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Oksana Grigorieva -- I Need to See My Lawyer

7/8/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva made a beeline for her lawyer's office in Century City today -- moments after the L.A. Sheriff's Dept. announced that her baby daddy Mel Gibson was being investigated for allegedly beating her up.

Sources tell us Oksana has told investigators that Mel had been violent toward her on several occasions ... including one incident in January, in which Mel allegedly punched Oksana in the face ... knocking out a tooth and chipping another.


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Seems like a set-up for a purposely dressing provacitively cause she knows that will rile him up....

1511 days ago


Mel is a pig! The blame should lie at his feet! He is an abusive racist man and a cheater! A person should never talk to someone like that and I am glad the tape was leaked. You can't treat people like that. PIG!

1509 days ago


Hes a pig! For the racist comment and the abuse. PIG!

1509 days ago


Could this woman, Oksana Grigorieva, be a Russian spy?

1508 days ago

miss judy    

Why is everyone piling on her????? He's the racist pig. No one deserves to be physically or mentally abused. He's doing a fine job of doing both. I wonder what he did to his wife? She was never in the public eye that much, why was that????? He's just totally lost it, or maybe fooled us for years. Now the true Mel is out!!!!!! I will not see anymore of his movies. I couldn't ever get past that ugly voice saying all those vile things to the mother of his child. Just think some day that little girl will hear what her daddy said..........

1507 days ago


Why dosent the press just leave Mel alone, we will never know for sure the truth. Just give him a break, I would take Mel's side anytime. She is just after money anyway.

1506 days ago


I have not been able to watch a Mel Gibson movie since the DUI incident,as I am female and my grandmother was jewish, but I am watching "Edge of Darkness" tonight. I am educated in Psych and after listening to the first tape and hearing the severe pain in Mel's voice and the lack of anger/fear in the ex girlfriend's voice,I feel nothing but compassion and empathy for this man. I am praying for him every day and watching his movies. Someone asked me why I was still watching his movies, and I said because, he is a wonderful actor/director. There is no proof that he actually punched her. To take advantage of another human being who suffers from alcoholism and bipolar disorder is immoral, unethical and evil. Wasn't Mel separated from his wife before he started dating it? I am christian, but not catholic, but that does not mean that I cannot go into a catholic church every day and light a candle and pray for this man's health, happiness, and safety every day. For anyone that thinks that Mel Gibson is evil or racist or sexist should look up alcolism, depression, effects of divorce, and especially bipolar disorder. Some people with this disorder do well if they stay on their meds, some do not. Alcohol and severe emotional stress and soul-less lovers can trigger all of these conditions and make them alot worse. God bless you and protect you Mel Gibson.

1506 days ago



Doesn't matter if she wanted to have a baby in order to cash in. Mel could have prevented her from getting pregnant if he wanted - either use a condom or don't have sex.

And no matter how ticked off you are at someone, you DON'T HIT them!

The article said she began taping him after he hit her - I'd do the same thing. Otherwise, no one would have believed her.

And, Anthony (currently #14), wouldn't YOU sue someone who knocked out your teeth? Especially if it's someone who had money? Get real - of course you would.

Posted at 2:45 PM on Jul 8, 2010 by ohdee

Of course Anthony would. I don't know any one who wouldn't. Maybe if Mel G. had just given her a little money (that would be a lot to everyone else), instead of monitoring her spending & probably giving her a small allowance, maybe things would have worked out differently. He probably made her account for every penny she spent.
I would be extremely pissed if someone was constantly dangling a carrot (in the instants money) in my face & messing with my mind. It's rude. He promised her that he would do specific things for her to help get her career going & he never followed through.
I know, what career. Still, she wanted to do something to better herself & he promised.
Mel G. is a disgusting person inside & out.
I really never liked the little man with his gross mullet hair style & the kilts he wears.
The bottom line is he that not only is he a racist etc., but he also is a hitter. You don't do that.

1506 days ago



Why dosent the press just leave Mel alone, we will never know for sure the truth. Just give him a break, I would take Mel's side anytime. She is just after money anyway.

Posted at 6:58 AM on Jul 15, 2010 by Max
Are you off your meds? HE HIT HER.
Are saying that it's o.k. to make racist statements? Well this time he took his rantings to another level buy including ethic back grounds etc.
Clearly you think it's o.k. to hit. Or perhaps in your warped mind she drove him to be mentally & psychically violent towards her.
You must be just like him, except you probably don't have a penny.
I fell bad for any woman that you have been involved with (if you even have been in any sort of relationship).
Yes, we will know the truth. There is a criminal investigation going on dumb dumb.

1506 days ago


Hey smartypants1, a loser I'm not. Two sides to everything if you dont know. Racist statements, we all have made them at some stage in our lives unless one is "perfect" like you. You hear this crap on tv and in the movies but a celebrity comes undone and its a hate campagne against him. Yes, he has lost it a few times and done and said stupid things and again, he's not a perfect specimin like you. Do you know that he hit her????? were you there???? Reglardless of what Mel has said and done, I like him and will continue to enjoy his films. And as for pennies, your right, I dont have one. I prefer dollars. Your the DUMB DUMB. GROW UP AND GET A LIFE, MINE IS GREAT.

Have a nice day :-))

1505 days ago


I think we all need to remember when we said really hot-headed stupid things we would never say if we weren't being blackmailed to keep hidden secret tapes from being devulged.... why did she come up with the idea of taping him in the first place???there's a pay off in that one.... there was a mediated agreement for their daughter and she backed out of it alleging his hitting her when nothing was said before... what's the pay off there??? more child support and money.... and power over Mel using the child to also blackmail him..... or has anyone forgotten what an ugly breakup with children can be like?...He probably didn't go through it with his first wife as there was some matual respect and caring still there, but this is a young money seeking young person who wants to use her child as a meal ticket and probably frustrates the you know what out of Mel... what a shame... and he is still a good actor and worth his mistakes..... I certainly wouldn't want my fits of anger over divorce displayed...or my fights over my children... that takes years to smooth out.... They are just getting started.....

1505 days ago
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