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Lohan Skips B-Day Bash, Hangs with Kim K

7/8/2010 8:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian made a late night visit to Lindsay Lohan last night -- stopping by her friend's place before she begins her 90-day jail sentence.

Kim wasn't talking on her way out of the West Hollywood apartment complex -- and though Linds was supposed to appear at a birthday bash in her honor at Las Palmas last night, she was a no-show.

If Kim wants to see more of LiLo after July 20, she'll have to abide by the visiting hours of Lynwood County Jail -- which are Saturday & Sunday from 8:30am - 7:30pm.


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We know that TMZ will keep the drama coming while Linds is in jail now because they will constantly be quoting "insiders" and "pals" and now we can look forward to who will be visiting her. Thank God rehab will be in-patient. Whatever will they write about then? IMHO the thing LL is most addicted to is attention, so this will probably be what does her in - not being in the news daily. Her whole life has become - actually has been for 6 years - the drama of the day. I for one am ready for it to be over.

1576 days ago


Not only does idiot liho enjoy the company of slutdashian, it is clear from her twitter that she also hangs out with woman beater chris brown.

Can't wait till all these trashy losers are in jail.

1576 days ago


Two of the biggest fame whores on earth having a nice quiet evening together. How refreshing. Now tip toe away and leave them in oblivion, PLEASE!

1576 days ago


Yeah.....because Kim K. is a good role model and friend for that arrogant, spoiled brat LL to be around.....Again I say......A super-sized bag of humility from working the Burger King drive thru is just what LL needs....Do you want fries with that???????

1576 days ago


Geezuz you people! TMZ could have reported that Kim K had just saved a baby, a puppy, and a kitten from certain death by cutting off her own baby finger and you'd still find fault with her. LOL. Jealous Haters!

1576 days ago

Yep I said that    

This Ka-trashian skank does nothing that does not get her five minutes of pap time or multiple photo op's. Lohan deserves to go to jail just for having a friend like this whore

1576 days ago


Those sunglasse make her look like a clown... dumb

1576 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Hey #23.

This skank is famous for a sex tape and boinking athletes. She tweets all day about where she is and what she is doing so the paps run over and take her photo. She turns up at any thing that is opening and starts posing, she's a totally self centered vapid whore

1576 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Sure, those publicity whore Kardashians. they probably called the media to make sure they would be there to see their ugly, fat faces to get their 15 minutes. So it is a great match up the drug addicted Lindsay ( who shows utter contempt for the judicial system) and the loser talentless Kardashians. My guess is that now Mother Kardashian will somehow be involved within 24 hours.

Enough already, lock her ass up and throw away the key.

1576 days ago

If you want to harass Lohan via Twitter, do it here!

1576 days ago

I Luv TMZ    

Her sunglasses are WAY too big.

1576 days ago


This heffa don't give a **** about Lindsay. Knifed up Kim was tired of LiLo taking all the front page press so she slithered her way over there LOL

1576 days ago


LMAO, since when have they ever been friends? Give me a break.
I have no clue what Kim K's talent is. I don't watch the show.
Blohan is a freakin' loser. Stay in jail.

1576 days ago


omg you people are insane, they have been friends for a long time watch the older older post, also Kim K seems like a good person and was probably just giving Linds some support! I agree Linds should of got a punishment, on how long of sentence it depends on how many vilotainos. Where i'm from we do 30 for the 1st and 90 for the 2nd and the 3rd time we go to jail for the remandier of the sentence!!! Give Kim K a break!!!

1576 days ago


I guess Kim Kardashian has friends in "low" places.............

1576 days ago
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