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Jesse James -- From the Dog House to a Mansion!

7/11/2010 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James just scored himself a massive 7-acre mega-estate in Austin, Texas -- so if he doesn't want to be seen, he'll have plenty of space to keep to himself!

James just closed the deal on this 9 bedroom, 7.5 bath mega-mansion estimated at $1.98 million.

And it's perfect for Jesse -- complete with a home gym, several pools, private theater and a six-car garage/workshop.

Click on the photo and check out the gallery!


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Your numbers are a bit off...he paid less than that. And this property would never be called a mansion in Austin.

1562 days ago

patti sullivan    

I am glad Jesse moved to Texas and bought a beautiful new home. He has earned a lot of money THROUGH HIS HARD WORK, and deserves to live in a lovely place and be surrounded by nice things. This move shows that he is regarding himself in a new light, and trying to take himself seriously, as one who deserves to care about himself, and to have others care about him! He is trying hard to show Sandra that he regrets his character defects, and to earn a new chance with her. I hope he gets it! Who says the next guy will be any better?

1562 days ago


Jesse has always worked hard in his life. I wish Jesse and his family all the best. I definitely think also this is a positive move for him to help in his and his childrens healing. This will definitely provide the seclusion they need.

1562 days ago


Hey #15 Max,
Wrong website, a##clown.

Jesse's home gym looks about 4 times larger than my apartment in my rentcontrolled moldy building. His gym probably smells better than my place and doesn't have rust leaking in the drinking water, too. Lucky bastard.

1562 days ago


Jesse James is a carnival freak that only loves himself, nazis and porn stars; substance abuse was just an excuse for his depraved behaviors. Sandra is insane to let this idiot around her son and if she wants to see his kids she could do it without his presence. Co-parenting with him is just such a bad, bad idea! Sandy don’t do it, for Louis’ sake, just have the kids over but not their dad!

1562 days ago


He needs to get bitch slaped

1562 days ago


Skip....who cares? What a loser.

1562 days ago


Kimbo you are an idiot!!!

1562 days ago


kimbo you are certainly a douche! these are picture from the previous owners who post pictures on the internet to sell their house. NO! that is not his furniture... he hasn't even moved to TX yet!
and who cares about the size of the gym... its obvious he works out... now he can do it at home.

1561 days ago


This guy has acted like a pig but I have to say, I think he's doing the right thing by getting his kids out of LA. They have a chance at a more normal life in a smaller city, and I'm glad he is making it easy for Sunny to continue her close relationship with Sandra.

So, he's making a few decent choices for now but I hope that Sandra will never, ever return to him.

1561 days ago


Oh wow! How in the world did she get this place? I've noticed she's been in a lot of random things lately. Here is a fire safety video I found her working on:

1559 days ago


I read this in only one place, so can't swear by it, but...Sandra is a Repub. Her last movie caused an uproar in some Black communities AND I CAN SEE WHY! She did another contraversial movie that was racist, can't remember the name, I never go to her movies.

She has issues, believe me. I'm no fan.

1553 days ago

Barbara Davis    

They, should have worked things out ... for the sake of the children and the the vows they made before God --Not get divorce because it seems like that's the popular opinion, after all of the publicity.

1526 days ago


First of all, he isn't stalking Sandra. He wants to be near her with the children they raised together and she completely agrees. Secondly, he has his own millions, he isn't living off anything from Sandra. People need to get their facts straight.

1511 days ago


I think its smart of him to get out of L.A. everyone and everything is in a fish bowl and there is no privacy.

One of the things I love about Texas is you can get a 9 bedroom mansion for a cool Mil. Try to find a mansion that cheap in L.A.

1397 days ago
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