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Team LeBron: Alleged Dad is a 'Money Grubber'

7/7/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James' lawyer is lashing out at the man claiming to be his biological father -- claiming Leicester Bryce Stovell is just in it for the money.


As we first reported, Stovell is suing LeBron and his mother, claiming the two of them tampered with a DNA test in an attempt to hide the true identity of LeBron's father.

Now, LeBron's attorney Fred Nance is slamming Stovell's claim -- saying, "The timing is obviously designed to gratuitously exploit LeBron’s announcement tomorrow."

Nance added, "A celebrity of LeBron’s stature gets many money grubbing claims all the time and this is no different.”

But Leicester is firing back -- telling TMZ, "This not a money grubbing case. This is a very carefully considered effort to resolve a pressing issue that should be handled seriously by LeBron James' attorney." 
Leicester concluded, "There is absolutely no relationship between what is happening in LeBron's life and the timing of the filing of this lawsuit ... the timing of the filing of this lawsuit is a product purely of legal considerations."

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This dude is not Lebron's dad. There is a picture of another dude that looks exactly like Lebron. the guys name is anthony mcclelland. there is a picture of mcclelland when he was a high school player and he looks like lebron's twin brother. as for this knuckle head he should be arrested and prosecuted for statutory rape.

1535 days ago


this dude is not lebron's dad. look at a picture of anthony mcclelland and you can see this guy is lebron's dad. i saw a picture of mcclelland as a high school player and he looks exactly like lebron. they could pass as twins except for the fact that lebron is a foot taller.

1535 days ago


welll this is basically the merit to this lawsuit "I knocked your mother up deserted you, and i am suing for being born"

1535 days ago


you suck greedy mother...ohio brought u in and u bailed U SUCK

1535 days ago


When this guy, Leicester Bryce Stovell, puts it in writing that even if he IS proven to be the father he'll NEVER SEEK A DIME from James or his family THEN I'll listen to what he has to say. ps 15 is jailbait and he should go to jail for rape but I think too many years have passed by now.Am I wrong? YOU'RE THE LAWYER

1535 days ago


You are the father! LOL

1535 days ago


This man has his own money he is a succesful laywer and graduated from Princeton or what ever the name of the school is. so he really dont need his money. on top of what his brother said why the **** would anybody tell somebody that they just had sex with a 15 year old girl and ur 29 dude was right not to say ****. he looks just like lebron ugly as ****. then whythe hell would u name ur son Bryce that that dude middle name his mom new that why she named him after his grandfather

1534 days ago


it is obvious that he waited for the statute of limitations on the statutory rape and Lebron to make millions before deciding that he was Lebron's father

1534 days ago


see what everybody fails to realize is that they have similarities. and the only thing i can think of is that he gotta wanna be a part of his life cuz this dudes a LAWYER.. So it can't be aboutthe money.. gotta be about Lebrons mom everyone is on the wrong page and thas money they are using that to throw people off.. It's about the mom not the money.

1532 days ago


Maybe LeBryce thinks LeBron is his son because they are both ugly. I guess Mr. James needs to schedule a press conference on ESPN to deny the claim. Stroke his over inflated ego once again.

1481 days ago


Even if he is the father LeBron is under no obligation to give this man a dime. What makes him think he would have received 'gifts of money' from his son. Where was he when this child was growing up and his mother was struggling to raise him. It's not easy being a single mother and I speak from experience.

1458 days ago
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