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Elin Nordegren

Can Take Kids to Sweden

7/8/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... one of the terms of the divorce settlement between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren is that she can take their two kids to Sweden.

Elin Nordegren
Sources familiar with the settlement tell us the agreement was supposed to be finalized by the end of last week but there is still one document that is being negotiated. 

As for the property settlement, TMZ broke the story Elin will get right around $100 million, somewhere between 1/5 and 1/6 of Tiger's net worth.

As for whether Elin will actually move to Sweden permanently with the kids, our sources do not know, but we're told the agreement gives her "wide latitude" in deciding where she and the kids will live.

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Despite the fact that I count myself among the so-called Haters, I nonetheless have to agree with the Lovers that Elin is likely no saint herself. No one knows what she's like in person, what her views and values are, or even what she likes to eat for breakfast ? She's been a mystery from Day 1 and she continues to be that way, whether that be good or bad. If she is in fact a calculating gold-digger, who planned this whole thing out under a 5-10 year time-line, then it could be argued that she's played her role as the "scorned and wounded" lover perfectly and with utter conviction. We all know now, how stupid and naive Tiger is, and so he would have made an easy target for such a scheme. On the other hand, perhaps she was genuinely in love with the man ? As time has gone by however, this theory makes less and less sense. Given Tiger's complete lack of decency and core values, one wonders then, as to what it was exactly, that she fell in love with ? Was it his megalomania, his narcissism, or his lack of basic human compassion that attracted her ? ... probably not. And we know for sure that it wasn't his physical attributes, as she was initially repulsed by the man. In the end, we really don't know, even though our instincts tell us that this was probably just another case of successful gold-digging. That would cast Elin in a bad light, but so what ... her victim was a wealthy and deserving scoundrel !

As for Elin being gorgeous and beautiful, etc ... please people.
She's a thin, natural blonde, which is a big deal here in America. In Sweden however, a girl like Elin doesn't garner a passing glance, she is just that average. Some of my Swedish friends have referred to her as a flat-chested" tomboy, which is probably a little too harsh. Nonetheless, she is a pleasant looking B-grade and there's nothing wrong with that.

1531 days ago


I am not making excuses for Tiger but I would not pay Elin one hundred million dollars. what he did was very wrong but women that marry athletes know exactly what they are getting themselves into. They know that their spouses are big w....'s and women go after them big time. Tiger should have never married in the first place then he could have slept with all the women that he wanted too. We are all so quick to judge but we don't know what Mrs. Woods was doing while tiger was out sleeping around. If I were in Tiger's situation I would be asking for DNA testing on the children. He married a freaking Nanny and she would have never ever made one hundred million dollars as a Nanny. She knew Tiger was a w.... before she married him. I don't feel sorry for neither one of them. I just know that I would not give her ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS OF MY HARD EARNED CASH...IT WOULD BE OVER MY DEAD BODY...LOL :)

1531 days ago


Good one Blomfeldt.....lolol. It really makes a person wonder exactly WHAT Elin fell in love with; I prefer "infatuated". I wonder if she was really so naive and completely dazzled by the superficial good times Tiger showed her with all of his money. We'll never know....

1530 days ago

Tiger Rules    

So Blomfeldt, are you trying to say that his golf peers and innocent wife Elin was oblivious to his behavior as a hounddog? I bet my bottom dollar his peers are living the same type of lie with their wives. In fact, it was one of his golf peers who introduced the married couple and Elin was his nanny. Oh well, not making excuses for either of them but they are both equally responsible for this mess. Nowadays, you have to investigate a person's past before you have sexual relations with them.

1530 days ago


kuzey irak da oldugumdan yorum yok

1530 days ago


Tiger Rules @ 129 ... "are you trying to say that his golf peers and innocent wife Elin were oblivious to his behavior as a hounddog?" ... on the contrary my friend ! As I've said, we are "instinctively" lead to believe that Elin likely knew "full well" what she was getting into, right from the start (ie: great if it works out and a big pay-day if it doesn't). Of course we can't be 100% certain of that, but common sense prevents us from thinking otherwise. Now perhaps that paints Elin in an unfavorable way ? (ie: gold digger) ... but to that I say who cares ? ... her victim, who is your hero, was a powerful, wealthy, sexually-twisted, monster, who is "positively & absolutely" deserving of such treatment. In a way, Elin is kind of cool, as her actions are almost "Robin Hood" like.

With regards to his PGA peers all being perverts and adulterers as well, etc ? It's understandable that as a Lover, you would wish that to be the case, as that would help to assuage the pain and anger which you must be feeling. Unfortunately my friend, that is likely not the case. Sure, there must be some other scoundrels on the tour ... it's like that in any profession. But if there are more out there like Tiger, then certainly they are in the minority and would be "vastly" outnumbered by those who are kind, loving and committed to their partners.

1530 days ago


First of all Tiger was wrong. The media and a lot of white people never liked a black man being the number one golfer in the world, they were waiting for a chance to bring him down, unfortunately he let them by screwing around with trashes white women. Black men need to learn to never trust most white woman, they will sell there soul to the devil for a buck. No pride at all. One these women date only married men. The question is while? The answer is, to kiss and tell to get money. Everyone these women who received money by from Tiger or publication will never be happy. Reason, there intent was to made a quick buck. If you receive something by lying, stealing, or causing harm to another individual it will destroy you. I believe Elin made Tiger home life an unhappy one after they got married. She had the child to ensure she would never need to work. She's not drop dead beautiful. She is ordinary to me! If she is trying to hurt him on purpose, nothing good will come of it. There is no amount of money that will make her happy. Tiger's problem, he is nuts about white women, now he understand they will destroy you without any thought process of humanity. There are some beautiful white women with loving hearts, but I am about them as the majority of the white race feel about Blacks. The black race is the only race that constantly got to prove we belong. The majority of the white race still want to tell black men how to behave. No matter what the out come, its tragic, but it is time the leave this young man along. He will rise again, reason many are trying to destroy him and he has learned from it. I wish he and Elrin the best.

1521 days ago
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