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Vanessa Carlton's Bite Case -- Pit Bull Gets Off

7/8/2010 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A pit bull accused of viciously attacking singer Vanessa Carlton has just escaped a death sentence -- after the dog owner proved Carlton's bite wound didn't match up with a mold of the dog's teeth.


The exonerated puppy is Bella -- who was just 9 months old when she was accused of biting the hell out of Vanessa -- who was jogging in Pennsylvania on May 2.

But in a trial that was like an episode of "CSI" -- Bella's owner argued that there's no way the doggy would have carried out the attack ... and then brought in several forensic experts -- including specialists in dog behavior and canine dentistry -- to back her story.

Ultimately, the experts paid off -- and the judge ruled that Bella could move back in with her owner ... instead of being put down.

Carlton -- who attended the six hour trial in person -- had no comment after the case. 


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Pit nutters lie and here is the proof

1521 days ago


O for **** sake! Dogs bite sometimes. There dogs! I have been bitten by a Chihuahua a Chow and a Pitbull who was by the way my own dog. I would not want someone elses dog euthanized if it bit me . **** happens. People kill and abuse animals all the time and their not put to death! Score 1 for the animals.

1507 days ago


People always blame the Pit Bulls - just like they've always blamed a minority group they didn't like. I have Pits and they are great dogs. By nature they are passive with humans - the last thing they want to do is bite a person. Of course, a lot of D-Bags get their hands on them and make them vicious.

As for Vanessa Carlton, you can't blame anyone for wanting to bite her and stop her for singing - or for being so ugly.

1492 days ago


which one is the dog?

1492 days ago


Maybe if you people actually knew anything about Vanessa Carlton. And considering she has a dog of her own, Lord Victor, which she mentions in the post.

Clearly from her own facebook account
"Dear Ones,

I took a quick break from recording to see my lil wizard man victor (beloved dog). I head back to london nxt wed to do strings. The Rabbit and it's spectrum of meaning (time slipping, mind floating) has defined these last few years. I'm calling the record "Rabbits On the Run." Speaking of running, I was attacked by a dog on Sunday. It was a young pitbull...ran off it's lawn, crossed street, chased me into the woods and bit into my leg. Nightmare in real time. A lovely couple (w 3 kids in back) stopped their car and spooked the dog away b4 he presumably got me again. Then they proceeded to let a girl (me), covered in blood and shaking like a leaf into their car and let me use their phone!!! The grand horror would have been if I had been running with victor. He would have been killed.

I love dogs. An ex-boyfriend had a pitbull and I loved her like my own for 4 years, but what do we do with the dogs like the one that got me? I don't like the idea of euthanizing young dogs. The pup is as much a victim as I am, but i think it's a ticking time bomb and it could easily maul a kid next. My dream is that Cesar Millan would take the dog in. Am I nuts to think this is a possibility? If no, then this dog is en route to a shelter where it will fail an aggression test and then be put down."

Anyway what am I expecting from TMZ, anyone who frequents this website and can't have enough sense to research Vanessa, since you actually are interested and believe in this celebrity gossip stuff and think popularity= talent, or see how much more talented and dignified she is than regular pop stars. Sad that adults can't even realize how the media can portray a story differently depending on what they want just to get attention.

Also maybe she had to testify in court, being the only witness, while I don't think dogs should be put down, they do bite people and the owner shouldn't allow their dogs to bite or sometimes kill people or other dogs, clearly the owner was irresponsible, since it bit another boy. Also you people don't even have any human sympathy or compassion for this poor girl who was just minding her business walking in a suburban neighborhood, it could have happened to anyone that walks or jogs. It's not like she was purposely aggravating the dog or something. The fact that you think someone deserves to be mauled by a dog is sick.
And before you call me an animal hater I am vegetarian, and only buy cruelty free products (not tested on animals), I bet some of you here say you love animals, yet you use them for your own consumption when most people in North america except in some cases like Alaska, northern territories, or certain dietary cases, but anyways majority don't need to eat meat to survive, but choose to.

Thank you court observer for being the only one here with some common sense, intelligence, and reasoning ability to think for yourself and was actually present at the case in court.

1462 days ago


If it was me running and I got bitten, I would have just killed it there. Then it would have been a plain case of self defense, see the bite marks.

1410 days ago


stupid cow- hell i'd bite her too. my bit once scared a guy who was walking past her- turns out she only wanted his doughnut. he was nice enough ( or maybe she scared him) the only thing she can be blamed for is doughnut thief, they have since become friends. my neighbor's border collie scared the doo out of me. but we have since become fast friends. hopefully this vanessa thing, (person?)will buy a treadmill and jog in the safety and obscurity of her own home. after all dogs have to go outside, she sure doesn't

1297 days ago


rightfully so! i personally know the dogs owners and that dog had every right to bite the b!tch. she was trespassing on their property. biotch got what she deserved!

1204 days ago


Anyone who thinks Vanessa Carlton cannot sing is dumb. She is a wonderful singer. And who said she wanted the dog euthanized? Sometimes when a dog bites a person it is the law that it has to be euthanized. According to Pennsylvania law unless the dog is suspected to have rabies then, "Any dog which bites or attacks a human being shall be confined in quarters approved by a designated employee of the Department of Health, a State dog warden or employee of the Department o****riculture, an animal control officer or a police officer." And be in isolation for a minimum of 10 days. It doesn't even say that the dog was in danger of being euthanized according to Pennsylvania law. I love animals, I am a Veterinary Technician, I love pit bulls, and I love Vanessa Carlton's music. So unless she comes out and says she wanted the dog to be euthanized, all your accusations of her wanting that are speculative.

1174 days ago
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