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Oksana Grigorieva -- I Need to See My Lawyer

7/8/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva made a beeline for her lawyer's office in Century City today -- moments after the L.A. Sheriff's Dept. announced that her baby daddy Mel Gibson was being investigated for allegedly beating her up.

Sources tell us Oksana has told investigators that Mel had been violent toward her on several occasions ... including one incident in January, in which Mel allegedly punched Oksana in the face ... knocking out a tooth and chipping another.


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Nasty, herpes on her lip.

1576 days ago


Mel you need to hangout with a higher class of golddiger..this one is a money grubbing ho

1576 days ago


The bitch conned him and he fell for it like the idiot bigot that he is.

1576 days ago


I know everyone is assuming Mel did hit her and if this is true and she did lose/chip a tooth her dentist should be able to prove it.

1576 days ago


I've definitely lost some respect for Gibson in the last couple years, but she's nothing but mistress and a golddigger. They're both messed up.

1576 days ago


First you find him, lure him in with the big sad eyes, acting coy then you get knocked up, how is that possible in 2010, then you pick a fight, go crazy and cash a big fat check. All of which these stupid men deserve!
PS: That is herpes zoster on her lip. Mel, Valtrex for you!

1576 days ago


old old mail- money =cold war sore KGB double 00BO spy...i loc those jewish power kings they got his tassy in a sing^^^ the HIGH note melly

1576 days ago


You need to see your DOCTOR, honey -- that's one big herpes bomb on your lip!

1576 days ago


He tryed to BEAT ME U^P once when I was liftin weights but i dodged the smuck IE sap ducky sunk sad butt true

1576 days ago


No one's going to argue that Mel Gibson is a choir boy or that some of his religious and political views are a bit whacked.

But being nutty isn't a crime (being drunk, etc. is).

that does NOT mean that his woman should be able to take him to the cleaners.

This woman is a "piece of work" -- to put it mildly. She's a professional gold-digger who knows that the most effective way to get a salary for the next 18 years is to pop out a kid. That's what she did before, it's what she's done now. And her story does NOT hold water -- the timeline and the bruises, etc. are all wrong. She's a Russian slut -- and Mel was her mark.

I have a hard time feeling sorry for him, though. I'll save that for his wife of many years, Robin, and his (6?) children, who went through all of his antics in silence -- and then were utterly humiliated by his flaunting this piece of trash around...and now have a new half-sister, who I'm just SURE they really want.

No fool like an old fool named Mel -- and no slut like Oksana!

1576 days ago


Now do he get the same treatment as CHRIS BROWN!!!! Throw his ass to the WOLVES also!!!! His **** should be OVER. Huh...PASSIONS OF THE CRIST!! This MAN is STRAIGHT UP CRAZY AS HELL

1576 days ago

truth and mercy    

Mel Gibson seems to have mommy issues... we all know about his fanatical father, but what do we know about his mother? I wonder if Mel secretly hates woman. just askin

1576 days ago


I am sorry if I say straight, but he has got what he deserves... He left his wife and his 6(?) children for young female, well, pay for it... i (personally)don't believe in this kind of LOVE, SORRY

1576 days ago


Nice herpes. This golddigger is a whore and a star f****r who was only out for the money = baby.

1576 days ago


I bet Mel is missing Robin now! Robin is having the last laugh, sincwe now Mel is said to be finished in the movie business - thanks to the very angry mistress.

But, she had something he wanted and wanted very badly since after all these years, she is the one who got him to give her a baby and leave his wife.

So, what went wrong? Any ideas why Mel went so crazy?

1576 days ago
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