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LeBron Daddy Drama -- New Family Twist

7/9/2010 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man claiming to be LeBron James' biological father is getting some serious flack over his story -- and it's coming from his own brother.


TMZ spoke with Leicester Bryce Stovell's younger brother -- "Junior" Stovell (pictured center) -- who tells us, "something's a little fishy" about Leicester's allegations.

As we first reported, Leicester filed a lawsuit against LeBron and his mother Gloria James, claiming they tampered with evidence that could prove he's the daddy.

"Junior" tells us his family has been "joking" about the situation ever since Leicester suggested he was the dad a few years ago -- but notes that Leicester “believes in his own mind” that it's legit.

As for why "Junior" thinks the story is fishy ... he tells us, "Leicester never mentioned anything about LeBron being his son until LeBron became the king."

LeBron's camp has strongly rejected Leicester's claim -- calling him a "money grubber."


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No Avatar


he asking for money he got it wrong, he owes CHILD SUPPORT!!! If He is the FATHER

1569 days ago


Let's suppose he is the father. So what? Does that mean he's ready to pay child support? LeBron is a grown man so he doesn't need his so-called father's guidance. Kudos to his mother who raised him and the hell with that man who claims to be the father, or should I say sperm donor.

1569 days ago


those are some really ugly dudes

1569 days ago


Well, did LaBron and/or his mother, Gloria allegedly mess with the DNA? If they did and that loser is really his father. then Gloria should collect child support for all those years... and everyone should move on. I believe that man is trying to be part of the name recognition thing, rather than to get LaBron's money.

1569 days ago


Miami Heat LeBron looks more like Junior!

1569 days ago


LeDoosh James' real daddy is the janitor at Mansfield High School, in Mansfield, Ohio.

1569 days ago


She was only sixteen when the one night stand occurred...
how about charging him with statuatory rape as well as delinquent back child support?

1568 days ago


his mom is a lying welfare queen who was never around til bron was ranked fifth best 8th grader in basketball in the us, then she is always there. she shouldn't get any damn back child support, we , the tax payers should from her, besides, she pimped bron out to some foster family to get herself an apartment from the time he was in fifth grade, lebron is such a momma's boy, he has been sold a bill of lies by a manipulative mother whose idiocy could have gotten leicester jailed for 50 years, sorry but i am believing the princton/u of chicago educated securities attoraney you can go on being brainwashed by madison avenue and the whole liberal black no daddy basketball god meme, but i'm good. i mean she effec delonte, what more does ladoosh need to wake up. bron's just embarrassed thAt his dad an ivy leaguer cuz it doesn't fit withhis whole made up image. he is a baby and can't hit a jumpshot, go do roids and coke with d wade (who only got a ring cuz the refs let him shoot 19 ft a game in the finals) read up on father's rights bron, you dopeor ask dwade how his custody right is goin'

1568 days ago


I think we should sort this mystery out once and for all. ESPN should set aside an hour for this (maybe two). It could be called "Hey Lebron Who's Your Daddy. Maybe they could set it up like the old dating game. Lebron could be on one side of the wall and on the other could be Wilt Chamberlin, Shawn Kemp, and the Lawyer. Of course Jim Gray would be the riveting host. Should be exciting (yawn) TV.

1515 days ago

Kobe B.    

Thats cool he can be the father but send him to jail first for being 29 and having sex with a 15 year-old. Thats rape where i'm from.

1515 days ago

tyrone hughes    


1493 days ago


Test results proved; "DUDE YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER"!! Where was he when she allegedly told him she was pregnant? Why didn't he want a paternity then when the child needed a father in his life? Why was he not arrested for having sex with a minor? Now that the child no longer need support you want to show up on his door step and demand money from him and his mother. What a joke! Thank GOD those tests proved you are not the father. It would be a sad day when dead beats get to cheat there kids of their hard earned money, after success they made not due to them. He should be ashamed of himself! What is this world coming to?

1262 days ago


He looks more like the man who claims to be his father, brother.....

1000 days ago
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