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Famous Ex-Con Mentors Lindsay Lohan

7/9/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan has been receiving some pre-jail words of wisdom from "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison -- the same guy who spent over a year in prison for a deadly DUI.

0905_Lindsay_Lohan_Lane_Garrison_TMZ_ex_09According to sources close to Lindsay, the 30-year-old actor met up with Lohan on Wednesday night and offered the actress advice about life in the big house -- answering all of Lindsay's desperate last-minute questions.

We're told Garrison's jail stories were extremely "informative" -- and Lindsay couldn't get enough.

As we previously reported, Kim Kardashian was also at Lindsay's place to lend her support -- but we're told Garrison's presence was especially comforting because he truly feels Lindsay's pain.

Garrison pled guilty to DUI and vehicular manslaughter in 2007 after he drunkenly crashed his Land Rover into a tree in L.A., killing his 17-year-old passenger.


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This whole thing is a joke! Wake up, people, Life is the new film and we are the audience!

1566 days ago


Feels her pain??? Is he for real? He wants to feel her ass. Why any actor thinks they are an expert on a subject just because he played a role is simply beyond me. Like being an actor in a TV series based on a prison gives someone insight on being in prison. What a hack. Eff her if that's what you want but get over yourself!!"

um kevin, yes he was on that show about prisons, but he really did, IN REAL LIFE, kill someone while driving drunk and he really did, IN REAL LIFE spend nearly two years in prison for it, so why don't you do a bit of research before you make such an stupid, uninformed post...

1566 days ago



There was not any evidence that Matthew Broderick's car accident was caused by alcohol or drugs. Totally different situation.

1566 days ago


damn Hohan you are not going to Alcatraz or Pelican Bay for Christ's sake...just county for MAYBE three weeks tops. I did 60 days in general pop. for ONE probation violation, and I went into jail pity for this spoiled brat is not are not going to death row b i t c h just maybe three weeks in your own me YOU WILL SURVIVE...DUMB A S S

1566 days ago


I think she'll make millions when she gets out, on movies, and books.
Was that a wig the judge was wearing? It was very becoming. That beautiful black hair.
Another child star,who has a chance to reform. Show some class Lindsey, and rehab yourself.
We know you can do it. Don't blame anyone but yourself, and move on.
All the best.

1566 days ago


Looks like Dina & Ali Lohan are here once again trying to do damage control.

I think Lindsay's days are numbered,and that includes the rest of her family.

Nobody is gonna want to buy any book they try to promote,and no worth while producer is going to want to chance a movie starring Lindsay.

Maybe that family should stick to trying to promote Christmas

1566 days ago


Is it just me or does anybody else think that Lindsay's lawyer looks like Robin Roberts?

1566 days ago


At least I can have some respect for Lane for pleading guilty and accepting responsibility for his actions. I do think 1 year in jail for a DUI death is pretty lenient but at least he took responsibility unlike Lindsay.
Lindsay thinks she is above the law. Ninety days in jail is nothing for her DUI arrest and probation violations.

1566 days ago


Lane is just in it for the *****. "Yo girl, up in da big house you gonna need to ice ya jaw to keep it in shape. Helps with the RSI."

1566 days ago


Garrison: "Ok Linds - take one gal. grapejuice, add 15 sugar packets and 5 slices of white bread. Mix contents in a 16qt plastic garbage bag and seal. Allow mixture to sit for 12 + days. Open and enjoy @ room temp with cell-mates".

LL : "Okay, how much do I owe you? I'm a little tapped after paying my lawyer $50K"

1566 days ago


C'mon now. It's not like she's going to spend HER LIFE in prison. It's 90 days, for God's sake, and very likely only a quarter of that. Get over it.

This woman blames everyone else for everything bad that happens to her. She needs to realize how fortunate she is and do something positive with her life.

Perhaps if she would have been sentenced to work in a leper colony she might realize that her life could be exceptional. Then she might realize how she can help others and how she is wasting her life.

She needs some accountability. She seems to be failing the test.

1566 days ago


The fact that he only got 1 year for killing someone with a DUI is absurd. BTW, I think those people that LL calls her friends are really not her friends.

1566 days ago


Garrison was in jail, NOT PRISON. Huge difference. TMZ-please educate yourselves on this one. You will sound so much more informed.

What "advice" did Garrison give her? "Make sure you do lots of squats & order lots of commissary. Remember, the muffins are delish!"

As other's have said, dum-dum will be in her own cell. I don't think she'll be allowed to take any of those "legal drugs". The best she'll get is a tylenol or a motrin. Good luck with that.

I'm guessing, at the most, 9 days. What is she going to tell the media? "Oh gosh, it was soooo hard sitting in that cell all by me-self. They forgot to give me cookies with my sack lunch and I was soooo pissed."

Have a nice time, Lindsey. The comedy will begin when she goes to rehab. I'm betting add'l probation violation within the first month. No more "legal drugs" for you sweetheart.

1566 days ago



Did Slohan always poke fun of her dad for being a felon and a convict?

Once shes in the pokey, she'll be eating her words......

1566 days ago


Well, golly gee, two fine people giving their sage advice and healthy support to LaLohan. Such a flaming stupid situation I'm shocked there was no spontaneous combustion.

1566 days ago
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