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Lindsay Lohan -- Mixing Jail with Rehab

7/11/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan may get special treatment after all when she serves her jail time ... the kind of special treatment people get when they're addicts.

You'll recall Judge Marsha Revel ordered Lindsay to do 90 days in jail, followed by a 90-day inpatient rehab program.  But we found out there's a program in L.A. County for inmates with drug and alcohol problems -- a program that combines jail with rehab.

It's called the Impact Program -- the brainchild of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  Here's the drill ... according to L.A. County Sheriff's Department Spokesperson Steve Whitmore, the inmates go to jail, where they attend an intense 12-step program for five hours a day, seven days a week.   The program takes approximately 90 days to complete.

Judge Revel has not ordered Lindsay to attend the Impact Program, but if the psychiatrists who are evaluating LiLo believe it's important to integrate jail with rehab, the judge could modify her order. 

And there are consequences for Lindsay -- if the judge orders her to the program, she would almost certainly have to serve the full 90 days behind bars to complete her 12-step.


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Peter Sc    

I find this ugly. What about a life ban on driving instead?

She is an actress. In order to promote her movies she needs to attend a numerous number of party's and alcohol intake will be a part of it. Worst case if the treatment is successful her career will be over.

Here on TMZ we have been able to read about all the medication her advisers have given her for as long as she can remember. I believe that her success as an actress is enabled by the medication. It might not be healthy but it is a consequence of both a culture where people are given drugs whenever some believe that they underperform. If this lifestyle on drugs is abandoned, then the concept of child actors will be abandoned also. It is bad for the economy.

Punish her but do not stop her career by enforcing treatment upon her which prevents her from having a life as an successful actress.

1567 days ago


Perfect, she'll love it

1567 days ago


Sounds like this judge doesn't want Lindsay's death on her hands. Stay on her judge.

1567 days ago


Wouldn't it make more sense for her to go to rehab before jail? If she's a serious addict, she won't make it without rehab first...

1567 days ago


Wouldn't it make more sense for her to go to rehab before jail? If she's a serious addict, she won't make it without rehab first...

Posted at 2:41 AM on Jul 11, 2010 by Brooke

Brooke, I've been wondering the same thing. Seems as.s backward to do the rehab part last.

If Linds get sent to this Impact Program, that'll definitely help her get through her withdrawl if she's not allowed any meds.

But serving the full 90 days...ooohhh she ain't gonna like that. Might be what she needs though.

1567 days ago


Good job TMZ. There is alway a new article on LL everyday.

1567 days ago


It really blows my mind what you think jail is for ? 90% of those incarcerated are junkies/alcoholic's. This is not a picnic. I hope she does get into that program while incarcerated. It will make the 90 days of rehab a walk in the park. She's been clean before after rehab's, she knows what sobriety feels like, it's just sad that she doesn't embrace it.

Years ago my sister's boyfriend was in and out of rehab's. He had multiple dui's, even on a new license that he purchased, even on a bike he riding in the streets. He spent most of their relationship in rehab's, getting out and going to AA meeting and then drinking again. One day I was suppose to meet up with him so I waited and waited at the designated location, my sister drove by asking if he had showed up yet, she was mad at him because he was using again and swore to me she was done with the relationship.

I finally got tired of waiting. 3 hours later my sister called me and told me was dead ! I rushed to the hospital and couldn't get her to leave, so I had to call my mother to come and we finally got her out of there.

My story really happened. I don't care how much rehab, getting locked up, and going to AA you do, if you don't want that way of life, you will die.

Lindsay's no different, if she doesn't want it no matter what anyone says it won't matter at all. She needs to want it. Not the judge, not the father, not the mother. No one but Lindsay is holding the cards on whether she wants to live or die ! I hope she chooses LIFE !

1567 days ago


Brooke & CJ you shouldn't worry if she goes to jail addicted. Nearly everyone that gets time goes into the system high or drunk. The jails handle these kind of people every single day.

They know what their doing and they will do everything to make sure she doesn't die on their watch. But then again, you seem like you would want her coddled, which is the reason she is in this mess in the first place.

It's up to her how she wants to arrive at jail. She should have been taken into custody immediately. Her lawyer more than likely gave her a heads up on what was going to happen that day. I'm sure she was well aware of the possibilities that day. She thought, and she said it herself, that she was in complaince, so she thought that the judge had forgotten all the other time's where she wasn't in complaince.

But weren't we all just a little bit stunned when the judge started reciting all the dui's, the non-complainces, the lying. blah blah blah.

It was in Lindsay's mind that she thought she wasn't going to jail, she should have been prepared for a jail outcome and had her affairs in order before she walked into that courtroom.

She seemed to have had the time to get her nails done, right ?

1567 days ago


All good points, Barbie, especially about having time to get her nails done.

1567 days ago


That f**cking bitch can't recommend this as she is already doing the 90 days in rehab.

Free Lindsay

1567 days ago


"Lindsay Lohan may get special treatment after all..."

I don't know about that. Was she ever charged with kidnapping?

1567 days ago


Allen Ridak, you may be non-violent but you're not non-stupid.

LL didn't go to classes when she had her freedom. I don't know what makes people think she'll go while she's in jail. Sure they can probably force her and I guarantee they'll have to. She's not going to go willingly. It will be a battle every day.

One of the many, many, many problems with LL is she doesn't want help. You can't help someone who doesn't want it. She'll just go back to her old ways and eventually, she'll die at a young age. The end.

1567 days ago


@Peter Sc

Since when is alcohol intake a requirement of being an actor? And how would abstaining torpedo her career? There are actors who have finally (it seems) kicked the habit, and seem to be in the best shape ever, career wise. Look at Robert Downey Jr. Being clean and sober seems to have been the best move he's ever made, knock on wood.

1567 days ago


# 1, LL is in the celebrity business. If she didn't get publicity all the time, she wouldn't be worth hiring. SHE is responsible for her problems (well her parents too but LL is an adult now and needs to take on responsibility.) I hope this judge doesn't back down - in fact she should expand her order to include LL's mother. That woman is a piece of work. TMZ keep up the pressure on LL. If you weren't doing this, I bet she would have walked out of that courtroom and went back to business as usual.

1567 days ago


You know what's sad and pathetic but comical too? That AOL proudly displays the AOL NEWS logo on their TMZ website!

Has anybody at TMZ ever in taken a course in journalism? Shame on them if they have because there's no NEWS here. Nearly all of it is hearsay, gossip, innuendo, conjecture and outright lies and false information.

1567 days ago
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