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'Real Housewives' Kids Rescued in Pool Accident

7/6/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Alexis Bellino nearly lost two children on July 4th when she left her stroller unattended ... and it rolled into a pool -- this according to security at The Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, CA.

'Real Housewives
Sources at the pool tell TMZ that sometime during the holiday celebration, Alexis and her husband Jim were off "doing something" ... and the stroller -- carrying 2 toddlers --  toppled into the pool.

According to multiple security officers on scene, the lifeguard pulled the stroller out of the water with one child still in it. Alexis' husband dove in to save the other one.

But Jim tells us a slightly different story -- claiming, "There was no lifeguard needed or involved."

We're told both of the Bellino children are fine and didn't need medical attention.


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Ann G    

These 2 people are the stupidest parents I have ever seen. Typical losers who will turn to their imaginary faith now for redemption. What idiot leaves a stroller with toddlers near the edge of the pool to get a glass of champagne? The children would have been better off in the pool, really.

1535 days ago


#58. Yeah, accidents happen, like stubbing your toe or falling off your bike. This is negligence, plain and simple. I, and all alert parents know that you NEVER NEVER EVER leave a child unattended around water. No ands, ifs, or buts. By the grace of God the children were okay and it easily could have ended different.
This was not an 'accident', this was neglectful and the children should be taken away.

1535 days ago


So, even with two full time nannies with them at all times, the kids are left unattended? By a pool? Where's CPS?

1535 days ago


Not sweet ole saved Alexis! The way she rambled on last year about her only job was to take care of the kids and her husband...looks like she should leave the kids to the nanny.

1535 days ago


uhhhh, Mrs. "Perfect" did something wrong? She's so self-righteous, I'm sure they'll put any "innocent-parent" spin on it they can....most likely they were putting back a martini or two at the Balboa Yacht Club....where were her many nannies? Alexis is a big hypocrite, acting all hollier-than-thou with her supposed Christian values/principles, all the while getting multiple plastic surgeries, including her HUGE boob job & slammin' back the ****tails with the other OC housewife beeochs! Thank GOD her kids were ok & it was a wake-up call for those two self absorbed parents....

1535 days ago


How is their over priced, cold looking hotel doing??? Is Jim still wanting to "deal" on reservations???

1534 days ago


Those two are ****ing idiots. I will never forget how Jim sat and watched the nanny put together a little Fisher-Price kind of toy for the kids. I was like, SERIOUSLY??? What man does that??? But he's not a real man. He's an ugly, insecure control freak. And yes, both of them claim to be soooo Christian when they're the biggest hypocrites ever. He bought her company otherwise she wouldn't have the time of day for his ass.

1534 days ago


Accidents happen! You people who are so quick to judge must have not had something happen to your children that made you feel as if you were the worst parent on the planet. You have to remember that they are on a show and they are characters. This is not who they really are! I have met Alexis and while she lives a different life than we all do she is a decent person! C

1534 days ago


A few years back I had to spend about 4 hours around this douche. I have never met anyone as empty and joyless (at least on the outside) as he is.. He was rude, arrogant, condescending, to the people around us and even to myself. His wife on the other hand was cool and hot as hell, but she has let herself fall victim to the typical OC trapppings, which is a shame because she has way more character and charisma than he does.. Sounds like both of them may be a bit too wrapped up in themselves to keep their kids safe which is a shame.. Just my .02, if they disagree, they can afford to hire an attorney.

1534 days ago


Definitely NOT a real housewife - just another celebutard preening while the 2 (rented?) toddlers are ignored & left in imminent danger. Bimbos like her should be required to get a permit before being allowed to have or care for children.

1534 days ago


I was two feet away and saw the whole ridiculous incident along with countless other people! They both turned their back, walked away from the stroller and it plunged in the water. Another gentleman from NZ that was at the scene pulled one child out while the husband struggled with the other. The lifegaurd and the other guy pulled the stroller out of the water.

Then Jim proceeded to scream at everyone there for letting the stroller go in, blaming everyone but himself. Screaming at the lifegaurd who was present and making a scene that lasted at least an hour. Shameful and discusting.

Horrible people.

1534 days ago

Tim Adams    

Well, it appears the original MORONS might be back on the show. Jim Bellino and GEORGE PETERSON are cut from the same cloth.

LAURI WARING PETERSON has a new Twitter page asking ppl what they would like to see if they were to make a come back on the OC Housewives. Stupid, stupid people who should have never parented children. Have the PETERSONS not seen what these shows have turned into? Did they forget the hatred they received after Lauri exploited her sons life on TV. Obviously, they are not concerned about EXPLOITING their minor children - AGAIN!! PETERSON must really be hurting for cash and just as desperate as LAURI to have their mugs back on the D-Listed screen. LOOSER WANNA BE'S!!!!

1534 days ago


omg more stories please!! i love hearing about how these douches act when the cameras are off. This bitc h makes a joke of religion, he is a complete douche, and together they are worse parents than octomom.

1534 days ago

Richard Brandeis    

Having watched both parents pontificate about God, their amazing marriage and un-wittingly demonstrating their need to be control freaks (especially the husband) this is a an amazing tale of good luck for the kids and the clarion cry of "your busted" to these two self centered, narcissistic jerks. Take care of the kids, stop looking in the mirror, your nothing special.

1534 days ago


-wow , the housewife that was always throwing in someone's face how good of a mother she was , almost drowned her own babies! smdh

1534 days ago
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