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Lindsay Psychiatrist Could Influence Sentence

7/7/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A prominent psychiatrist could actually hold the key to Lindsay Lohan's jail cell, TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan Crying
Judge Marsha Revel appointed Dr. Kaushal Sharma to evaluate Lindsay, and then make recommendations to the court.  Dr. Sharma told TMZ he has been appointed by Judge Revel on various cases a number of times, and at least twice his evaluation caused the judge to change her sentence.

Dr. Sharma, who says he's evaluated 1/3 of the people on California's death row, tells TMZ he will probably spend anywhere from several hours to a half a day with Lindsay.  He will evaluate her -- not counsel her.

Dr. Sharma says his goal is to provide a report to the court before Lindsay goes to jail on July 20.  Among other things, the Doc will make recommendations on what type of inpatient rehab facility would be appropriate for Lindsay.

The Doc says he remembers on one occasion, after Judge Revel read his evaluation, she increased the jail time for the defendant, and on another occasion she reduced it.

Dr. Sharma does not know when he will interview Lindsay.

As for his knowledge of the case, Dr. Sharma says following these stories is not his thing.  But he and his wife sometimes watch TMZ during dinner.  We go well with meat loaf.


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I'm so sick of Lindsay and her drama

1533 days ago


She has been off booze for quite sometime. Hello SCRAM bracelet!!! She could easily check into a rehab any time. And had that choice for months prior to this. Ms. Lohan was in the driver's seat and her best thinking and planning got her to this point in her life. "There is a way that seems right unto a man/woman... but the ends thereof are the ways of death" Proverbs 14:12. Maybe the doctor will inform the judge to place her right into a rehab for detox of the prescription meds.

1533 days ago


As I'm reading the comments on this board, I USUALLY will think 'Wow, how harsh. Can't people be more understanding'. HOWEVER....(lol), this girl has soooooo used up the sympathy card that I'm actually getting rather a guilty pleasure out of enjoying some of these comments. Sad I know but geez! She has become so completely unlikeable with her sniveling, her nastiness, her 'wah,wah, daddy did THIS, my daddy did THAT'....dammit Linsay just SHUT UP & do your time already. 3 stints in rehab.....still in complete DENIAL?! Ridiculous. Always knew this girl wasn't the brightest of 'wattage' but sweet Christ in heaven there's simply NO EXCUSE ANYMORE. Still holding out hope that jail will be the great 'reflecting pool' for this sad, entitled girl who has lost all sense of reality. She has totally lost any 'class'(just check out the nail polish she wore to court-my 16yr old daughter said "thats something a middle-schooler would wear"), sense of 'decency' reflected in her choice of 'acting' jobs(maybe reflects a lack of options?). She has destroyed her career which was at one time showed such promise. What a disappointment. She's suffering from terminal NARCISISSM & shows no regard or 'honor' for anyone or anything. She has become such a Hollywood cliche' that it's totally sickening. Her 'looks' which were nothing short of TOTALLY GORGEOUS are buried beneath a mountain of botox evidently in an attempt to hide the effects of years of substance/alcohol abuse which is just SAD. I can't think of a single redeaming quality left in this girl & if she doesn't embrace what may well be the last chance she's got here then....well, I don't even know what to say to that prospect.

I sure hope she digs down deep within herself & manages to scrounge up the courage to take an honest look at herself in the mirror & make the necessary changes because she has the potential to be so MUCH MORE than what she has devolved into.

Bravo to this judge for taking the time to give a damn about Lindsay because most people no longer do.

As a parent to a young girl, it's hard not to look at this young woman who has wasted EVERY OPPORTUNITY & ADVANTAGE & not think that all that has come her way has been completely WASTED on someone who simply lacks any ability to appreciate it when my own daughter has to work hard in school & at her part time job & TO STRUGGLE FOR ALL SHE HAS. Just shaking my head at this currently WASTED LIFE:(

Damn Lindsay, wake the f'k UP!

