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Lindsay Lohan: I'm NOT Going to Jail!

7/8/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay Lohan vows to appeal Judge Marsha Revel's 90-day jail sentence.


One source who was with Lindsay last night says LiLo proclaimed, "I'm not going to jail!" Lindsay was talking with people in her apartment about appealing the case.

As for how Lindsay could appeal ... the only real basis is arguing that Judge Revel abused her discretion in nailing LiLo with a 90-day sentence.  The chances of winning such an appeal are extremely remote under the best of circumstances, and given Lindsay's performance on probation ... snowballs and hell come to mind.

Lindsay's vow to appeal could explain why Shawn Chapman Holley just threw in the towel and resigned.

We're told Lohan's new attorney, Tiffany Feder-Cohen, has already been in touch with the Sheriff's Department.



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Ahh, Lindsey.....It's highly unlikely you will be allowed to appeal a sentence. Research this: "Appeals are direct attacks on conviction, while habeas corpus reviews (testing the lawfulness of imprisonment) are indirect attacks on conviction. The constitution does provide the right to habeas corpus review, but that right has seriously eroded in recent years.

1565 days ago



1565 days ago


wow thats just bad just give her a brake if u did than just talk to give her a chance gosh beenthro that i would love to see u go thro that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: (

1565 days ago

Lisa McEntire    

For the most of us...
We carry on with our lives with ups and downs.
And sure... we all play and for most part we love to party.
It's individuals like Lilo, among others, too many to mention, that are young, stupid and careless with their personal habits.
You know the saying
"If you Play, you Gotta Pay" And if you can't handle the outcome of your very own actions.. You fail as a member of society.
Lilo should just run from Hollywood and start her own Tribe. It will save American Tax payers a load.
She's guilty, she did not even try to clean up.
Out with the old and in with the new.
I've heard enough about the spoiled brat.

1565 days ago


Her mother is her biggest problem. That woman isn't fit to raise an animal.

1565 days ago


She Should of got her act together when she had gone to rehab, she dose deserve going to jail.
Her parents should let her go to jail and she will learn her leason from that.

1565 days ago


"She needs to write a letter to The White House, and get the President to give her a full pardon."

Posted at 11:51 AM on Jul 8, 2010 by ralphie the one-eyed

The US President has no power to pardon people for STATE crimes. She would have to call the Governator.

1565 days ago


I never once stated i agreed with people breaking the law!!! Never once did my paragragh stated that it is ok to drink and drive IDOTS!!!! I had a freind to die from stupidity!!!! I just know she will do best in a REHAB than in jail!!!! Anyone that is a mother can clearly see this young lady needs help to save her life!!!!! NOT JAIL!!!!!

1565 days ago

Dee Davis    

I say put her in general population so she can find out what Mean Girls really are!

1565 days ago

Sandra Blair    

The remarks most of you are leaving Lindsay are sick and simply evil. Yes Lindsay is sick. Why are the doctors not being charged for over dozing Lindsay. My guess when she was told she couldn't drink and is addicted she was put on heavy pain killers for her with-drawl. Just let her go to rehab- if after 2 months she isn't with the programme then send her to jail. She is very ill and jail will only make it worse. I wish she would go straight to rehab to-day and start to get the help she needs. Everyone she has been thru and heard enough. Get a new doctors and new friends and get rid of your leaching parents.

Good Luck and hope 3 months from now you'll be in a better place.

1565 days ago


Why does she grin when she cries?

1565 days ago

Sudseh Maraj    

Just a complete WASTE OF TIME. She had everything going for her and she just let it all go to waste. The only person she has to blame is herself. No matter what anyone says Lindsey always had the final say. She's been given too many chances so let her face the consequences for her stupid actions. There are people in ths world who are not as fortunate as her and they have SERIOUS problems, and THEY pesevere so who the hell is LINDSEY LOHAN??? She's a human being like everyone else

1565 days ago


fisrt of all who the hell does she think she is writing **** u on her finger nails??? did she really think she was so smart and the judge was so stupid that she wasnt going see it?? what is her problem??? she needs to grow up and realize just because she was a disney kid that isn't going to do anything for her reputation now. get over it lindsey you did the crime now quit crying and do the ****ing

1565 days ago


good.maybe the bitch will straighten up now.. celebritys are NOT ABOVE THE LAW

1565 days ago

Dee Davis    

Dilaudid for a tooth extraction? I work with hospice patients who don't even get that! She just figured out a way to get high despite being drug tested and the "dentist" who prescribed that sounds about like Michael Jackson's doctor- giving him anesthesia so he could sleep!

1565 days ago
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