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Lindsay Lohan -- Amphetamines, Opiates, A-OK

7/7/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tested positive for amphetamines and opiates during her random drug tests, this according to the probation officer's report obtained by TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Crying

But according to the report, Lindsay was allowed to take the drugs that created the positive results -- namely, Dilaudid (opiate) and Adderall (amphetamine).

According to the report, "The defendant indicates she has been on the same prescription medication for as long as she can remember."


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DUH! Shouldn't they have spoken to a doctor to see if she still needs them? Or is everybody this stupid in California? Dilaudid is only suppose to be taken for a short period of time. Any long than a few weeks or at high doses, then it becomes addictive. And as a reference, dilaudid is 10 times the painkiller as morphine. So, the reason she got it prescribed from the dentist is absurd. And taking it with anti-depressants is like increasing the dose. No doubt, she's an addict and should be getting treatment.

1380 days ago


Oops, typo again, but hopefully you're getting the point.

1380 days ago


Why even test her then? oh wait for the alcohol, yeah that's it! What a waste of money! So she is free to use meth because she is on a adderal? Our court system is a joke as well as her doctors and lawyers

1380 days ago


If this girl has been on Dilaudid for as long as she can remember...she is in some serious trouble! That is nasty ****. It's very different that "poppin a few vicodin"!

1380 days ago


I'm a nurse and I know Dilaudid can be very addicting. I've met patients complaining of bogus pain just to get a dose of Dilaudid. I've had dental surgery myself (specifically dental implant) and all I needed was half of Vicodin and I was out for 10 hours. Lindsay needs help.

1380 days ago


Why does this feel like I'm reading a coroner's report?

1380 days ago

suzie mills    

Enough of her and her ilk.......I can't get any meds for anything from my Dr. and I am a lot older and have pain.
She is pitiful and should be sentenced longer.

1380 days ago


Damn lindsy...dilaudid?? didnt know u were bout that life. gonna be a fun couple weeks for you in jail..

1380 days ago


She's a junkie...plain and simple.

And I think tmz is the only site on the internet not talking about lindsay and her f*ck u manicure in court.

1380 days ago


Yeah I came here to post about the tooth meds, what's up with that??? I see I'm not the only one who thinks this is a problem. Honestly her problem isn't her behavior, lots of kids her age go through their crazy party phase. I think she'll grow out of the drinking and drugs, she is still very young. I've had friends go through that, eventually you get sick of the lifestyle and grow out of it.

Her problem is she is a complete idiot!!! No one ever accused home schooled child stars of being smart I guess. Her excuses are insane though, I wonder if she'll ever look back on this and be like, did I really say that?? I think she did herself a huge disservice when she went rambling on to the judge and fake cried at the end. She sounded like she had marbles in her mouth, her eyes were shifty, and she was incoherent... oh and the fake tears were awful.

1380 days ago


I had a C-section and all they gave me was a few percocet. How on earth this child is getting Dilauded for a tooth ache is beyond me. IMO she's going to be the next Anna Nicole. SMH

1380 days ago


Dilaudid seriously.....for what? The authorities need to check this out, who prescibed it and what is this script for? What possible medical condition could this 24 yr old need a long term prescription for a narcotic, my opinion she just wants to be HIGH!! Its not like she's been hit by a car and has chronic pain..... Where are these doctor's hippocratic oath

1380 days ago


i been addicted to 10mg percocets i would take up to 30 pills a day im surprise im alive and i was in and out of jail the whole time and never once did jail help it made it worse she should be forced in rehab drug dealers should go to jail not users this is why the system is messed up and over packed and just to let you know i been clean a few months since i went to rehab its a shame that this judge let the press get to her and feel forced into putting her in jail cause she is a celebrity i have been caught with over 30 oxycotains and nothing happen to me and i had other drug priors in the past the judge forced me to a drug treatment program and it worked if she wasnt famous she would have gotten the same sentence and this is why the justice system is a joke

1380 days ago

Lenore Schlachtman    

Dilaudid!!! I've been told it is the rich man's heroin. She needs to get off that junk and fast. Good thing she is going to rehab.

1380 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is a respectable young actress who deserves maybe a day in jail if that.

Seriously, the jails are overcrowded and putting a small time offender like her behind bars is a f*cking joke.

Just goes to show you how useless this war on drugs really is...

1380 days ago
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