. I cannot imagine why you would be taking it on an ongoing basis. If your teeth hurt that much you need to get them looked at!

Lindsay, you have a long life ahead. Get it together!

1507 days ago

Geoff Coldiron    

Dilaudid was the drug that Elvis took for years and he had a legitimate prescription for it. We all know how that ended, too!

1507 days ago


I like #150, #177, and #180.

1507 days ago


i had BRAIN SURGERY and was STILL only given ONE SCRIPT for Dilaudid! after that ran out, i was given MUCH weaker medication for refills.

you can't deny having your skull cut open, tubes put into the center of your brain, and having an 8-inch head incision with 15 staples is painful. obviously, my need for pain relief was legit. and EVEN THEN i got less meds than she did! i'm very tolerant to all meds due to chronic conditions, and even taking that into account, i was given Dilaudid for about a week, all but 2 days of which i was still in the hospital.

people have legitimate needs for pain meds, i don't dispute that. but Dilaudid for dental work? and being on it longer than a few days? i don't think so!

1507 days ago

James B    

There are 3 separate issues going on here:

1 - Such a potent ****tail of narcotic medication should not be prescribed to someone her age without at least a full medical assessment with every repeat prescription which she asks to have filled. The combined effects of these medications, especially when mixed with alcohol or cocaine, increase your risks of respiratory arrest or cardiac failure due to the different effects of each medication interacting with eachother. If she has been on some of these medications "for as long as I can remember" (so basically since she was pre-teen) then the studio medical officer has some very serious questions to answer.

2 - If she has been abusing her prescription medications for such a long time without proper medical assessment as to her actual need for these treatments, then she has become a functioning addict and URGENTLY needs to take steps to wean herself off these meds.
Otherwise, she'll become another statistic in the morgue, no matter how pretty, talented or wealthy she is.
And at 24, that's really a shame.

3 - OK, she's young, wealthy and many girls of her age indulge in the party lifestyle and then simply grow out of it in time.
She's had a horrendous upbringing, basically being used by her parents to further their own tawdry ambitions, and for that I am genuinely sorry as her childhood was sacrificed to the narcissism of her parents. They, by the way, should have their kids removed from them as they are clearly incompetent.

But she's suffering from child star syndrome. At a guess, she's emotionally underdeveloped, add to that a pretty unsavoury prescription drug habit (probably used initially to make her conform to her filming schedule), and then add to that a dubiously motivated family which has led her to rely on fame as her only vindication in life and she's pretty screwed.

My advice: take yourself out of public life for 12 -18 months. Get sober, get some pretty hardcore therapy and then return to acting, if that's really what she wants. Unfortunately, I think she's unqualified to do anything else, based on the fact that she is virtually uneducated.
If she doesn't, she'll either end up in a mental institution or in the morgue.
And what a waste.
But she's the only one who could make that decision.
Maybe the way forward is for someone to do to Lindsay what Jamie Spears did to Britney.
Conservatorship, until she can PROVE that she is fit to run her own affairs.

1507 days ago


When Michael jackson died and we found out how many drugs he was taking, everyone immediately thought that he was taking an excessive amount of drugs. Do we need this young lady to die before we ask the same questions? I had a hip replacement and only took Dilaudid for 2 days. No one should take that drug every day

1506 days ago


Okay I worked in a pharmacy for a number of years and dilaudid is usually prescribed to CANCER PATIENTS to help them live as comfortably as possibly considering how much pain they are in. People are not prescribed this for a freakin tooth extraction. Whoever this doctor is that did give this to her seriously needs to be reviewed by the board and get stripped of his license.

1506 days ago


Dilaudid is the most deliciously addictive drug I've ever taken, and I was on it for under a week. If she's been on it for "as long as she can remember," then her memory can't go back that far.

As for Adderall... that's amateur hour.

1506 days ago


@LucyLoo Thank you. The ignorance and misrepresentation and irrelevant anecdotal statements here are ridiculous. You don't like Lindsay, fine. But you aren't proving anything with your accusatory statements about her alleged prescription drug abuse.

1505 days ago


re 137. Have you read the PDF? Lindsay only took dilaudid TWO times. She hasn't been taking it for years. It the 5 weeks represented, only adderall appears as a constant. The other drug is dilaudid around the time of her oral surgery and does not appear after June 7. The dilaudid usage is OVERSTATED, this is not one of her regular medications. Trazodone, zoloft and nexium were not used by Lindsay in this period. So, essentially, it's just adderall used regularly. Lindsay and her management are doing a piss poor job. If they'd come out with some FACTS to counter all of the nonsense written about her in a timely matter, these discussions would not take place.

1505 days ago
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