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Melissa Etheridge's Ex

Files for Custody

7/8/2010 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Etheridge's former domestic partner, Tammy Lynn Michaels, has filed legal docs asking for full custody of their twin children.

TMZ broke the story ... Melissa filed for dissolution of their domestic partnership. In Melissa's docs, she filed for joint legal and physical custody.

But now, Tammy has thrown down the gauntlet, asking for full legal and physical custody.  Tammy carried the twins to term, after being impregnated by an anonymous sperm donor.

Tammy, just like Melissa, says in her docs irreconcilable differences as the reason to end their partnership.

Tammy is also asking for spousal support.

Last thing ... it looks like Tammy made a mistake.  She filed a dissolution of marriage rather than a dissolution of domestic partnership.  The two did not qualify to marry during the time that they established their union.


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Gimbo, you say that Tammy doesn't need any alimony from Melissa because she's perfectly capable of making money herself. She might be eventually. But that's not the point. She held down the fort for Melissa while she did her thing. Like any wife, she deserves part of the income for doing that. Look what Judy Nelson got from Martina, though I doubt Nelson did quite as much as Tammy did in way of support.

Of course it worked out well with Melissa's first two children, as Tammy took care of them...something that Melissa was paying Julie have partial custody. Yeah, she spent time with them when it was convenient, and Tammy took up the slack when it wasn't. And, btw, I guess Julie was incapable of supporting herself?

My last point is that sure Tammy has been vocal about this. But who did the cheating? Or at least who wanted the breakup? If you were the one who cheated, are you gonna talk about it ? Of course she's mum.

I think Tammy made some bad choices, and she has to take responsibility for that. But she sure as hell deserves some spousal support in addition to custody of the children. Visiting rights, for Melissa, ok, but custody no. She's proved that she can't take care of young children.

1566 days ago


Tammy - if you read this, I pray you and your babies are ok. You have talent and a future, it just doesn't feel like that now. You are a good writer. Maybe you should write a book.

1566 days ago


Shame on you melissa. Tammy stood by you when you had cancer, and had 2 children for you and she has to borrow money when you have so much of it.! Ive been a huge fan for 20 yrs, but not anymore. Ive bought every record and have been to dozens of your concerts, but NEVER again.

1566 days ago


Those poor kids!! It's bad enough that they don't have a Mom and Dad....never a good thing..but now a battle between 2 gay women!! Imagine how ugly this is going to get. None of this is right

1566 days ago


Barbara, I said Tammy doesn't NEED alimony and she doesn't. The legal system will probably see that she gets it anyhow so my point is moot. I don't know who the Nelsons are so I can't follow your comparison there. I only know my own personal experience - I am divorced, my husband paid child support, we shared custody, and I received no alimony. I went to work. Perhaps Hollywood wives have a different reality.

You appear to know a great deal about the arrangement between Melissa and Julie - something I don't share. Either you are a family friend or you are just speculating. I don't see at all how you know that Melissa's time with her children was based solely on convenience unless you have some inside track on their personal lives.

The fact that Melissa's work requires a great deal of travel makes her no less of a parent. A man with the same job structure would not be similarly trashed. You seem to use her work as evidence that she can't take care of young children. That logic escapes me. I see no reason whatsoever why she should not have a shared custody arrangement. What matters is the best interests of the children and dual parenting is certainly a reasonable path to take.

You ask "who did the cheating". I have absolutely no idea. I suspect you don't either. As I said, we have only heard one side of the story. I was only dealing in facts, not conjecture.

1565 days ago


But I thought all gay unions were perfect and never destined to come to an end?

1565 days ago


It just goes to show you,Gay people are just as messed up as straight folks, if not more, a kid with two mothers will be tease at school and more,just another reason why its unmoral,and
should never have happen!

1565 days ago


Who knew Melissa would end up acting like some deadbeat straight dude twice. What a piece of crap she turned out to be. I say ladies if Melissa looks at you, run in the other direction. She seems to have a very short 'love' attention span. Very selfish woman, Tammy I hope you get 1/2 of everything, especially after everything you went thru with her, and this is how she repays you. Watch your back!

1565 days ago


It's called palimony in a domestic partnership where a financial agreement is expressed or implied, not alimony.

1564 days ago


If I was ever involved with Melissa Etheridge, I wouldn't want anyone to know. She is just about the ugliest, most untalented person in this world. How she is famous and makes one dime off her horrendous music is beyond me, except that her timing was good, in that she exploited the fact that she is a lesbian. I have nothing against lesbians, I am one, I am simply stating that she exploited being one at just the right time. Had she come along now, she would not even be played on the radio.

1564 days ago


melissa melissa what are you thinking? you remind me of my ex.

1564 days ago


I agree with everything Gwenn said above:

"Who knew Melissa would end up acting like some deadbeat straight dude twice. What a piece of crap she turned out to be. I say ladies if Melissa looks at you, run in the other direction. She seems to have a very short 'love' attention span. Very selfish woman, Tammy I hope you get 1/2 of everything, especially after everything you went thru with her, and this is how she repays you. Watch your back!"

Seems Melissa get's "bored" with them or whatever. Even if Tammy can make her own money, which I'm sure she can, she should get everything she possibly can. Then write a freakin book about it and make more money. Take her to the bank....

These poor kid's have to grow up with their 2 divorced mommies...isn't growing up hard enough already.

1564 days ago

Dee Dee     

lesbians get their equal rights
now... u get 2 share in the equal misery
its called ... marriage.......just sayin

1563 days ago


Gimbo, (if you're still reading this thread) I think Tammy should get alimony or palimony (whatever it's called) because she supported Melissa for nine years. By that I mean doing the household stuff and taking care of Melissa's older children, plus going to the required Hollywood affairs. Maybe you should have gotten alimony too. I'm not an expert. Maybe it's when one partner is rich and famous that the spouse/partner gets a big payment after a breakup. That's what happened with Martina Navritalova. Judy Nelson was a woman who divorced her husband for Martina and lived with her for several years. She got an incredible settlement.

Of course I don't know Melissa or Julie personally. Just what I read in the media. I was surprised to see that Tammy limited her career so that she could watch the older children. I would never do that. I would consider it Melissa's responsibility. Just because you're with someone, you have to take care of their obligations? I'm sure Melissa spent time with the children when she could, but there was a lot of time when she couldn't. Yes, just like a man. And how does the court look at that when deciding custody? Since they are Tammy's bio children, since she has taken care of them more, and because Melissa left I think custody should go to Tammy. But there are other things none of us know (unless you are a friend or family) and those things will come out in court. Some people have questioned Tammy's psychological state.

Like a lot of people, I suspect Melissa has someone. That's all. But it's clear that she wanted to break up. I see some recent posts have been deleted from Tammy's blog. Probably a good idea. Barbara

1561 days ago

Sophia Schweinberger     

Why Melissa want these kids? When she gets tired of them, she will put them out and will give them one dollar to live well with it.

1555 days ago
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