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Lindsay Lohan -- Amphetamines, Opiates, A-OK

7/7/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tested positive for amphetamines and opiates during her random drug tests, this according to the probation officer's report obtained by TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Crying

But according to the report, Lindsay was allowed to take the drugs that created the positive results -- namely, Dilaudid (opiate) and Adderall (amphetamine).

According to the report, "The defendant indicates she has been on the same prescription medication for as long as she can remember."


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The Life & Times of Lindsay Lohan /\<<<<<<<>>>>>_____
..Samro' Please, U must be there for your old friend again,
U have been the best thing that has happen to her since she left re-hab, Lindsay was a good girl when in your care,...sure u had some tough times together, but, U have also had some fantastic times together, & U know Lindsay better than anyone,......& I'm sure U have had enough of her, but, please, visit her in jail & re-hab & see what help U can be, she probably trust you more than anyone & U are always truthful w/Lilo' even when it hurts...
so, please help your old friend one more time,....))

1466 days ago


Amazing! A seemingly healthy 24-year-old has been prescribed a highly addictive narcotic painkiller "for as long as she can remember".
Only in Hollywood...

1466 days ago


Dilaudid...for getting dental surgery???? My teenage daughter got ALL 4 of her wisdoms pulled and managed to get by just fine with a week's worth of Lortab. Interestingly, when I worked in a hospital setting the patients who were hooked on Lortab before they got admitted to the hospital (in between their frequent hospital stays)demanded Dilaudid while in the hospital. Even if they were going home that day, they still would not agree to take a Lortab, it was all Dilaudid, Dilaudid, Dilaudid. With a side of phenergan..NOT Zofran (another anti nausea med that doesn't give one a buzz). They would conveniently list allergies to every NON narcotic pain medicine...and an allergy to any narcotic drug that they didn't like. Wonder what will happen when she has to depend on the jail medical staff to dispense these drugs and she gets them as it is prescribed on the bottle? That is the other problems patients had, once someone else was in charge of dispensing their antianxiety/narcotics, etc.. appropriately, they would start going thru withdrawls because they were self OVER medicating at home or they had a prescribing doc who would write their presciption however the patient wanted.
Wonder how many "new" diagnosis' she will be given prior to starting jailtime so she will be able to justify new prescription drugs to take...I can see it now..xanax for jail anxiety, more pain meds for new "injuries", the list will go on and on.

1466 days ago


so Lindsay does drugs and is being an idiot about it because she's in the depth of her addiction. It does not make it right, however people in glass houses should not throw stones which means everyone condemning her. Everyone's got skeletons in their closet and problems i am sure they would not want revealed on tabloids give the young woman a break and pray she doesn't die in the midst of her problems.

1466 days ago


Let's all pray to God that this troubled young soul is able to pull through this. I think that this judge is one of only a few people in Lindsay's life who is actually trying to help her. She has been given many chances to rectify herself in the court's eyes and she has been unwilling or unable to do so. What I feel is missing in her life - and missing in so many people's lives - is a spiritual guide. Without that, life is often meaningless to people.

1466 days ago


the doctor who is giving her dilaudid for dental pain should be investigated. it's unbelievable.

1466 days ago


If you had any decency you would leave this girl alone. Yes she is a spoiled child star but if she is an addict/alcoholic then she needs help and the judge is seeing to that. If you have to hound her in order to reach your ratings at the possiblity of jeopardizing her treatment, well it's amazing you can sleep at night.

No matter how privledged or spoiled she is, she needs help and is a human after all. She is no different than any other person with addiction, she unfortunately is in the spotlight.

I hope she see's the light and is able to put her life back together one day at a time.

1466 days ago


One wonders how long is "as long as she can remember"?? 6 months ago?

1466 days ago


I have been a health practitioner for 34 years and can see no justifiable reason why a 24 yr old young woman would need to be taking Dilaudid or Adderal for years, other than for an underlying addiction to both of these drugs. The judge took a tough stand, but I believe it will assist this girl in getting the help she so desperately needs.

1466 days ago


Who was the doctor that kept prescribing such powerful and mind-altering drugs to someone with such an addictive personality? She's been in and out of rehab! The doctor should have his license to practise medicine taken away! His desire for a big pay check is clearly a greater motivation than his Hippocratic oath!

1466 days ago


Jail and rehab are sort of pointless if they let her take that stuff while she's there. How about an independent, court-appointed doctor to run tests on Lindsay to see if she actually needs *any* of those meds? ADHD is real, sure, but just like depression, it gets severly overdiagnosed. Most people taking anti-depression and ADHD meds don't even need it. The painkiller also shouldn't be needed; she's 23...if something hurts, get it fixed.

They should take her off all those prescriptions or else what they're doing will change nothing.

1466 days ago


LILO, WTF? Damn girl I have been defending your name, and pulling for you all this time-thru all of your F*** ups!!! Get it together woman. You are obviously searching for something, rather than suppressing whatever that is with drugs, be a woman and deal with it the right way! Talk to someone, get your head out of the clouds. You are a GREAT actor, beautiful woman, and such a role model to so many young girls. We love you Lindsay, I will continue to pray for you and your recovery! xo

1466 days ago


Hey #45 - it's HIPAA, not HIPPA.

The crazy part is she's on all these "meds" and isn't in therapy!!! Pure and simple, she's POLY-drug DEPENDENT.

1466 days ago


She's the only one that can stop it. Otherwise, she'll just be a punchline to a sick joke.

1466 days ago


She needs help & I feel its hard to feel sorry for her having to go to jail when she got behind the wheel of a car drunk & jeopardized the lives of others. She needs to get into a rehab fast before she hurts somebody else & herself.

1466 days ago
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