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Lindsay Lohan -- Mixing Jail with Rehab

7/11/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan may get special treatment after all when she serves her jail time ... the kind of special treatment people get when they're addicts.

You'll recall Judge Marsha Revel ordered Lindsay to do 90 days in jail, followed by a 90-day inpatient rehab program.  But we found out there's a program in L.A. County for inmates with drug and alcohol problems -- a program that combines jail with rehab.

It's called the Impact Program -- the brainchild of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  Here's the drill ... according to L.A. County Sheriff's Department Spokesperson Steve Whitmore, the inmates go to jail, where they attend an intense 12-step program for five hours a day, seven days a week.   The program takes approximately 90 days to complete.

Judge Revel has not ordered Lindsay to attend the Impact Program, but if the psychiatrists who are evaluating LiLo believe it's important to integrate jail with rehab, the judge could modify her order. 

And there are consequences for Lindsay -- if the judge orders her to the program, she would almost certainly have to serve the full 90 days behind bars to complete her 12-step.


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That f**cking bitch can't recommend this as she is already doing the 90 days in rehab. Free Lindsay Posted at 6 :29 AM on Jul 11 , 2010 by Nicole

Actually, Judge Revel can do a lot worse than this is she is so compelled.
You sound just as immature and disrespectful as Lindsay. Typical of kids nowadays. No respect for authority AT ALL!

1572 days ago


Princess will be in protective custody, making her ineligible for this kind of program.

She will be doing nothing, but sitting in her cell.

1572 days ago


i truly think rehab first, then jail, then she will be clean and the jail won't be blamed for hurting her in any way, let her feel what it feels like being in jail clean, i heard if she goes to jail first then she will be on meds that she's on now, if they rehab her first then jail it might be a better way to go. lohan stop crying take whats coming to you and stop with all the disrespect crap, YOUR A DOUBLE TALKER, say what you mean and mean what you say, stop the lies, blaming on others, deal loho

1571 days ago

Jade evergreen    

@t Madeline and Nicole you two have a lot growing up to do if you two have done same crap Lindsay has done your butts be in jail so fast it would make your head spind and get over it the judge is trying to save immature brat life name Lindsay Lohan
simple as that and Lindsay is a damn druggie anyone with common sense can see that expect for deluisonal Lindsay fans and Lindsay herself and Dina.

1571 days ago


The classes are a good way to get time out of your cell! I might be wrong, but if it's the same jail Paris Hilton did her time in, then she WILL get special treatment. Plus, she'll probably get housed in the medical unit so she can be monitored during detox. Her biggest problem? They don't allow hair extensions in jail!

1571 days ago


I find this ugly. What about a life ban on driving instead?

She is an actress. In order to promote her movies she needs to attend a numerous number of party's and alcohol intake will be a part of it. Worst case if the treatment is successful her career will be over.

Here on TMZ we have been able to read about all the medication her advisers have given her for as long as she can remember. I believe that her success as an actress is enabled by the medication. It might not be healthy but it is a consequence of both a culture where people are given drugs whenever some believe that they underperform. If this lifestyle on drugs is abandoned, then the concept of child actors will be abandoned also. It is bad for the economy.

Punish her but do not stop her career by enforcing treatment upon her which prevents her from having a life as an successful actress.

Read more:

YOU who wrote the above need help. You think it takes drugs and alcohol to be a successful actress or actor? Those who are truly talented do not need ANYTHING to use their talents to the best of their ability and if they are smart they will stay AWAY from the club scene. I have much more respect for great entertainers who do not want their off camera lives to show them partying and doing things that will casue their bodies harm.

1570 days ago

Heywood Jablowme    

Hey SKANK HO.... When it's time to take a shower, Maybe you'll find a replacement for SaMANtha!!!! LOL LOL

1570 days ago


This is great news! Either way she gets the help she needs for 180 days. Either way, the public won't have to hear anything about her until after she has done her time. Thank God! Oh wait, what ever will we do without our Lindsay fix? lol Geez this country needs a hero. LOL.

1570 days ago


These things have a success rate of about 10%. The other 90% fail because they don't want to be there in the first place. I was a 10%er 38 years ago. Stayed that way, without fail. She won't make it. She doesn't want to change who she it, and she can't be her without the drugs and booze. Sorry, that is the only way it works.

1567 days ago
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