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Elin Nordegren

Can Take Kids to Sweden

7/8/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... one of the terms of the divorce settlement between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren is that she can take their two kids to Sweden.

Elin Nordegren
Sources familiar with the settlement tell us the agreement was supposed to be finalized by the end of last week but there is still one document that is being negotiated. 

As for the property settlement, TMZ broke the story Elin will get right around $100 million, somewhere between 1/5 and 1/6 of Tiger's net worth.

As for whether Elin will actually move to Sweden permanently with the kids, our sources do not know, but we're told the agreement gives her "wide latitude" in deciding where she and the kids will live.

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Oh and another thing mightydumb

Its your tax dollors that are paying for my retirement,medical benifits,life insurance..ha ha..think about that next time your look at your paycheck chump!!!
Air force forever ha ha

1567 days ago


I hope they are able to move on from this without further damage to the families and the children.

I admire them both for not freaking out in public.

1567 days ago


I'm done feeling sympathetic to Elin. She has just pulled off the biggest score of her entire life, and she's gonna keep his kids away from him. Bank robbers everywhere are looking at her going, "damn, why didn't we think of this?" Not ONE man is perfect in this life...none of them. But some of these imperfect men are still great and loving dads. Tiger's dad was not much better than Tiger, but he was THERE for his son, raising him, nurturing him, etc. Bash Tiger forever if it makes you happy, but denying him the right to love his kids and be there for him is wrong in my opinion. Elin will be just fine.

1567 days ago


WOW! I feel like I'm on a Michael Jackson story, with all the bickering. I'm on your side electriczipper! MightyMad is MightyDumb. "It" sounds like a very unhappy person.

1567 days ago


Only disturbed people of color would get on these blogs and tear at this intelligent and dignified woman's heart with the above comments. He married her because she was a cut-above-the-rest though is suffering from addiction and destroyed a potentially fabulous marriage that produced two exquisite children. The golddiggers are all the swines and want-to-be-swines...she loved TW and was not after his money though now deserves every cent and/or more that she is receiving during this dissolution of marriage. I hope Elin Woods takes their children to another country to be raised as she and the children will always have the dark cloud over their heads that TW created on behalf of his innocent wife and children. What a narcissistic man who egotistically returned to golf before going through a "long-term" treatment program.

1567 days ago

Tiger Rules    

The media is freaking ridiculous. I wouldn't be surprised if his colleagues set him up for this one. She came in with nothing so the money hungry opportunist leaves with nothing. She's ugly anyway. What was he really thinking to marry this cave woman? So what he cheated it's obvious anyone would if they had to look at her everyday. She looks like a nanny.

1567 days ago



1567 days ago


GO TIGER!!! 100 mil for your freedom from this vampire is worth it. get back in the game, kick ass, bang hot chicks. i'll buy whatever products you endorse in the future. HEAR THAT!

1567 days ago


@MightyMad You must spread "sunshine" wherever you go. LOL Oh, and I'm always right! You talk worse than a drunken sailor. What class.

1567 days ago


@tiger rules : do you have any brains ?
Look at your hero mr Woody and tell what you see. Yes he's ugly and really Elin degraded herself by marrying such an ugly nasty dirty little bastard.
Get real if there is one someone who should have cheated in this marriage is definitely Elin not Tiger.
From now let's see what kind of classy women he will be able to attract ......
@ Lisa : please tell me what kind of father Mr Woods is ? Spending time away from home with trash rather than your own children and exposing your kids to all kind of STDs don't make you a good dad. Think about it MORON ......

1567 days ago


I don't know about you all, but I have no idea what Elin was like for a wife. So I still say it takes two to tangle. (is that the right spelling? hmmm).

Mighty and electric, for crying out loud! Mightymax, I do know some airforce/army/marine/navy etc. that have retired early and go on to another career and retire from that. Actually, I have known several that have 2 to 3 retirements. I was wondering how a mickey D's clerk can have access too, but I know electric was just throwing a punch at you. It reminds me of a fight years ago I had on the internet with a hacker. Geez, that was one stupid, hard fight though! I didn't loose, but I didn't win either.

1567 days ago


#51, Abby,
I think we all want that for both of them except the die hard anti-Tiger and anti-Elin fans.

1567 days ago


He's an idiot!!! He, of all people, should have had her sign a prenup.

1567 days ago

Tiger Rules    

Only disturbed people of color would get on these blogs and tear at this intelligent and dignified woman's heart with the above comments. He married her because she was a cut-above-the-rest though is suffering from addiction and destroyed a potentially fabulous marriage that produced two exquisite children.

"Okay, I'm trying to figure out what color have to do with this. There we go back to color again. Can we do or say anything without color being in it? Futhermore, who on this blog really, truly believes Elin is a cut-above-the-rest? Surely not Tiger, just as it was his mistake to whore around it was his mistake to marry and have kids with someone who was not appealing enough and who did not establish their own career. She hit the jack pot because of someone else hard work and fortune so let Tiger move on from his mistakes. What gives anyone the right to have a person's money that they achieved prior to the marriage.

1567 days ago


I think she should take the kids & raise them in Sweden. Get them away from the paps & all the crazy media. Sweden loves Elin & the kids will have a more sheltered life- which is best.
Tiger can go on & live like a single man now. But maybe it won't be as fun? Anyway Tiger, you're a FK'N D*O*U*C*H*E*B*A*G

1567 days ago
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