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Lindsay Lohan: I'm NOT Going to Jail!

7/8/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay Lohan vows to appeal Judge Marsha Revel's 90-day jail sentence.


One source who was with Lindsay last night says LiLo proclaimed, "I'm not going to jail!" Lindsay was talking with people in her apartment about appealing the case.

As for how Lindsay could appeal ... the only real basis is arguing that Judge Revel abused her discretion in nailing LiLo with a 90-day sentence.  The chances of winning such an appeal are extremely remote under the best of circumstances, and given Lindsay's performance on probation ... snowballs and hell come to mind.

Lindsay's vow to appeal could explain why Shawn Chapman Holley just threw in the towel and resigned.

We're told Lohan's new attorney, Tiffany Feder-Cohen, has already been in touch with the Sheriff's Department.



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Her ego is out of control. She is cementing the very fact of her own matter. She is on a downward spiral to an early grave. Prescription drugs are far more deadly than recreational drugs. HeR **** U nail polish was a childish move for court.


Swallow your pride. Accept your consequences and watch your future actions. You ask and you get. And this is a prime example.

1570 days ago


Sorry...I don't feel sorry for you!! Money can't always buy everything!

1570 days ago

Caleb W    

Oh cmon. Linds isn't going to serve more than 24 hrs. in jail All this drama and speculation..just watch the miracles unfold by July 20. Its LA.. celebrities.. even if they are skanky c*nts are above the law.

1570 days ago

Joe Blow    

*sigh*, she just doesn't get it. She really needs to leave her own little world of Lindsay-do-no-wrong, own up to her mistakes, work on correcting those mistakes, and face reality. She broke the law more than once, continued to skate around the law for years, and finally has been busted. Time to go nighty night Princess Lindsay.

1570 days ago


take of LiLo faster then that bitch can put your ass in jail.

you are going unless you flight fast.

good luck.

I would actually suggest you simply put in the ****ing time.

1570 days ago


LINDSAY! I hope I got your attention. I prayed for you. You are a very intelligent person, and I don't know what you believe in, I hope you believe in God. The reason I say this is, if you would step back and take a good look at your present situation, you might see that although things look really hopeless and bad, there is a reason for it all. Maybe God knows in his infinite foreknowledge that this Linda Lovelace movie is NOT something you should do. Maybe he knows that if you don't stop now, you will be dead like B. Murphy, or H.Ledger. He loves you, and if we could just see in hindsight, we would see how he was trying to help us, or stop something from happening. Try to look at this from this perspective. If you believe in God, know that he loves you more than your parents do, more than anyone on this earth does, and he wants only good, not evil for you. It is you who brings the bad into your own life, not God. But he will allow you to go through the fire, if thats what it takes. Its all up to you, and no one else, you are legally an adult and have been for some time now, Theres no one else to blame for all this, but yourself. God is waiting to help you, he is your loving Abba Father. He will be with you in jail, he will be with you in re-hab, he is with you now, but he does not force us to love him back or turn to him, that is an act we must do on our own.

1570 days ago


She is just lucky that the judge did not put her in the Graybar Hotel that day...this little clebu-twit needs a reality check (though it would probably bounce quite high). I wouldn't give her the chance (or opportunity) to do anything but breathe behind bars. She is fortunate that the judge only sentenced her to 90 days (make her serve every minute of it...).

1570 days ago


Before its to late Lindsay you have to admit to the problems you are having with alcohol and drugs. Then you have to ask yourself is Hollywood really worth all this hell in your life. Jail is not the answer but an imposed stay in rehab might just save you.

1570 days ago


@29- The Sheriff pulled that stunt with Paris and Paris was thrown right back in there. Hopefully Judge Revel will do the same.

1569 days ago


Excellent lawyer. Lindsay is having issues with jail due to a number of reasons. She has a condition where she can't be alone or sleep alone, this is due to an undisclosed childhood trauma. That's why you see friends with her or her sister, they sleep alongside her. Asking her to be in a cell 23 out of 24 hours a day and seeing her friends or family only a few hours a week is very scary and unfamiliar to her and she may not be mentally/emotionally equipped to handle this. This judge really bugs me in that the purpose of putting someone in jail is not to change their attitude or make examples of them if they aren't repeat violent criminals. Real rehabilitation is helping people become more productive members of society. As much as you people like to rehash the past of what Lindsay did in 2007, Lindsay hasn't driven the past few years and her lawyer made that point she has not repeated any crime since her 2nd DUI. She DID complete her classes, but not the ridiculous once a week that the judge mandated. This idea that Lindsay will now get it because she's doing jail time is wrongheaded. She may emerge from the jail in truly horrible shape, distrustful of people in authority, freaked out, bitter, and spiteful. Jail doesn't necessarily work in a positive way of growth for certain people. A better way of making Lindsay more responsible to commitments is through training and therapy, and one where she could still have worked on Inferno. This judge, IMO, is a damned idiot, who doesn't get the special conditions for this particular person and did not take a humane approach to having her be a more productive member of society.

Most posters on these boards are full of garbage. Lindsay at most has a horrible attitude. But she isn't a child molester, murderer, rapist, or any other social deviant like that. She didn't rob people of their lifetime investments either. Why don't you save your extreme anger and disgust and nastiness for people that do harmful things to others on this level?

1569 days ago


Putting her in jail will give her a taste of what it will be like if she doesn't sort her life out and eventually ends up killing someone!!! It's a deterrent.She needs to learn respect for the justice system as well. Respect for herself. There's so many issues with her there's not enough space to list them all. I was rooting for Lindsay until I saw her total disrespect for the courts with the FU on her fingernail. Shows that she's not ready to face her problems yet. Time she was forced to face them!!

1569 days ago

Joe Blow    

Lindsay has been a good girl the last little while? Sure.....except for the $16,000+ in clothes she essentially swiped from that store.....and the constant issue of her SCRAM device continuing to go off, even though she was court ordered to stay away from drinking......and the multiple recent photos that have surfaced of her with cocaine around her......and of course the F-U painted on her fingernails directed towards the judge while in court not two days ago. But yeah, she's definitely been on her best behavior recently!

1569 days ago



1569 days ago


Lohan's is the new Sean Young, anyone here even remember her. Sean was a brilliantly talented actress who flipped out became delusional, and was National Enquirer material for years, by the time she got it together, she was almost 40, and to old for anyone to remember her or care. Last I heard she had a bit part on a soap opera.

1569 days ago

LA me    

Is it just me or does Lindsay kinda look like The Incredible Mr. Limpet with those lips??

1569 days ago
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