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Spousal Abuse Investigation

in Mel Gibson Case

7/8/2010 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. has opened a domestic violence investigation and TMZ has learned the probe is in connection with Mel Gibson's alleged attack against his baby mama Oksana Grigorieva.

Sources tell TMZ the alleged incidents occurred in Malibu in both January and February of this year.  We're told it's a "spousal abuse" investigation and the alleged victim is Oksana.   Sources tell TMZ Sheriff's deputies interviewed Oksana on Monday.

The Sheriff's Dept. has released a statement claiming investigators are "currently gathering information regarding the allegations."

Sources also tell TMZ Oksana told deputies Gibson was violent toward her several times, the worst of which she claims occurred in January and February.  She also told deputies she secretly tape recorded Gibson after the two worst violent episodes, because she feared for her safety.

Sources tell TMZ the January incident involves an alleged altercation between Mel and Oksana -- a story TMZ first broke -- in which Oksana claims Mel knocked out one of her teeth and chipped another.



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Lynn M    

I don't know who "THE TRUTH" is but he/she is also posting on Radar Online and seems to have inside information. Whomever it is appears to be writing in English as a second language and consistently makes similiar spelling/grammar errors (as well as lots of transpositions). Over the past week or so,this person has made comments that have a ring of someone who truly may have good inside information. Hmmmm...

Whomever is leaking this information needs to stop. The tapes are in the court's hands and the judge has ordered them sealed for a reason. Let the courts do their job and let the chips fall where they may. We the public do not know all the facts. I stongly suspect there is a reason this info is being released in a piecemeal fashion. I strongly believe Osanka is behind the tapes being revealed in violation of the court order.

1532 days ago

Lynn M    

Opps...I mean Oksana.

1532 days ago



How exactly does that work ? Did she fake her pregnancy ? Switch babies ? That's a pretty dumba$$ comment to make... I believe the DNA would be used to prove the PATERNITY of the baby...

1532 days ago


I think this sounds so strange. First, she states that she will not sign a prenup if they marry several months ago. Second, his wife of 20 + years never had a problem with him nor his children. Sounds like this woman is a gold digger and her plan went awry. He will not pay her more than he needs to for child support. He's a recovering alcoholic and she got him good with her secretive tape recordings. She's a professional. I know another Russian woman who is trying to do the same to another man. They lived in desperate situation and they are desperatly trying to find someone as their meal ticket. It serves them both.

1532 days ago


GOOD!!! This guy is a worthless sociopath. It's understandable why she was in fear of him enough to keep quiet for months. She probably recorded him to give investigators a lead in case she mysteriously "disappeared," like Stacy Peterson did.

1532 days ago


Mel ees bad guy. Vat kind of jerk he is being with Russian girl. Maybe Mel should have nuclear warhead put in ass, den vee see who ees so tough a guy. No more I see mel's movie...nyet, nyet, nyet!

1532 days ago


Mel failed to disclose to Oksana that he had been the recipient of negative publicity in an amount comparable to 140,000 gross rating points.

1532 days ago


Let's make it even about we put Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan in the same cell for oh, 90 days and who ever survives...goes onto the 90 day stint in rehab?!?! Sounds good to me!!!

1532 days ago


oh just don't learn, do you?? quit with all yer 'jews this jews that' rhethoric. haven't you heard the goodnews?? jesus was not real. he was fake. all that talk is just gonna get you into more and more trouble. let it be, let it be, and kumbaya.......

1532 days ago


For the person who attributed Mel's behavior to alcoholism, alcoholism is no excuse for Mel's behavior. There are plenty of alcoholics who don't beat their spouses or vomit racism everytime they speak.

1532 days ago


@ 40. What exactly was her "whorish" part ? Falling in love with someone who is famous and outearns her ? So what ? Guess that means anyone who falls in love with someone financially better off than them is a whore ? LOL Someone is a woman hater LMAO

1532 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

It makes me wonder how his co-stars (like Danny Glover and Helen Hunt) feel about all of this. He seems to hate Jews and African American's but if it wasn't for them, his movies would have sucked. I will never understand racism. Ever. If he did in fact hit this woman, I hope they put him under the jail.

1532 days ago


I'm so very sick of Hollywood. They are either drunks, tax evaders, use their position for political purposes, skanks, or think they should be treated like royalty. I'm sure some actors have seen that the true American public are sick of them-movies not doing so great these days. It's not the money for movie tickets, it's the freakin' actors themselves. Off the top of my head I can only think of one, yes ONE actor that deserves respect and that's Sandra B.

1532 days ago


Some time in jail is exactly what Mel needs. Maybe he'll learn a little something about humility. For someone who claimed to be so religious and who built his own church, he's a really horrible human being.

I don't care if the woman is a gold digger or not. Mel is intelligent enough to know that these women don't throw themselves at him (at least, not anymore) only because of his looks. IT'S THE MONEY!!! Mel played the game just like Oksana. Don't get stupid because you're now bound to her by a baby. You don't have to love her, but you are responsible for your child. Punching Oksana in the face while she is holding his own flesh-and-blood means that Mel not only has no respect for the Oksana, but he has no respect for his child!

That is unforgivable!

1532 days ago


First, its not a felony in most places to record a conversation you are taking part in most states, or at least it wasn't the last time a political figure got in trouble for doing it. The recording is not of use in court unless you announce you are doing it, but you can film or record your own life all you want, and if someone else is recorded in the process oh well. I doubt it applies in this case, but if you just happen to be recording your life, and someone attacks you, it can be used in court.

A rich man like Gibson has no excuse at all for violence. If he thought he was being duped, he can use the law to get whole. As long as the women was not threatening him or another, it does not matter what she was doing otherwise. A hooker has as much protection against being punched in the face as Nun, not that I am implying that the lady in question is immoral.
Though for many reasons anyone who hooks up with a married Mel Gibson has low morals for more reasons than I care to list.

1532 days ago
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