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TMZ's Kick-Ass Cook-Out Contest -- WINNER!

7/6/2010 4:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken -- and the sexy soldiers smoked the competition in our "Kick-Ass Cook-Out" Contest!

This week's Contest is TMZ's Titillating Tan Lines Contest -- so get your sexiest tan-filled photos and email 'em in early for a chance at this week's $250 prize and some super secret mystery gifts from TMZ!

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The little girl was adorable but our men and women need our respect! I'm very happy and proud that America picked the soldiers!!!

1568 days ago


I'm so glad our men and women in uniform were recognized! Even in the middle of nowhere they are holding US tradition and ideals near and dear! The "firestarter" was very cute--but I'm heartened by the win for our military!

1568 days ago


Those are some hot looking soldiers serving up dinner and serving our country! God Bless America!

1568 days ago


This is the most well deserved winner I have ever seen in these contests.

1568 days ago


You people are pathetic, voting for them just because we are "at war" and these are military personnel, probably bunch of desk job lackeys. This is ****ty patriotism at it's finest.

1568 days ago


good evening to you steinberg, nice name by the way. first off this is me in this photo. second off i do not work at a desk. Im a navy hospital corpsman. which is a medical person for the marine corps.u have some nerve to say any member that is serving in the military for his county has bad patriotism. be happy for the freedom that we do have, that my fellow sailors, soldiers, and marines brothers fought to give you and died for. o and about the military people that do work at desks, they get their job done so i can complete mine the are just as essential to getting the mission complete as every other person over there. and just to let you know this happend to be my first real meal in about 3 months, outback steak house flew us in steaks, before that it was MRE's every day. i hope you have a great day. to everyone that did vote thank you very much

1568 days ago


WOW....Well said safe & god bless :)

1568 days ago

Throwback kid    

way to go guys! you make our country proud!

1568 days ago


I'm with you Steinberg. I'm also sick and tired of the military photo always winning just because it makes us feel better about ourselves.... oh the poor troops, blah blah blah

By the way Nick, the days of us requiring to feel indebted to you in some way ARE OVER! WAKE UP!! The "war" in Afghanistan has lasted longer than the Vietnam war. It is high time for some of you to rise up and start asking questions instead of supporting/fighting for something you don't even understand.

By the way, I'm a former Naval officer and helicopter pilot, so don't give me anymore of this B.S. Stand Up! Educate yourselves about what is actually happening in this world, and understand that just because you choose to blindly follow the corrupt individuals who put you in harms way, DOES NOT MAKE YOU SPECIAL!!

1568 days ago


Hey "deuce-"
It sounds to me that your comment would best be directed at the politicians and big-wigs of this country, rather than the brave men and women who serve. Simply because they serve during a time of war and frustration, (under "the corrupt individuals" your words, not mine) does NOT make them 1. uneducated, 2. blind followers, and 3. allow you to massively generalize an entire military body and specifically a group of individuals by charging that they are "fighting for something they don't even understand." Who says they haven't asked questions? Who says they haven't stood up for what they believe? Deuce, you should know, that these men made a commitment, and unlike the majority of this country, these men honor that commitment and choose not to duck and run.

If it were not for these men and the scores of military personnel that serve this great country, we (as in you and I) would be in dire straights. You may not agree with certain missions, you may want to see this war over, (I'm sure that no one would rather have the troops home more than the troops and their families), but please spare your angry and condescending rhetoric on a photograph that should be celebrated. Your callous disregard for the men in this photograph and your general malignment of the character of men you don't even know makes YOU look like the one spouting off the "B.S."

Frankly, I am shocked that a former Officer in the military, one who I assume also went to flight school ( Pensacola was it, sir? ) would have such little disregard for men you may have served with during your time in the service. I'm sure there were many that disagreed with various military activities during your time and I highly doubt you would have welcomed someone calling you uneducated. Of course, absolutely anyone could simply support their statement by claiming to be former military so I can only take your 'written' word for it and assume truth.

By the way, Deuce, my husband is an ACTIVE Officer in the United States Marine Corps and pilots the F/A 18 Hornet, so please spare me any snarky retorts.

And Duece, if God-forbid we had another enemy attack on this country, I highly, HIGHLY doubt you'd stand by and call these men "stupid" for serving.

Deuce, why don't YOU stand up and re-educate yourself on the trials and tribulations these men go through day in and day out that allow you the freedom to type your "B.S." on a website dedicated to celebrity entertainment.

And Nick? I think you're special. Thanks for serving. Please come home safe.

1568 days ago


I agree with you both Steinburg and deuce. I'm so fed up people voting for these pics and eating up anything with an American Flag or a soldier on it. I can't believe so many people go along with this brainwashing patriotism. It's really sad that people buy into this military worship propaganda never really asking themselves why. I am not going to gravel at the feet of fatigued henchmen because it feels nostalgic or because it's the "American" thing to do.

1568 days ago


These guys can grill my meat anytime!

1567 days ago


The girl was better. You put a uniform on someone and they win. No offense but hey its the truth.

1567 days ago


Thank you for your commitment! Yes! A more than well deserved winner!
Thank You all the men and women serving our country now and in the past!!

1567 days ago


Nick you are Beautiful. As are most of our service men and women. You did something SO MANY are NOT willing to do. And it is not because most do not believe in serving and protecting this Country and Freedoms we have (we also seem to be losing many of those though) it is because most are to afraid to do so. Myself included. But when these men and women (some SO YOUNG) felt we were being threatened they made the CHOICE to put themselves in harms way for the REST OF US!!!! STEINBERG you piece of sh#t. Whether one believes we should be there or not THAT is the reason THEY went. You disgraceful, unappreciative slobs. YOU have TIME though to be on a entertainment site posting sh#t about these people who have YOUR best interests at heart (regardless if our government does). I am sure you were one of the first ah#les to tape plastic around your windows and doors after 9/11 to save yourself from Chemical bombing.

1567 days ago
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