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TMZ's NBA Insider -- LeBron's Going to the Knicks

7/7/2010 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sorry Cleveland ... and Chicago ... and New Jersey ... LeBron James is headed for the New York Knicks ... at least according to Phoenix Suns superstar (and TMZ special reporter) Jared Dudley.


Jared just phoned into TMZ Live ... and revealed that his top secret NBA sources have information directly from the Knicks ... that LeBron has informed team officials that he will be joining the team.

Check out the audio and listen to the whole thing. LeBron is expected to make his "official" announcement tomorrow evening.

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I don't believe it...I'll wait until his announcement tomorrow.

1571 days ago


He would do better in Chicago but maybe he doesn't need that championship ring.

1571 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Chicago has really won a lot of rings since Jordan has been gone. Face it Chicago fans, the Bulls arent as big as you think they are since Jordan has been gone. Thats the only reason people were Bulls fans outside of Chicago, Jordan.

But no way does he want to go to Chicago and live in Jordan's shadow.

Its really down to 3 teams, Cleveland, Miami, New York.

Cleveland would be the worst choice because no free agents want to go to Cleveland so you have to work a trade to get something and if they do nothing else what confidence would you have in that same team come playoff time?

New York has cap space coming off the books next year with Curry so they can try and either trade to get Paul or Parker or sign one next year or even go after Melo and have Melo, Lebron & Amare... easily the best trio in the NBA.

Miami is appealing because he can play with Wade & Bosh and not have to pay taxes. But would Lebron really want to go to Miami where Wade is already the established star there? I dont know if Lebron's ego could do that.

But we'll find out tomorrow night so until then we dont know. All of these people saying he's going here or there on ESPN dont know. Chris Broussard flip flops every 5 mins. 1st it was 100% Chicago, then Cleveland, then Miami, then New York, then Cleveland now its either Cleveland or Miami according to him. Really he knows about as much as you or i.

1571 days ago


Don't you think whoever offers him the most money, he'll choose that team? After all, he's playing for the money!

1571 days ago


As a Cleveland Cavs fan, I am sad but not surporsed to hear this. I think this Phoenix player is getting the true scoop. It would be almost impossible for any franchise to keep a decision like that quiet for more than a few hours

It is an issue that free agents don't want to play for Cleveland and LeBron knows he needs multiple championships to solidify his status as one of the best to play the game. I wish him all the best wherever he goes.

1571 days ago


Poor ESPN has been tryin' to keep this on the hush so they can be more like TMZSPN rather than showing sports. After all, breaking news or speculation is the media's version of an instant orgasm. I just hope they didn't get it wrong. Then I would have ruined a virtual sock over nothing! GNROFLMAO

1571 days ago


I believe he may be going to the knicks, but I do not believe this guy. It makes ZERO sense for lebron to tell some person where he is going when he is trying to hype it up for a big tv reveal. Furthermore, on the news before they were saying that the knicks were asking if they could have an answer privately before the show and the answer was NO. Sorry, this story has too many holes in it.

My guess is this guy is making an educated guess and trying to state it as fact in order to build credibility.

1571 days ago


No Silk. It's not about what team can pay him the most, it's about what city will he be able to make the most money in overall. NY = #1 media market. James wants to expand his global empire. Also, nobody wants to live in Cleveland if they had a choice.

1571 days ago


Jared Dudley? Superstar? Please TMZ.

1571 days ago


I wish that Dudley was a "superstar" we only have one of those now in Phoenix and that would be Nash, although JRich is close...with Amar'e gone the suns are toast. Why don't you ask Dudley about that the next time he drops by.

1571 days ago


Who the hell is Jared Dudley? Oh nobody!

1571 days ago

Don't Question Authority!!!    

J. Dudley could very well be telling the truth. He is very close with Amare and Amare would know by now if Queen James was going there.

1571 days ago


who cares, Lakers 3peat!!!!!
who's dudley???

1571 days ago


I dont see him going to new york ,if he leaves Cleveland it will be to join Miami with Bosh and Wade,and he is gonna be in Conneticut tomorrow close to new york because he is going to be in Carmelo Anthonys wedding the next day

1571 days ago


Ok first off Jared Dudley is not a superstar, he isnt even a starter. Second the only people who really know is LeBron James and his inner circle(Maverick Carter and Leon Rose), Dudley is and never has been apart of LeBrons inner circle.Also LeBron will not and has not informed any nba front office about his decison.

1571 days ago
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