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Famous Ex-Con Mentors Lindsay Lohan

7/9/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan has been receiving some pre-jail words of wisdom from "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison -- the same guy who spent over a year in prison for a deadly DUI.

0905_Lindsay_Lohan_Lane_Garrison_TMZ_ex_09According to sources close to Lindsay, the 30-year-old actor met up with Lohan on Wednesday night and offered the actress advice about life in the big house -- answering all of Lindsay's desperate last-minute questions.

We're told Garrison's jail stories were extremely "informative" -- and Lindsay couldn't get enough.

As we previously reported, Kim Kardashian was also at Lindsay's place to lend her support -- but we're told Garrison's presence was especially comforting because he truly feels Lindsay's pain.

Garrison pled guilty to DUI and vehicular manslaughter in 2007 after he drunkenly crashed his Land Rover into a tree in L.A., killing his 17-year-old passenger.


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Caleb W    

was the mentoring before or after she blew him

1532 days ago

get a life ho    

What's Kartrashian doing in this peer group ? Lend support ? .,.,LMAO
Maybe giving advice and tips on how to get perks from the black guards .,..,.,.

1532 days ago



LANE: And if you kill a kid--and severely injure two others--you can get away serving only 22 months in jail.

LILO: Yeah, but don't you have to, like, pay major cash to their families?

LANE: No way girl. I paid less than $300,000 for ALL THREE!

LILO: Wow, it's crazy cheap to kill poor people. Thanks for the advice, Lane!

Posted at 1:22 AM on Jul 9, 2010 by bmull

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Well said, bmull. All that needs to be said about this post.

1532 days ago


Perez Hiltons web site says she is already selling her first post jail interview and is asking 1 million minimum.

Some punishment!

1532 days ago


Same guy that SPENT over a year in jail. Where is the grammar check Harvey.

1532 days ago


Feels her pain??? Is he for real? He wants to feel her ass. Why any actor thinks they are an expert on a subject just because he played a role is simply beyond me. Like being an actor in a TV series based on a prison gives someone insight on being in prison. What a hack. Eff her if that's what you want but get over yourself!!

1532 days ago


wow............. i m telling u guyz sh wont evn fil lyk bin in prison coz sh ml b in a prvte cell....... dear judge call her bec nd add hr sentnce cos sh insulted u aftr bin sentenced nd sh claims 2 b hated by the judge

1532 days ago


wow............. i m telling u guyz sh wont evn fil lyk bin in prison coz sh ml b in a prvte cell....... dear judge call her bec nd add hr sentnce cos sh insulted u aftr bin sentenced nd sh claims 2 b hated by the judge

1532 days ago


Does anyone else think there is something wrong with our justice system when you can kill someone and only get a year in prison?

1532 days ago

Dr. M    

Total days served = 14-15
She has 2 days credit for the 84 minutes she served -
PLUS = just go in ten minutes b4 midnight (there's one day)
AND = they can let u go 1 minute after midnight on the last day (there's another day)
25% of 90 = 22.5
Good time (1 day off for every 4 served) = 5.625
22.5 minus 5.5 = 17
17 minus 2 days credit = 15
Soo = a couple of weeks in a private cell -
Alone w/yourself -
Ppl bringing u food -
Nice little vacation -
Take something 2 read (like the Bible!) -
Dr. M

1532 days ago


Watch out for your ********, bud....

1532 days ago


Hey, let's not get all gooey now about Linds. She is getting what she deserves and should have had this a whole lot sooner - the girl did kidnap people, not care one iota if she killed all of them just because she was mad, she terrified her assistant's mom, and then more DUI's. She's going to jail because she should. She has a price to pay to society. She's upset? BFD! She doesn't give a crap about anybody but herself.

And Kim K? What a joke. That woman actually approved those implants on her dummy! You know...the ones that start at her collar bones? What an idiot.

1532 days ago


Now this is gonna make you sick--> Lindsay & Dina Lohan are now contacting various tabloids to do post jail interviews with Lindsay.The asking price is one million dollars per interview. First you get in trouble,and then make money off of it. For the sake of humanity...BOYCOTT anything associated with this sick family!!

1532 days ago


I read the same thing about Dina Lohan contacting networks asking for $1,000,000 for post jail interviews.

This whole family makes me sick.

I'm gonna contact all the managers in my area who have movie rentals,to remove any videos associated with this family off the shelves.

It's f'ing time to send Hollywood,and these networks a message.


1532 days ago


There is a reason she is asking for a million
Whether people love or hate her or are willing to give her a chance everyone is interested. The live court room stream was watched by 2.3m.

1531 days ago
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