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Cristiano Ronaldo -- Polished from Head to Toe

7/8/2010 6:05 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo took a break from the NYC heat by lounging poolside in the shade and exposing his sexy ... painted toe nails.

He's so pedi.

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Thank you, number 15. These toe-nails look more like damaged toe-nails than painted ones. People are so ready to criticize and put someone down. Plus, they'll believe ANYTHING as fact just because they read it.

1529 days ago


The black polish is to cover up what some professionals call "player's toe". Often, either from many hours of practise in cleats (and, yes, many players prefer their boots to fit snugly to get better ball control)or sometimes from trauma (being cleated during play), the nail will turn black and even eventually fall off. This happens to my son all the time. You just get used to it. If he goes to the shore to surf, sometimes he'll paint his toenails blue to cover up the nail. He says girls think the black toenail looks nasty, but apparently like the nailpolish. As a girl, I can see his point.

1528 days ago


Pole-smoker? If I saw it once I would have only been slightly alarmed. But over and over again? It's disgusting! Say what you want about the man - that he's a Bad Dad (according to many on this site) or that he's got a bad temper (not news to any who'd watched his career) - but the homophobic comments are repulsive. Why is it that the "N" word is taboo (as it should be, btw) but it's still okay to use derogatory slang for people who may or may not be gay? News flash: IT'S NOT!

1528 days ago


He's a SOCCER/FOOTBALL player!!! Oyy- probably covering up nasty/gross nails.... so much attention on his physique that clearly he's hiding some hideous nail damage.
Newsworthy- nahh.

1528 days ago


Most gay guys now want to look butch; more likely Metrosexual; we'd better get used to alternative approches to life,
they're here. Who ever said that soccer players and runners have bad toes hasn't done either. You don't kick with the end of your toes!

1528 days ago


judging from my soccer-playing (for fun) husband's feet, they are probably permanently bruised.

1527 days ago

Langhi Lau    

how does this person keep his dress from blowing up and covering his head when he play soccer. I knew he was to cute to be a man. Bitch

1526 days ago


When you’re so feminine that even Straight men want to f**k you…you know you must be gay!!!

1525 days ago


Será que ele é???? kkkkkkkkkk

1523 days ago


Wake up, people. If you think that painting your toenails automatically makes you gay, then you're a backwoods, close-minded homophobe who is out of touch with the modern world. If you actually think that this is newsworthy - as in, 70 comments so far - then you need to get a life. People do much stranger things than paint their toenails.

1511 days ago


Women have been borrowing and wearing ALL articles of men's fashion for years. Women wear men's shoes, neckties, shirts, pants, and other items. Everything is fair games. Ladies should realize that it is a two-way street. If women can borrow from men's fashion, then men can borrow from women's fashion. Nail polish fun because it adds color. Women have started tattooing all parts of their bodies with colorful tattoos. How is nail polish different? It is just body adornment that is fun and looks good. I get professional pedicures and wear red nail polish (OPI Big Apple Red) on my toes and get a lot of compliments from women on my pedicures and choice of colors. Women tell me that I have "toes like a girl" which is a wonderful compliment since most men have ugly unkempt feet. So folks, it's not the 1950's anymore. Open you minds. And to the more naive folks out there "wearing nail polish doesn't determine someone's sexuality". Sheeesh!! Remember when men first started wearing earrings. Please grow up and think before you reply.

1501 days ago


***got. Can't kick goals for Portugal, either.

1480 days ago

j leddy     

cristiano ronaldo doesn't fit into the "fake" macho american athlete stereotypes. deal with it homophobes and other narrow minded people. he really doesn't seem to give a f..k what you think about his sexuality.

1281 days ago
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