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Lindsay Lohan -- Amphetamines, Opiates, A-OK

7/7/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tested positive for amphetamines and opiates during her random drug tests, this according to the probation officer's report obtained by TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Crying

But according to the report, Lindsay was allowed to take the drugs that created the positive results -- namely, Dilaudid (opiate) and Adderall (amphetamine).

According to the report, "The defendant indicates she has been on the same prescription medication for as long as she can remember."


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I practically have to beg for an antibiotic at my Dr's office. Unreal.

1536 days ago


Wait... she's been taking opiates & uppers for as long as she can remember? Well, this proves it, and it comes directly from her own mouth: SHE'S A SYNTHETIC HEROIN AND SPEED ADDICT.

1536 days ago


Dilaudid for as long as she can remember (that's not saying much). Really good addicts always have an MD on retainer who refills all their Rx's, so they don't have to but it off the street. Since she has prescriptions for the Dilaudid and the Adderall (also used popularly for weight management/appetite control) this must mean she's not an addict, cuz everybody knows that addicts only get their drugs illegally, right?!

1536 days ago


sadly, Lindsey's life will probably be far shorter than it should. The drugs mentioned usually have negative overall effects on the body, and the damage may be irreversable..If she makes it to 40, I would be surprised...even if she can get it under control, which, given her line of work I doubt, she still won't enjoy the long life she should have...This girl is a poster child for legislation to reform the child actor laws, there needs to be more government oversight of the industry, and less cheating by the giant media pigs like Disney, Nickelodean, etc.

1536 days ago


There is no reason in the galaxy that such a young woman without cancer needs is called Medical Heroin in the medical profession.She was driving ,got a DUI for alcohol and they suspended the cocaine charges which WOULD NEVER happen to Mr. or Ms. Average "Joe"/"Jane."This is like the MJackson accident waiting to O.D. and then blame the Doctor,who at this point should cut LiLo off..cold turkey....just like what happens to average citizens when driving under the influence.The people suing her for the civil case now have much ammo to win big bucks,deservingly too.

What kind of Mother allows this?The one that cares ONLY about Lilo's wallet.Her mom ought to be charged with abuse..seems her Dad was right about his daughters addictions to prescription drugs.

If they allow her this "heroin" while incarcerated the strict judge that sentenced her just made herself an accompliss and lost all credability.

1536 days ago


This is what happens when children are child STARS. They cannot cope as adults. It happened to Michael Jackson too.

I pray she gets the right kind of help and gets off these drugs.
She is an addict and God loves her the same as God loves YOU.

1536 days ago


I think the DEA needs to look into all rx's prescribed to her...and that dentist needs to be investigated...they should never be able to keep someone on pain meds. Also I don't understand why she's taking 2 anti-depressants...that's not typical.

1536 days ago


#8, how do you know that Lindsay doesn't have a chronic pain condition? Are you her M.D.? Are you the one to file her medical records when she comes in for an exam and med refill? Are you informed enough about her personal medical situation and opiate tolerance, for whatever the reason, to say that she can relieve moderate to severe pain with a lesser opiate? What prescriptions Lindsay takes is between her, her doctor, her pharmacist and her G-d. Any of these prescribed meds can be abused however, even with proper indications for prescribing, and when that becomes the case, then it is a matter for the courts. Not only does the random urine test show what class of meds she is taking, it will distinguish between Adderall and crystal meth. They are not the same thing. Dilaudid is distinguishable from heroin by its specific metabolites. The blood plasma levels are also noted and recorded. There are acceptable ranges based on her prescribed amount. If the results show a significantly higher reading and "significant" is a term and amount that is defined by the courts, not , then she is not scott-free because she has a script. She is taking what is instructed and although it may be making her miserable to be taking less than she likes to and what she has been accustomed to abusing with multiple scripts and street supplementation likely, it looks as if she is in compliance with the random urines. Whether or not John and Jane Q public agree with prescriptions being allowable is of no interest to the court.

1536 days ago


What kind of dentist puts you on a continuing script for dulaudid for a toothache from months ago????? he/she should be in court too!

1536 days ago


what a crock of s hit this is..I had all 4 wisdom teeth an 2 others that were damaged from the wisdom teeth pushing on them for a grand total of 6 teeth in one surgery and all I got was 4 vicodins an 10-800mg ibuprofen refills an I never even used the vicodin..this twisted little pill poppin **** deserves 1 yr in patient drug rehab only after her dumb arse serves her 90 day sentence..

1536 days ago


RealityBites, what two anti-depressants is she taking? I see no antidepressant listed in this article. I see a stimulant that is approved for ADHD. ADHD is not depression. I see a hypnotic that is often prescribed to long term Adderall patients. Again, insomnia is not Depression and Ambien is not an anti-depressant. I see a narcotic pain medication that can be prescribed to people in moderate to severe pain, depending on their opiate history and tolerance. The pain med protocol is different for everyone. But...Dilaudid is not an anti-depressant either. Stop talking out of your ass. There are many types of meds that treat typical depression and yes, two or more may be given in combination. Someone could have an SNRI OR an SSRI given in combination with something such as Wellbutrin, an atypical anti-depressant or with Abilify. If you don't understand pharmacology and/or psychiatry please stop giving information that is completely erroneous.
I too think Lilo needs help and is an addict but some of the "facts" I see spewed around here are making me insanely angry. Don't talk about what you are not educated or experienced in and "I had a root canal and only got Motrin" is not a qualification to rule on anyone else's medical history.

1536 days ago


Dental pain - she should have spent money on getting her cavities filled and her wisdom teeth pulled. Get gum disease treated. Pulled or capped a broken tooth. No more excuses to take drugs. So Linds, instead of partying put some money into your mouth.

1536 days ago

the truth    

i was wondering why LL was running around with all that energy and not looking depressed. when u stop drinking you go thru horrible withdrawal but she was out still having fun and now i know why!!! this girl has not been sober.i myself am addicted to pills and its hell getting off of them. an opiate abuser is usually given suboxone and thats what they gave me . that was 2 yrs ago and I'm still trying to stop taking these devils! the DOC never told me how addicted they are. i also take valium , ambein and other pills. my DOC is soooo STUPID he gave me a script without anything written on it. im sure he did it by accident but right now i dont have anymore valium and i can write my own with that script but i wont (i hope) but this girl needs to get off those pills. the pills shes on people sell them on the street. and her FU middle finger nail ain't even funny. if i was that judge i would send her butt to jail now! how disrespecful!@!!!!

1536 days ago


And she drinks alcohol and does coke on top of those, no wonder she falls down so often?!

1536 days ago


The Lindsay haters are trying to make the few pills she was given into an addiction, they should all shut up and quit lying!
Anyone not qualified and involved in her medical care can have an opinion but they are not relevant, only comment.

She passed two drug tests without the dulaudid after she got over the surgery and showed no withdrawl problems so your comments that she is adicted or has anything more than a two week period of use, is just a lie and ignorant comment.

My bet is that she is Bi polar and that is a physical problem caused by an inbalance in brain chemestry. It takes very careful diagnostics and is hard to correct. The drugs involved are difficult and have harsh side effects. If I am right then no amount of jail or rehab will correct her problem and will just make it worse. Until she is properly diagnosed all the jail and rehab is not punishment it is torture.

1536 days ago
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