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Melissa Etheridge's Ex

Files for Custody

7/8/2010 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Etheridge's former domestic partner, Tammy Lynn Michaels, has filed legal docs asking for full custody of their twin children.

TMZ broke the story ... Melissa filed for dissolution of their domestic partnership. In Melissa's docs, she filed for joint legal and physical custody.

But now, Tammy has thrown down the gauntlet, asking for full legal and physical custody.  Tammy carried the twins to term, after being impregnated by an anonymous sperm donor.

Tammy, just like Melissa, says in her docs irreconcilable differences as the reason to end their partnership.

Tammy is also asking for spousal support.

Last thing ... it looks like Tammy made a mistake.  She filed a dissolution of marriage rather than a dissolution of domestic partnership.  The two did not qualify to marry during the time that they established their union.


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1534 days ago


I hope that Tammy gets full custody and support. Melissa has done this before and loves to hide behind her guitar.

1534 days ago


1. David Crosby isn't the father of these twins, he was the sperm donor for Ethridge's older two children with a different momma.

2. I've not seen the papers, but more than likey Ethridge does have legal rights to the kids. It's called Second Parent adoption, a non-birth parent or non-married couples share custody. Brad and Angelina did it for their brood too.

But I agree, Melissa dear, you can't have it both ways, she gave up her career and was a stay at home mom who took care of the kids. That equals spousal support whether you're straight or gay.

1534 days ago

Geoff Coldiron    

Another no-brainer. Full physical custody equals child support. She is clearly desperate for an income since the split. Like a lot of divorces or separations, she is gonna hit Melissa where it hurts, in the pocketbook and with the children. Two birds with one stone.

1534 days ago


UGH. used to like Melissa and her..not no 'mo...UGH she's one of those "men hating lesbians"...and I agree with an earlier post, "that IS what happens when u TRY to step into the shoes of a man"...

1534 days ago


She can't expect to have it both ways: she wants full custody of the kids yet she wants spousal support too? Not gonna happen...

1534 days ago


I have been a Melissa Etheridge fan since the 80's. I am disappointed with the way she is acting, she is not living by what she preaches. Speak True and Spread The Peace... Really? You seem to run when your kids are little, why? Did the kids not cheer for you loud enough? Did they require more attention then you? Come on!! You are giving gay unions/marriages and parenting a bad name, fighting for equal rights and then abandoning your responsibilities when it comes to what's best for you. Let's see what you are telling us, there are different rules for the Great Melissa Etheridge.... She does not want to pay taxes or spousal support. Unreal!!

Melissa treated her other ex (Julie) who cheated on her with every guy in Hollywood better then this. I hope Tammy gets sole custody and awarded BOTH child support and spousal support.

PS: And for people who are commenting on the kids, the twins are NOT Cosby's!!!

1534 days ago


The state should take custody of the kids and find them a real home that's free of freaks like those two!

1534 days ago


Two women arguing over rights as a parent in a same sex relationship! These children should be place in a conventional father & mother foster home! What has this world come to! One day we will all stand before Jesus, guess what, he's not going to slide back the red velvet rope because on earth you were a celebrity! Get that Lindsay!

1534 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

How the hell did melissa get tammy pregnant!?

1534 days ago


As a lesbian myself, I am disgusted by Tammy for dragging the children into their dispute. They both made the choice to have these children and they should be raised by BOTH of their parents. Heterosexual couples adopt children, have invitro treatment and many other arrangements in which the child is not biologically related to one or both of the parents. This does not stop the parents who raised them for making custody arrangements that benefit the children, which often including seeing both the parents.

1534 days ago


She got her pregnant.
She is divorcing her.
She wants alamony from her.

Some mighty screwed up statements.

In some countries you are killed for messing with the same sex.
So it is not "what is wrong with this world".
It is "what is wrong with this country".

1534 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

As a self proclaimed "male lesbian", I am for anyone who loves choncha as much as I do!

1534 days ago

jane doe    


1534 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Is Melissa Labrons real father?

1534 days ago
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