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Lindsay Lohan

Says F-U in Court

7/7/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan may not have told off the judge with her mouth -- but yesterday in court, she had a special message for Judge Marsha Revel painted on her fingernails ... "f*ck you."



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I was just looking at pictures of LL in court and I don't see anything on any of her nails. This is the only pic I see with F U written on it. I totaly think it's photoshopped. If you zoom in on her pics and check her nails, nothings on them, only in this pic.

1567 days ago


You are a very talented actor with great talent comes great sensativity, and jealously from left brain people who don't understand talent or artist. Your going to jail but it is not going to be 1/2 as bad as you think. You will be totally protected and no one will be able to jump you, touch you, hurt you in anyway. After this is all over someday you will be able to use this in your work.

The judge and prosector even your own attorney just used you and your legal problems to try and further their careers. LOL but girlfriend your the only one who will be kicking ass@# in 6 months. Just let go now - in 6 months you will be in a better place!

You already have 2 projects waiting for you by the time you get out most of Gollywood will feel sorry for you cuz you got screwed and offer you more work. Just fu#4k it - get sober! The sentence and being forced to go to rehab would be enough to send anyone over the edge. PLEASE don't let that happen to you! You can do this and in 6 short months be on top of your GAME. I see you winning an academy award withint the next 3 years!!!!

Your attorney appears to be the leak to TMZ (fire her do nothing arse) as Harvey states all the time what a great lawyer she is. That kind of PR does not come free. Hire a black male attorney to kick that ulgy prosecuting atty's loser #$%^... what would that prosecutor do to a real criminal? Nothing as her ugly arse is too busy spending tax payers dollars on this case. LINDS YOU CAN DO THIS - YOUR SO TALENTED - YOU'LL BE BACK AND TURNING DOWN MORE WORK THAN YOU CAN EVEN IMAGINE. THIS WILL NOT HURT YOUR CAREER. Lots of people are standing by you we just have lives and can't post all day like the losers do!!!! Good luck - see you in 6 months!!!!!!!

1567 days ago


Oh stop. It's not photoshopped.

1567 days ago


Yeah, Lilo learned her lesson alright if she thought that the attitude that she was displaying with those nails was appropriate, and as it turned out it was the judge (without knowledge of Lindsay's disrespect) who said:" No, f*ck U, b*tch". Good one Judge!

1567 days ago


Awwwww ...... Bless her precious spoiled bitch little heart !!

23 days or 90, I hope shes in solitary for the duration.

1567 days ago


It's about friggin' time someone made this little troll pay for her immature, assenine actions. She really thinks she's above the law. Get a clue Lindsay, you have no class and you are a big joke to everyone!
Grow up you child. There are a lot of actresses with class and grace in Hollywood - but Lindsay is NOT, definitely NOT one of them.
Go to jail - Go directly to jail - do not pass GO - do not collect 200.00. Bye, bye you dumb ****.

1567 days ago


Oh, now we're moving further into blame territory. Now it's her lawyer's fault. And it's Harvey Levin's fault. God some of you people are amazingly stupid. How many more people can you think of to blame for her drinking problem, multiple DUIs, multiple cocaine possessions, drug abuse, and probation violations? How about the guy who invented vodka, this is his fault, too, right? And that damn Pablo Escobar sending all his coke to our country, this is all his fault. Don't stop there. There's Let's blame the court reporter, too. She totally hates Lindsey.

1567 days ago


hopefully the judge will see that and leave her in the pokey for the full 90 days.

1567 days ago


Lohan is an incredibly immature woman but she was raised by two parents who act like children. The prosecutor knows to check these websites for more information and I'm sure she will pass this photo on to the judge. Hopefully a stint in jail and 90 days of forced rehab will help her to mature. We can hope.

1567 days ago


She is going to die!!Why are people throwing her a party? Does anyone care about a life even if it is messed up?

1567 days ago


Her immature little "fingernail move" just proves that she has no clue. She's obviously a spoiled little brat, still believing that she is above the law or any rules that apply to "common folk". I just hope that her jail sentence doesn't end up like so many celebrity sentences and gets reduced to 47 minutes, because of some idiotic loophole or something...

1567 days ago


She thought that she would get a slap on the wrist again! And when she went home she was going to show her friends what she had written on her fingernail and they would have a good laugh! Well the jokes on you Linds!

1567 days ago


I think its funny,not a thimg in the world the judge can do about it then or now,,freedom of expression is a god given right
kind of like when charles manson did the swastika thing.....
just shows lindsay has a sense of humor

1567 days ago


I hate f**king Lindsay with a passion and I think she should have gotten more time... but after looking at pics from court yesterday she didn't have anything on her finger other than nail polish. That being said hopefully she kills herself off by the 20th so we don't have to spend our tax dollars on her in jail. She is just a waste of space and needs to just go away.

1567 days ago


TMZ, you need to give credit to WWTDD, who found this first. He always gives the credit to you when he re posts your stories. Come on, man up!!!

1567 days ago
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