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Lindsay Psychiatrist Could Influence Sentence

7/7/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A prominent psychiatrist could actually hold the key to Lindsay Lohan's jail cell, TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan Crying
Judge Marsha Revel appointed Dr. Kaushal Sharma to evaluate Lindsay, and then make recommendations to the court.  Dr. Sharma told TMZ he has been appointed by Judge Revel on various cases a number of times, and at least twice his evaluation caused the judge to change her sentence.

Dr. Sharma, who says he's evaluated 1/3 of the people on California's death row, tells TMZ he will probably spend anywhere from several hours to a half a day with Lindsay.  He will evaluate her -- not counsel her.

Dr. Sharma says his goal is to provide a report to the court before Lindsay goes to jail on July 20.  Among other things, the Doc will make recommendations on what type of inpatient rehab facility would be appropriate for Lindsay.

The Doc says he remembers on one occasion, after Judge Revel read his evaluation, she increased the jail time for the defendant, and on another occasion she reduced it.

Dr. Sharma does not know when he will interview Lindsay.

As for his knowledge of the case, Dr. Sharma says following these stories is not his thing.  But he and his wife sometimes watch TMZ during dinner.  We go well with meat loaf.


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If a criminal gets injured during a crime, they send him to the hospital FIRST to get fixed up and then he goes to jail.

Lindsay should go to rehab FIRST. Not jail.

1538 days ago


waaaaaaaaaaaa Lindsay! Welcome to the real world where people go to jail for breaking the law. This could save your life so suck it up, you are a big girl now!

1538 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

this slut is so friggin pathetic.....put her in jail....if this was anyone else they would be in the slammer many chances does this loser need...she mocks the court and the judge (look at her finger) and then cries like a ho that lost money to her pimp (DINA) and its all an act. I hope this hctib just goes crazier than she already is...she is a RETARD!

1538 days ago


There comes a time when a stint in jail helps one to understand their need to change their life. Lindsay's sentence is structured perfectly. Jail.... Rehab. What more can the system do for her? She should be so thankful she is finally getting the help she needs but just doesn't know it. That is the power of the DRUG. It lies ... steals ... and finally kills you while you think everything is just fine. It seems like she is the only person on this earth, besides Dina, her enabling mother, that doesn't think she has a problem. Well, maybe when the jail cell door slams Lindsay will start looking for the Light!!! No one should change this sentence. She is going to get a taste of both world. What more can a person ask for?

1538 days ago


Actors/Actresses anyone in the limelight...they are out of control. Do whatever they want, do drugs, drive drunk, beat up people, make racists remarks....and get away with it every time. They show our youth that there is a way to beat the system if you cry wolf long enough. 90 days for Lindsey Lohan? Six months from now it will be a replay all over again. Then what? What are we waiting for? It's time to really clamp down and say enough is enough.

1538 days ago

Christina G.    

Good luck in the Pokey, Lindsay. Hmmmm...ever wonder why they call it the pokey?

1538 days ago


No way in hell is this judge reducing her sentence. No way.

1538 days ago


Why do I dislike this woman so much? Oh yeah. Spoiled, sense of entitlement, thinks she is above the law and just a really, really stupid person. What an idiot.

1538 days ago

Lindsay's duck lips    

What the hell is wrong with her lips??? she looks like a duck. don't any of these idiot actresses know how dumb they look with their lips injected?

1538 days ago


Oh, one last thing. She's supposed to be a role model for my 19 year old Granddaughter? We have problems with today's youth as it is. Why didn't her family intervene to help her? I suppose that's the court's job too huh? Cop out for the family.

1538 days ago

deborah mcdermott    

this is just another excuse to keep lindsay out of jail. i agree lindsay needs in-patient rehab, but if this was anyone else behaving like this, they would toss them in jail and would not give a crap. lindsay thought she was above the law, she had so many chances to do the right thing for judge revel but did not. how many more chances does she need? maybe she needs to go to jail to help herself and want to change.

1538 days ago


I have yet to hear anyone who can say why she shouldn't go to rehab FIRST and then jail. If a crook had his leg torn off during a high speed police chase, would you throw the crook in jail, or would you take him to the hospital first?

She deserves jail. But she needs rehab first. If she is a heavy boozer or drug addict she needs to go to rehab, or she has a very good chance of hurting herself.

1538 days ago


Paying a price for your crime comes in stages. Your first brush with the law is not exactly the same as your second... and so on. This sentence could help Lindsay.... However, remember old drug poster boy Morton Downey, Jr. He was on the merry-go-round for quite along time until he was shipped off to state prison. What we are seeing here is justice in action. Time for the crime. There is no guarantee Lindsay will learn from this. We only pray she does for her sake and her family. However, there is just no telling what will happen next... without a humbling down of our starlet and accepting resposibility for her actions... and doing her time and rehab and move on with her life. If not, it will only get worse.

1538 days ago


Deborah, I have worked in this field for many years. If you get a hardcore alcoholic arrested you have to put him in medical detox first because they can DIE.

1538 days ago


So,the doctor's findings can either increase or decrease Lindsay's jail time.He could also increase or decrease her rehab time as well.If the doctor finds Lindsay to be untrustworthy,filled with a sense of entitlement,and to consider herself above the law,she will be serving the full sentence.
I've heard and read where other lawyer's have said that Lindsay may not have to serve the full 90 days,because of overcrowding.If Lindsay is found to consider herself above the law,she'll probably will serve more time.
I feel sorry for her;she just doesn't understand the consequences of her behavior.Young Hollywood doesn't know right from wrong.

1538 days ago
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