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Mel Gibson

Last Pics Before

Hell Broke Loose

7/9/2010 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the last photos of Mel Gibson in public -- taken at a Chili's restaurant in Texas --  just days before he went into hiding after news broke of his racial, sexist, and allegedly violent attacks on his baby mama.

In the photos -- taken during the last week of June -- Mel shot a bothered look at the camera as a group of "fans" who recognized the star at the restaurant swarm him.  Mel was at the restaurant because it's near the set of a movie he was shooting ... and really, who can resist their signature babyback ribs?

We're told Mel was "being really nice at first" ... but then "started to get a little annoyed" after several autograph and photo requests.

Days after these photos were taken, news broke that baby mama Oksana Grigoieva had secret recordings which allegedly captured Mel spewing racial and sexist hate towards her.

Oksana then told police that Mel had also attacked her physically -- and as TMZ first reported -- she claims Mel knocked out a tooth ... and chipped another. Mel is currently under investigation for spousal abuse ... though Gibson denies any wrongdoing.


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In gods eyes we are all the same."wetbacks" have as much right to be here as anyone else.By the way "us" Mexicans were here first.

Posted at 8:24 AM on Jul 9, 2010 by lisa

Lisa, get off TMZ and do some reading instead. May I suggest GERONIMO written by Geronimo about his life. GERONIMO should be required reading for USA school students. Native American history is far more relevant than African-American or Mexican-American history. Mexicans were NOT here first. The north Native American tribes were here first. Long before the Spaniards, and even before the south and central natives (Mexicans). You will learn that the Mexicans were at war for their independence from Spain. Mexico won .... and occupied the southwest of what is the USA for less than 35 years. Mexico lost the war with the USA and was paid off for that point in time. Sheesh hispanics/latino people belong to the caucasian race. White people are not 'white'. Dead people are white. Alive people have color - it is called Natural. I can say this because I am Native-American!

I do not believe that Mel looks disrespectful toward these children. I belive that it is the oxymoron hispanic males at TMZ that is exploiting the child dressed in blue by posting this picture to incite disrespectful comments against Mel Gibson. So who is the real racist now?

1532 days ago


Fist Mel is not American and second this is just what he gets for cheating on his wife and knocking up his side piece. Hitting a woman is never ok so Mel should pay the hell up and keep it in his pants..Go Oksana take all you can get from this piece of crap.

1532 days ago


Mel was born in the USA, so he is a citizen. He's a hypocrite, many Latinos are Catholic and pro-life as he.

Also, Texas was once part of Mexico/New Spain, and many of Tejanos' familes date back to that time!

1532 days ago


Mel Gibson was born in Peekskill, New York, Jan. 3, 1956. He moved with his parents to Sydney when he was 12 years old. He is 1/2 Irish [mom].

1532 days ago


I didn't realize how short he is! Those are just kids standing next to him in the photo.

1532 days ago

Sandy Weber    

Everybody needs to chill out and get off his case. I don't think he has EVER done anything that was so terrible. The guy is human. The crummy media will jump on anything and blow it out of proportion.

1532 days ago


you are correct Jen. he was in brownsville, tx and helped the girls win a radio contest by holding a sign they made and posing for the pics. i'm sure they are still posted on the hot kiss 106.3 website or their facebook. :)

1532 days ago

Jorge DeNeira    

His Russian girlfriend may be a liability in his life, but he is no better, I don't exactly feel sorry for him. His crass, classless and out of control.

1532 days ago


Get off Mel's back, are working this story way too hard. When did you people get so single-minded and stupid with this website? Where's the Brangelina gossip, the Paris Hilton juicey juice, the shizz on celebs that aren't has-beens or black thugs? You guys are taking the train downhill fast...think I'll be visiting other gossip sites soon on a regular basis and boycotting TMZ because you seem to be obsessed with this Gibson and his bimbo, etc.

1532 days ago


Mel Gibson has brought all of this on himself. It first started

when he cheated on his wife. Ya know what they say, if you roll

around in it, you're gonna get it on you. I won't be seeing

anymore of his movies. He is nothing but an embarrassment to

his family. I think the only thing the moslems have right is

that you should be stoned for adultry. That would put a stop

to all of the infidelity and misery that women like Gregorieva

and men like Mel Gibson cause in this country. Also, it would

shoot a hole in the divorce rate.

1531 days ago


hell if you come to dallas and go out to eat the eateries are staffed by brown people what did you expect irish

1531 days ago


I'm thinking that the Gibson apologists are sicker than the man himself.

1531 days ago


It doesn't matter how his girlfriend provoked him,no body deserves that abuse or disrespect,Mel is definitely showing his true colors as a anti Semite, racist, women hater,he has deeper issues than a black hole in space! The point isn't weather she is a gold digger or he is an immature putz,They are two humans with a little baby together! Grow the h--l up! and face your responsibility and set a better example of human society for your family.

1531 days ago

dennis cruz    

I didn't think that there were still people with such a small brain. I thought that racism was over. I feel bad for the way you think.... people like you are stupid!! You live off the fans and still you don't know how to express yourself. i feel bad for you

1530 days ago


You thought that racism was OVER? Oh, sure - everybody knows that there's no racism anywhere in the world now except for here. Why, those different factions in the middle east just get along great! And no white person would be afraid to walk through Harlem by himself. And those bars on the outside of the windows in black neighborhoods are to keep WHITE burglars out! Grow up, man!! As long as there's a human race, there'll be racism/clanism etc. all over the world. And why is it NOT okay to use the "n" word but it's perfectly okay to make jokes about rednecks???!!!!! All of you saints on here presenting yourselves as never having used racial/gender/religious/regional slurs are just self-deluded liars!

1530 days ago
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