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Vanessa Carlton's Bite Case -- Pit Bull Gets Off

7/8/2010 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A pit bull accused of viciously attacking singer Vanessa Carlton has just escaped a death sentence -- after the dog owner proved Carlton's bite wound didn't match up with a mold of the dog's teeth.


The exonerated puppy is Bella -- who was just 9 months old when she was accused of biting the hell out of Vanessa -- who was jogging in Pennsylvania on May 2.

But in a trial that was like an episode of "CSI" -- Bella's owner argued that there's no way the doggy would have carried out the attack ... and then brought in several forensic experts -- including specialists in dog behavior and canine dentistry -- to back her story.

Ultimately, the experts paid off -- and the judge ruled that Bella could move back in with her owner ... instead of being put down.

Carlton -- who attended the six hour trial in person -- had no comment after the case. 


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Supports Pitts    

The Real Deal - You are a complet moron. I have a pit and she is 10 now and she has been a PERFECT DOG her entire life. ANY dog can bite or attack, not just a pit. Get a grip.

1477 days ago


She was bitten by THIS dog. Also, the owner of the dog was immediately approached after the bit happened. Her exact words: "F*** you, get off my property." No remorse at all, even when approached by a bleeding jogger. Pitbulls can be rehabilitated and make great pets, but this is not the type of person who should own this type of dog.

1477 days ago


I hope you die bitch ! I'd take a bullet for my pit .. I wouldn't tak a **** on you if you were even if you were on fire.

1477 days ago

Throwback kid    

Are you sure she was jogging? she looks too fat and out of shape to be a jogger

1477 days ago

court observer 3    

The Judge never said that Bella bit Vanessa...he may have alluded to it, but he never spoke those words. The confrontation between Vanessa and the owner's daughter went like this...

Vanessa: You're dog bit me.
Daughter: Are you sure it was my dog?
Vanessa: Well F You then!
Daughter: F You...get off my property!

There are reports of a similar colored dog roaming freely in the area of the incident that has been described as 'aggressive'. This has been in the past 2 months while Bella has been at her foster home...reasonable doubt? I think so.

1477 days ago


who the hell is Vanessa Calton?'ve went down hill...reporting on anyone now.

1477 days ago


Whats next, she gonna charge the dog with being an anti-semite?
I can just imagine how this burns the lil princess up inside with not getting her way.
... and next time. Kick the damn dog as hard as you can with those runners legs. sheesh. defend urself like your life depended upon it.
I am sorry she got bite though...

1477 days ago


Well, she has the prissiest mouth I've ever seen on a butterface. It's the kind of prissy, I'm-better-than-you-plebs expression that needs a good slap.
This girl is ignorant. If she is jogging past an animal, domestic or wild, then she is woefully and pitifully ignorant of any understanding or feeling. Dogs are animals, they don't have the ability to distinguish between a person jogging and a person running towards them as a threat. This was a puppy, any dog is likely to be nervous in that situation and it is up to the human to show the intelligence, foresight and understanding to adjust her behaviour accordingly so as not to appear threatening. But from the look on Vanessa's face obviously rational foresight and higher cognitive function is not something we should expect.

1477 days ago


For ONCE! there is a posative story about an American Pitbull Terrier and their owners fighting for them. Being the owner of 3 Full Bred APBT Im glad that there are people here that understand how smart, loyal, unique and funny this breed really is, and disagree with the ignorant owners that are out there. If You dont own one you wouldnt understand, But im telling you GOD made these beautiful creatures for us to Love and appreciate them, NOT to condem them or destroy them! Im greatful that Bella got a FAIR second chance at life. I do think that since we need a liscence to drive and own a car, i would say that i feel the same way about owning a dog. It takes a special kind of person to own a Special kind of breed like THIS ONE, or a Rotweiller, German Shepard, Akita, or whatever breed people seem to deem dangerous. THanks TMZ for this somewhat uplifting story.

1477 days ago


I love Pits...they're the best, sweetest and smartest dogs -ever...if people train them (like any dog) to be bad, then they are...I've seen some Chow Chows I'd consider way more aggressive than a damn Pit...they just look scary but they're little babies

1477 days ago


Comment 63 (Court Observer 2), I love you. The ignorance of the people saying the dog should be killed is amazing. The stereotype for this breed is crazy. It is HUMANS that teach dogs to act the way they do... and that is the case with ALL dogs, not just pits. Any RESPONSIBLE owner of a pit bull will gladly tell you that nine times out of ten your moronic stereotypes are the complete opposite of the actual personality of the dog. Either way, the fact that vanessa carlton sat in a court room and argued that a dog should be killed makes her dispicable. Its a good thing her career has been over for years already.

1477 days ago


i didn't get to see the case but i DO live where this happened and i know that she should stop her bitching about a bite from a puppy. she didn't get seriously hurt or need stitches, so she should stop acting like a little diva and shut the hell up. how dare she go through with having a puppy be put down. everyone in the area knows shes a little bitch, and this just tops it off. TEAM BELLA!<3

1477 days ago


lmao #61 i totally agree. I live in milford and there's nothing but bears, deer, groundhogs and bunnies. if she were to freak out and try having every animal she comes in contact with put down, we would have no animal life left here. there's nothing BUT animals and trees.

1477 days ago


If she was so scared, as she claims, how can she accurately identify the dog. If the dog came from behind and she was running, how can she get a good look? Seems she just accused the first dog she saw and even better it was a pit. If she is a real animal supporter, she wouldnt have pressed charges. She would have encourged proper training of the dog. She just wants publicity. BTW, I am straight, should I announce it to the news as she did? Why do I care, its her private life. Looks like she has to get another idea to put her name out there. I still don't know who she is and after this, I hope she drops off the planet.

1477 days ago


Pit-bulls are amazing dogs. They are gentle, loving dogs who have a bad rap thanks to lots of ignorance being spread around. Adopt a pit-bull and prove the myth wrong.

1477 days ago
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