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LeBron James -- The Coldest Cut of All

7/9/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James couldn't have possibly predicted just how much he'd piss off New Yorkers last night -- because now he's facing backlash from the most powerful Jewish deli ever.

The world-famous Carnegie Deli -- home of the best rice pudding on Earth -- is sticking it to LeBron the best way it can ... by discontinuing a sandwich it named after the guy.

See, a few weeks ago ... when LeBron was toying with the emotions of New Yorkers by pretending to be interested in the Knicks, the deli created a mega-sandwich in his honor ... a foot-high turkey, pastrami, corned beef, brisket, American cheese, lettuce, tomato spectacle stacked on rye bread.

But now that LeBron dissed the Big Apple ... the deli is dumping the sando.

FYI -- the sandwich sold for $19.95 -- but some things money can't buy ... like loyalty.

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He wanted a winner

1567 days ago

lora lei    

oh lol...i meant fussy game---ixnay the f and put in a p ..rwl

1567 days ago

Ray G.    

nobody cares if Lebron leaves tha cavs. he just didnt need to be such a tool about it


1567 days ago

lora lei    

watching Nancy..omg.. Mel better get an island.Maybe Pitcairn.rwl

1567 days ago


Everyone has the right to make a decision about their job. Lebron is a winner and he has always said that he wants to be in the best position to win so why is anybody surprised? I think it's a great decision-just look at Boston. He is a humble man and his momma raised him right. Who cares about a silly sandwich. I respect his decision and I can't wait to see what he will now accomplish for the state of Florida. Go Heat!

1567 days ago


i agree that miami is a better place for lebron...but the way he did it was a total girk move...he basically went on to national television and said screw you cleveland...if he wants to leave cleveland go right ahead but there is a way that any athlete should do that and that way is with class. it doesn't matter anymore and i am over it...im still a cavs fan no matter what

1567 days ago

lora lei    

gulf morons gulf....who gives a damn about a game we invented at this point in time?

1567 days ago


Ehh, it's like when a really hot woman/man toys with you into thinking their interested in you but at the end of the night, they end up with someone else, lol.

NYers are angry and bitter (i'm a NYer. I should know). Toying with us and flirting with the idea that he was going to join our team and make us NOT SUCK obviously pissed people off.

If TMZ reports of NYers throwing eggs at LeBron when he comes here, I won't be surprised.

1567 days ago


Who pays $20 for a sandwich? That's what I spend for a weeks worth of groceries.

1567 days ago

lora lei    

no **** ****head that lacrosse is our national sport.And when it comes to baseball... who made it so blacks can play baseball? errm..Jackie Robinson..Montreal?? see? lol... you pile of gun toting non regulating piles of ****ing donkey dung.Watch Michael Moores do***entaries..hahahahaha....idiots..see yourselves for what u really are

1567 days ago

lora lei    

oh snookie....what do u think about the oil crisis?? I never use tanning oil.Bwa i did laff...I think that comment might match her limited mind....shows what MARICANS hold dear.Hussein better make a move soon.rwl

1567 days ago


If you think James and them are going to win 7 Championships that he said on tv tonight on ESPN than you are kidding yourself. He will be lucky to win one or two Championships. Those three egos will not last an it will inplode soon. Not enough balls to go around and to say they are the 3 best to play together if foolish too. The are not even in the top.

This is all ego driven by Labron and Wade and bosh. They have too big of heads.

1567 days ago

lumberjack bob    

Who gives a damn? Thank God I live in Canada where no one gives a sh*t about basketball. This is all a bit too weird for me. Don't you have an oil spill to worry about?

1567 days ago

lora lei    

spot on ... hahahaha...basketball...fussy...put a p on the f..they have to have something to concentrate on cause their country is a huge enema and totally laffable

1567 days ago

lora lei    

hows ho-dad surfer ****? gnarley..lmao..does that maryjane oxycontin dude actually surf??you have cameras everywhere.Bet he falls on a skim board.HA.Get the cameras on him trying to surf.Make Canada laff.

1567 days ago
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