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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer:

I Quit!

7/8/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, has resigned as LiLo's lawyer.

TMZ called Holley for comment on a story we're working on, and she informed us she is no longer repping Lindsay.  Sources tell us Holley resigned earlier today.

As for who Lindsay will be hiring ... we're told she's a brand new lawyer, Tiffany Feder-Cohen, who was just admitted to the bar in November. 

As for what Lindsay wants her to do ... stay tuned.  We'll tell you shortly.


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LL doesn't need a new lawyer - she needs to do the time and do the rehab. Reduce her sentence? Are you nuts? She has been making excuses for 3 years. There is no good excuse and never will be for that. I don't give a damn about her movies or any other "project" she supposedly has in the works, even though it's now common knowledge she is not a good hire as no one will insure her. If any one of us were in her position, were told to do what Judge Rivel told LL to do, and we said "sorry I can't, I have to go to work" we'd be in jail the first time we tried that. She had her probation extended, the program worked with her, and she still blew off the judge. By rights, 90 days isn't long enough.

1569 days ago


Lindsay deserves it. She should've gotten 3 years! In a nuthouse! Freak!

1569 days ago

old lawyer    

Her new lawyer is so wet behind the ears that pools of water form at her feet.
Lohan is legal toast.

1569 days ago

Real Mccoy    

You guys are idiots for coming after the lawyer!! Linsay broke the law!! The same law multiple of times!! Hello!! Jerks!!!

1569 days ago


I don't know if this new lawyer is smart, stupid, or both. I wouldn't want the first case I got out of law school to be this ridiculous joke of a case--no one will take her seriously as a lawyer after this.
On the other hand, maybe the lawyer is using Lilo as free advertisement and/or publicity. She will definitely get that. Hope it's worth it.

1569 days ago


She insulted the judge and stabbed her lawyer in the back with that stupid bubblegum nail polish..and she had the nerve to keep putting that finger on her lips..she is one sick lady!

1569 days ago


I remember seeing Lindsey pointing that finger to her too! She probably realized the F U wasn't just for the Judge!!!! ROTFLMAO

1569 days ago


I am surprised that her lawyer hung on as long as she did linday is a total waste of space the only good thing that comes out of this jail time is the streets will be a little safer with out that drunk or high twit on them !

1569 days ago

JVM Fan    

Lindsay's father is supposed to be on tonight with some new news! The show is called "Issues" and will have a personal interview about Lindsay….

1569 days ago

Brian J    

Her new lawyer might want to file a multi million dollar lawsuit against the doctor/dentist who prescribed Dilaudid on an ongoing basis. The drug is meant to be used for a day or two, not on a regular basis. Her prescriptions were a legal speed ball. At the very least, California's attorney general should look into that doctor's history of prescribing drugs with the stars.
The new lawyer faces a daunting task. Hopefully, arrangements are made so that Ms. Lohan gets the rehab she needs and gets off drugs. Taking drugs when trying to keep a career going is like going for a walk and adding 400 pound shoes. Drugs do not enable a career, they usually destroy it.

1569 days ago

Pretty LL    

Re: Lindsay's father is supposed to be on tonight with some new news! The show is called "Issues" and will have a personal interview about Lindsay…

yeah but then we have to listen to JVM.....

1569 days ago


I have worked in the legal profession for 27 years and I can tell you first hand that a lawyer can only do so much for a client and if the client refuses to listen they generally hang themselves. I've seen defendants go to prison, not just your average county jail, for years because they refused to take the advise of the lawyer they HIRED. Many believe they are the true victim and they know more then their lawyer. In this particular case, as a lawyer I would have resigned a long time ago. Sometimes whatever the retainer is it's simply not worth trying to do your job and defend someone who refuses to take your advise and continually snubs their nose at the judicial system. Lawyers are always to blame and defendants are always playing the "victim" but the reality is most people are responsible for their own actions and it doesn't matter who you have for a lawyer, they can't help you if you refuse to listen. Kudos to Ms. Holley for finally calling it quits. Now she will have time to help those individuals who truly deserve her expertise.

1569 days ago

go home!    

Hiring a new lawyer who JUST passed the bar in November???!!! LOL! Good luck with that Lilo. No one else but someone wet behind the ears who just passed the bar wants you? HA!

1569 days ago


Maybe Lindsay told her now ex-lawyer that since she has to go to jail, then to rehab, and can't make her movies and money, she can't pay her lawyer fee's. So then her now ex-lawyer quit and will have to sue her for her fee's.

1569 days ago


Well I can't say I don't blame her for quitting. I see it two way's she quit because she failed to get Lindsay out of the jail sentence, or she has just had enough of this brat and decided she didn't want to be known as Lindsay's lawyers any longer. I am sure with Lindsays wining about how it's everyone else fault but her's, Ms. Holey can only go so far with this unruly child.

It didn't help Lindsay, that she wore that F*ck u on her nail. That's just immature.

I feel sorry for the new Lawyer. Inexperience is a b*tch.

1569 days ago
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