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LeBron James -- The Coldest Cut of All

7/9/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James couldn't have possibly predicted just how much he'd piss off New Yorkers last night -- because now he's facing backlash from the most powerful Jewish deli ever.

The world-famous Carnegie Deli -- home of the best rice pudding on Earth -- is sticking it to LeBron the best way it can ... by discontinuing a sandwich it named after the guy.

See, a few weeks ago ... when LeBron was toying with the emotions of New Yorkers by pretending to be interested in the Knicks, the deli created a mega-sandwich in his honor ... a foot-high turkey, pastrami, corned beef, brisket, American cheese, lettuce, tomato spectacle stacked on rye bread.

But now that LeBron dissed the Big Apple ... the deli is dumping the sando.

FYI -- the sandwich sold for $19.95 -- but some things money can't buy ... like loyalty.

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lora lei    

bla bla bla...get a grip...who ****ing cares about basketball but you?Trying to take your minds off the REAL problem?Bunch of slimes being and chasing mosquitos haha..chasing bugs.Get on a plane and go to the gulf and do something useful instead of chasing a pile of do nothing broads who we have all seen their meat flaps.rwl.paris..omg rwl

1465 days ago

Blue Craze    

How about just making it with baloney and peanut butter?

1465 days ago


No. 1 You are so right. Le Bron took his time deciding. That's a huge decision. Of course he knew there would be some hurt feelings, some angry feelings, but in the end he made the right choice. He made Cleveland...Cleveland did not make him. He gave it 7 hard years. He was unhappy there. Should he give up his happiness, and his families for Cleveland? No. It's ridiculous that people think that he should. Would you? No, and neither would I. We are only allotted so many years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds to our lives, ..no one knows when their time is up...so why should you and your family be unnecessarily unhappy for a ...of all things a city....no way. He made the right choice.

1465 days ago

lora lei    

oh did the ROTH enter that comment? Rat fink? von Dutch??

1465 days ago

lora lei    

scuse me ****head..i am flicking dried fries....which one shall i pick up?no matter....bron will go the way of all the rest of black sports stars..ok TMZ name a canadian hockey player that would even non... match what your basketball stars would match in depravity..past and for sure..hahaha..future.

1465 days ago

lora lei    

I bet surfer dude (gnarly) god.. whacks off to Beach Blanket Bingo..or the Surfaris..great drumming..keep pace surfer dude.hahahaha...and by the way..Megan Fox was hot.****ing DISGUSTING tatooes.Jolie the same.UGH...Jolie is a tatooed stick insect she thinks her bod is attractive? look at her stick veiny arms and non definition calves and gross boney knees and she is a total control bizzz-ech...Poor Brad.He looks soooo miserable.hahaha waiting for "when" in other words..Brad.. RUN

1465 days ago


omg people need to stop hassling the dude....he wants to leave because the cavs aint winning...obviously it aint about money because he passed up on $120million from the cavs...he wants a ring...whats the point of staying on a team if they are losing ...hes jus lookin out for himself...theres nothing wrong with that.

1464 days ago

miss s    

I agree 29 but cleveland will rise again without the quit king sell out. In regards to the sandwich rename it it sounds pretty good.

1464 days ago


20 bucks for a "sandwich"? No freaking thank you. That's
why Bron is better off in Miami.

1464 days ago

Lil Cute1    

WHO CARES ABOUT THAT NASTY SANDWICH!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU MAKE MONEY OFF HIS NAME ANYWAY. LeBron has the right to make any decision that he feels comfortable with. It's not about where you want him to be or play, it's what's best for him and his family.

1464 days ago


Leave LeBron alone, who the hell wants to come to the Knicks!!! Do you blame him, it would have been a Patrick Ewing situation all over again. The Knicks are cursed and I am a true New Yorker. Go Yankees!!!!

1464 days ago


The man paid his due and he has a right to make his own decision. No one owns him. He did his time under contract now he has moved on... He is doing what he wants to do in completing his own dream. Others are displaying themselves as not having sportmanship and being adults with level heads and accepting some elses decisions. No respect to a free man who can go anywhere of his choice.

1464 days ago


I'm not a basketball fan, haven't been since High School. So I don't know this guy from Adam. Until this past week I had never heard of him and while I understand basketball and actually like the game I never watch it myself.

What I don't understand is why he seemed to get every team riled up because he chose the team he wanted to play on, probably was offered a nice income and was a free agent. So it was his choice to pick whoever he felt gave him the better offer.

Isn't it about time that baseketball has a contending team that actually might wind up being better than the Laker's who always seem to be the winner's.

He did what every other American is allowed to do, he was a free agent, and made a decision based on thing's only he know's and understands. I say get off his back !

1463 days ago


Exactly what type of "loyalty" was LeBron supposed to show to NYC?

1463 days ago


And as for that $20 sandwich, I bet if someone comes in and requests it, they'll whip one up in record time. LOL

1463 days ago
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