1533 days ago


The finger paint was for the Paparazzi...not for the judge. Yep, she's probably only going to get rehab---that explains the 20 day wait for turning herself in. Just a note....overcrowding could justify a simple book and release for her on the 20th. Happened to me. I was sentenced to 60 days, and I showed up 2 weeks later to turn myself in, and they booked me and let me go.

1533 days ago


Get the Oscar ready. More acting on the way.

Sure hope this guy isn't an idiot and decides that this chick really needs a big eye-opener akin to a boot in the ass.

1533 days ago

A. Conda    

I don't think she is a hard core alcoholic but rather likes to drink, take recreational drugs combine that with prescription drugs which would enhance the effect and then drive a car.

When she gets into an accident or drives wrecklessly, lies to the police and disobeys court orders, all with a so-what attitude.

In court yesterday, it was clear she did not really believe she would receive a sentence.

This is a child and the only way this is going to play out is by enforcement. I would not want to be on the road with this type of person behind the wheel.

1533 days ago


I believe that Ms. Lohan should be sentenced to the full 90 days in jail, to maybe deflate her ego that she can get away with anything she likes because of her fame. Clearly neither of her parents instilled responsibility in her, nor are they competent role models in her life. Ms. Lohan should also be forced into a 90 day, live-in rehabilitation facility in my opinion; one that does not cater to celebrities. If I were a judge I'd mandate also that she attend therapy once per week, no cancellations, for 3 years after her exit from the rehabilitation program; and that she also mandate that she attend AA or another similar type meeting once per week for those three years also. I'd go one step further and require her to wear the SCRAM for those three years and to be drug tested once a week for those three years. In addition, I think it would benefit Ms. Lohan immensely to have to do 168 hours of community service per year for those three years also; 504 hours of community service over three years. I also believe Ms. Lohan would benefit from having her drivers license suspended over those three years; and having a strict guardian (not her parents) appointed to her, as in the case of Britney Spears for three years.

1533 days ago


I have ZERO respect for her... she should go to jail and rehab and get her **** together.


1533 days ago


She painted her nails with light pink or white over an obvious 4thof July/red, white and blue. Just wasn't in the mood to remove and repaint. I'll say it again, the f-you on her nail was for TMZ cameras. Her left nail. Not for the judge....she didn't hate the judge that bad yet. She was getting her bracelet off, and having a b'day party....the f-you was for the paps.

1533 days ago


Oh, one last thing. She's supposed to be a role model for my 19 year old Granddaughter? We have problems with today's youth as it is. Why didn't her family intervene to help her? I suppose that's the court's job too huh? Cop out for the family.

Posted at 10:43 AM on Jul 7, 2010 by Vick

what makes you think she should be a role model for your grandaughter??????

1533 days ago


Oh boy. This should be a good one.

1533 days ago


She deserves to do her jail time just like everybody else. Look how long she's gotten away with stuff. If you or I did something like that they would have snatched our behinds up and took us too jail. So stop crying girl and do your time!

1533 days ago


too bad judge judy didnt get the case,,imagine if she had seen lindseys fingernail,,she would have given her 20 years

1533 days ago

Gary Rodriguez    

I'm sure you'd agree with me TMZ, that its bout time for Lindsay to get a grip on life and learn about responsabilitiy....Pinchi LLorona trnslation:Freakin Crybaby Oh! NOT! jail?!! not for me?))!! Naaoooooh!! =P
C'mon outta those 90 days she'll do like 1/3 of that "IF" that?Paying Lee Baca under the table of course..ha! But you didn't hear it from me! =P
And then she'll be back at the mercy of her dope man...Now that would be sad!!

1533 days ago

Gary Rodriguez    

I'm sure you'd agree with me TMZ, that its bout time for Lindsay to get a grip on life and learn about responsabilitiy....Pinchi LLorona!-Translation:(Freakin Cry Baby...Booh-Hoo))!.OH! NOT! jail?!! NOT! for me?))!! Naaoooooh!! =P
Out of 90 days she'll probably do 1/3 of that "IF" that? Paying L. Baca under the table of course. But you didn't hear it form me...LOL))! & then she'll be back at ther DOPE MAN's mercy...Ha!

1533 days ago
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