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TMZ's Shawn Throwin' Objections Game!

7/6/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer -- Shawn Chapman Holley -- threw everything but the kitchen sink at prosecutor Danette Meyers today to try and keep LiLo out of jail ... and now it's your chance to fire off the objections for her!!!!!

It's simple ... just grab a hold of your mouse ... aim ... and fire away!!!!


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Lindsay's lawyer was woefully ill prepared in making a defense, because there really was none. Her "job" (she "works" less than I do at a 9-5) and I would not get away with that crap and it's good to see that the judge agreed. As for the tears, nothing more than another "acting" job for her and a reaction to the sentence that she clearly thought she was going to avoid, hence the fists in the air earlier in the proceedings. I can only say that it's too bad that Paris didn't get this judge, she too deserved more given her treatment of the system that the rest of society must answer to when they pull this kind of ****. It's about dam time!

1572 days ago


I only have one comment... Lindsay DESERVES jail time, BUT, would be MUCH BETTER SERVED spending the ENTIRE 180 days in "in-patient" rehab with NO chance of any type of outings during her time. Jail will not serve to HELP Lindsay. Only IN-PATIENT rehab will truly give her the help she needs.

1572 days ago


Are you kidding? I still think 25 days is a joke. If any of us regular folks would've pulled that garbage, we'd be sitting in the can for a long time. I think the judge should've made the ENTIRE 90 days stick, then at least 60 days IN-PATIENT treatment followed by 90 days Intensive Outpatient.... and if she violated again, throw her in the can for another 90 days! She could kill someone or herself pulling that garbage. It makes me sick that money can really buy these stupid little girls out of helping themselves. She has a huge problem and NO desire to fix it. Instead of sitting on beaches and shopping, she should get herself some treatment and LIVE SOBER. Here's another thought Ms. Lohan... see how bad the economy is? My family and I are working our necks off to support ourselves and still going under. Why don't you calculate how much you're spending on dope and alcohol and DONATE those funds to those who aren't as blessed as you are to be wasting MORE MONEY THAN WE'LL EVER SEE on CRAP! Think the judge went hard on you? You haven't even gotten a taste of what real life is like for the rest of us broke folks who don't have personal attornies sitting around making excuses for us for blowing off much needed addiction treatment. Do your time and suck it up. Maybe this time in treatment will actually make you realize what you're throwing away and the rest of us can't even dream about having.

1572 days ago


I was a little disappointed at the ammount of jail time dealt out by judge Revel, considering The sheriffs department only requires females in Ms. Lohans situation (whatever that means) to do 25% of the assigned term. Hollywood justice.

Try that crap in Arizona Linsey, we still have female chain gangs for people in your "situation"!

1572 days ago


This is nothing but a joke as is the whole justice system. She's an actress and those fake tears turned real when she received her sentence of 90 days. I totally agree with Valerie, if it was anyone else other than a "celebrity" the book would have been thrown at us. Money talks and this is just a freaking media circus and the tax payers are the clowns. Trust, this cost the tax payers money. And now to find out she will only have to serve 25 days of her sentencing is just another slap in the tax payers’ face.

1572 days ago


Well LiLO should be able get one more chance for her to go treatment or house arresst while she can work her actress and while she can attend her treatment for help that she been going through and if she fail again then she can go jail for 90day then LiLo may not have to cry like now she is

1572 days ago

Ms. L    

How old are you Chrissy and what are you trying to say??

She is going to jail and then an in-patient (meaning an in house stay) for rehab.

She needs to concentrate on getting herself cleaned and her body repaired!!!

This is the best thing for her and she should return and thank the judge and the prosecutor for saving her life.

PS. She still wanted the SCRAM bracelet off prior to her sentence to go out and party one last time. This shows us where her frame of mind is....

1572 days ago

curt hoffman    

I agree with some of the previous comments in that they should make not just her but any of these Hollywood idiots do ALL the time! They need a little time in the real world to reflect on their actions. Why let them do it in some cushy rehab. That doesn't seem to have any effect 'cause as soon as they get back on the street, they hit the first party they find and it's back to the status quo!

1572 days ago


What a crock! If we did half the things she pulled we would be in jail the whole 90 days or whatever time imposed by the judge.She deserves to be in jail...she is one spoiled brat!

1572 days ago


Go directly to jail don`t pass go! SORRY this just could save her life!

1572 days ago


I actually watched the hearing on the internet. LiLo was writing a letter, not paying attention, talking to her attorney when others were talking, looking behind her, and was just moving around. She paid no attention...She was not taking anything seriously, and blamed others for her problems and continues to do so. Someone stole my passport, you should not have gone to Cannes to begin with...

Lohan wined about how she has to work and her schedule is not like other people. And she has alot of people that are relying on her working that she supports. After she did her emmy cry, she went back to writing her letter. She was just so inattentive. The judge was great..

I am glad finally the judge laid down the law according to what Lohan did not do and how she violated her probation. She deserves more than 90 days - and should not get released early.. for any reason.. Then onto rehab..

1572 days ago


Poor little rich girl, I feel so sorry for her and the magnitudes of Hollywood celebrities that seemingly get picked on for no apparent reason. Oh well... it will all come out in the wash.

1572 days ago

Abby in Berlin    

I love this game! You should license it to Wii

1572 days ago


Maybe Lindsay will take it seriously now. 23 days is better than giving her a fine. Plus inpatient rehab sounds good.

1572 days ago


25 days is a start, but I don't think it is going to readjust her entitlement attitude.

1571 days ago
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