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Elin Nordegren

Can Take Kids to Sweden

7/8/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... one of the terms of the divorce settlement between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren is that she can take their two kids to Sweden.

Elin Nordegren
Sources familiar with the settlement tell us the agreement was supposed to be finalized by the end of last week but there is still one document that is being negotiated. 

As for the property settlement, TMZ broke the story Elin will get right around $100 million, somewhere between 1/5 and 1/6 of Tiger's net worth.

As for whether Elin will actually move to Sweden permanently with the kids, our sources do not know, but we're told the agreement gives her "wide latitude" in deciding where she and the kids will live.

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Yiggy Pow    

Man I just cant believe Tiger would cheat on that. Dude is a major wanker!


1568 days ago


The poor girl doesn't look as healthy as she did before she met the POS Tiger Woods. I wonder how many nasy organisms, bacteria and viruses that dog exposed her to. Hopefully she will be able to build her health back up now that she is rid of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, the monster. She should have gotten half of his money.

1568 days ago


People saying that Elin is a "vampire" a "hoe" and other words don't know squat about her. Woods is, was and will be a total douchebag, and now everybody is pointing fingers at Elin?

She has no need for money, actually. She comes from a family of very well educated and successful people. Dad a well known journalist, mom a former immigration minister of the Swedish govt. Money is not the issue here.

It is obvious Tiger should not have full access to his kids. He is away most of the time, buying services from call girls. Is that a good example? She is classy. Woods is not. That's it.

1568 days ago

Mr. Hudson    

Her breath looks like it smells like rotten milk. She is kind of busted...no wonder he was banging all of those women. Life is too short to just bang a crybaby, limp fished, milk breath swede. she sucks

1568 days ago


@MightyMad Hahahahahaha Keep melting and sweating witch. Thats what you get for being so crazy and hateful. Hahahahaha...

1568 days ago


To Azlee : it takes two to a tango ?
I have never read something like that about Sandra Bullock ? Why because she's an American actress. She may not be that perfect if Jesse cheated on her too.
Get real and stop putting celebrities like Sandra or Tiger on a pedestal.

1568 days ago


mightydumb just has issues to deal with.Noone has the guts to call you dumb to your face..do you realize how stupid that sounds,but then again its coming from you.So I guess from your mouth we are supposed to be afraid of you,,hmmm yeah and the way you talk to women makes you really look like a tough guy.I will take the high road and pretend you no longer exsist in my world,but I do expect you too announce what a retard you are tomarrow for saying lebron is going to the knick..Ill be waiting chump..oh and in January I think you boy Obama is raising taxes,so thanks again for helping to pay my paycheck..

1568 days ago


oop s that loser is from canada so I guess he doesnt help pay my paycheck..but then again I guess the dumb canucks cant even build a working air conditioner..okay Im done ,,and Trish thanks

1568 days ago


Has he won any tournaments since this mess happened?

1568 days ago


The poor girl doesn't look as healthy as she did before she met the POS Tiger Woods. I wonder how many nasty organisms, bacteria and viruses that dog-in-heat exposed her to. Hopefully she will be able to build her health back up now that she is rid of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, the monster. She should have received half of his money.

1568 days ago


exposing his kids to STDs?
are u freaken mental?

takes 2 to tango is the saying

and you're an idiot for not knowing that they do have a prenup

maybe you better learn to check your history. she was so "wealthy" she had to work at a cashier in a store to pay for her education (where she met mrs parnavik)

which would show even more that she is a gold digger

1568 days ago


I hope she takes the kids to Sweden. They will probably have an easier time of it there as I don't think the spot light will be as bright.

1568 days ago


Elin will be bankin' it. She looks great...lots of people look just as great because they went to www.meltingbelly.com. Natural fat burning. :)

1568 days ago


Jane, if you need a good divorce lawyer with good reviews check out http://bit.ly/bluYTI sorry to hear about your situation but good luck.

1568 days ago


wow, I think everyone's AC is broken today!!! lol.

Trish, it always takes two to tangle...if you think you have lost a relationship and you aren't a single bit at fault you better think again. You can be pro Elin, and those that want to be pro tiger can be. I am saying, all the facts aren't there for us, because it really is none of our business. I sure Elin had her faults in the marriage too. I am not sticking my head in the sand and not look at different aspects to it and I won't just say one person is wrong in a cheating thing or in a failed marriage. (although he really did cheat with some yucky women and many. I doubt it was over 100 though as some have claimed).

1568 days ago
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