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Lindsay's Alcohol Ed Class Under Microscope

7/12/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan wants Lindsay's alcohol education program shut down -- and he just might get his wish.

Turns out ... Right On Programs is currently being looked at by the L.A. County Department of Public Health as part of its twice annual review. The review started this week, but a rep for the county says the timing is just a coincidence. Riiiiiiiiiight.

We're told the review will focus on whether the program turned over accurate records on all their cases. If they uncover problems, they will work with Right On to correct them -- but if the problems are really bad the county could refer the matter to the state to shut Right On down.

As for Michael Lohan ... he tells us he wants to see the program shut down entirely. He says he thinks Right On falsified records and gave preferential treatment to their celebrity clients ... much to their detriment (see: Lohan, Lindsay).

Right On had no comment.



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when will Michael get a clue that his family hates him because he is the reason they are all so screwed up?

that media whore should be ignored. turn off the cameras and mics every time michael appears from under his rock.

1572 days ago


#2 I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said.

1572 days ago


#16 is a shill for Lilo.

1572 days ago


Oh Michael Blohan, keep on embarrassing your daughter please.
I really can't stand her, or you, for that matter.

1572 days ago


Lindsay's attorney TRIED to bring in an issue about Right On program in court and the judge shut her down. Lindsay has a point when she said the program said she was in compliance. This may be how Lindsay's wins her appeal and stays out of jail.

1572 days ago


It is obvious this program needs to be shut down/not used by the courts because of its unorganized procedures/records and its obvious catering to its celeb clients. That woman from the program they had on the stand during LiLo's hearing was a total mess. You could actually hear the programs wall of credibility crumbling everytime the women spoke.

1572 days ago


Anyone who thinks Michael Lohan should or would have any say into a court santioned class, is delusional. He has been to quite a few of them, so in a way he is an expert, but only if you think that Hulk Hogan should be an expert on how to sell steriods, because he has used so many in his life.

As for if the court should review the classes, YES, and it is a common for them to review this. This is a non story. Geez. I wish TMZ will stop shopping Micheal Lohan around like he is a saint and only wants to save the world. He is an addict, as bad or worse then his daughter. He is money hungry. He was so upset by Lindsay's court ruling he went to a strip club. He wants control of Lindsay's money. He has always wanted to control of Lindsay's money. I wish he had a scram on and taking weekly unannounced drug tests. Shame on you TMZ.

1572 days ago


timing is just a coincidence. Riiiiiiiiiight. Michael Lohan just wants to control Lindsey his way. my opinion. I believe Michael is jealous and does not want Lindsey well.
Also, I agree with #7 too.

1572 days ago


This is typical state government stuff. Programs such as "Right On" often get awarded contracts or arrangements for referrals as a result of some connection (contributed to Mayor's re-election campaign, brother is an alderman, etc.). Often, the persons running the program aren't qualified, just connected.

I'm glad to see someone looking into this. The program officials clearly are not competent, based on their own testimony last week. This case got publicity, but you can be sure it's not the only example of poor record keeping and disregard for the Court's orders.

1572 days ago


Couple comments.

1. Read my comments on the 'LIDSAY LOHAN-MIX JAIL/REHAB' exlusive. I called out that Steve V. was a sham.

2. Appealing her probation sentence will backfire and I bet the Judge modifies the sentence to being 'worse' then it is. Keep in mind the judge reserves the right to entirely REVOKE her probation and she could do a solid year in jail and there would be nothing Lilo could do about it. Judges don't reverse other judges sentencing and Lilo's case is specifically assigned to who she has now.

3. This girl needs to consult people who have been through this before. The least she could of done is tried her best to get her probation office on her side, even that doesn't gurantee safe passage but it helps. Instead she handuffed her attorney by being foolish and her attorney fired her cause she knew the case was hopeless.

4. I believe Shapiro's ethics are intact enough to where he won't take Lilo's money on what he knows is a dead horse case, but may because I believe Lilo is so adament he may do it just to shut her up.

5. This RIGHT ON program is about as foolish as Lilo. Every case refered to it from the penal system is subsidized by the state and in doing so, it is MANDATORY that Lilo signs a RELEASE OF INFORMATION to her P.O. RIGHT ON cannot "Plead 5th Ammendment" against essentially their boss...State of CA. What they are trying to do is milk state money while appeasing high end clients and retaining their business.


1572 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Michael is right.

I'm a counselor, and what I saw in court last week was appaling. The do***entation from the center was sloppy at best.

You would think that a place under the microscope with a famous client who had to report to the court wouls make absolutely sure that ther do***entation of Lindsay's activities are above all reproach.....and all of their do***entation for any client.

1572 days ago


Lilo should have a warning tattoo on her forehead: WARNING TRYING TO HELP OR ASSIST ME WILL CAUSE YOUR PAIN AND BLAME!

1572 days ago


What people (including Lilo) don't seem to understand is attorneys HATE dealing with V.O.P. cases. Your client has already been found guilty and so the deck is already stacked against you. A uncontrolable client is that much more difficilt. The State sees probation as a PRIVELAGE to the alternative which is incareration. When you deviate from this 'privelage' by default you are chosing jail. This appeal could go down in flames (which it will) and the judge could modify the sentencing to 90 days no chance of early release or good time AND still do the 90 days in rehab. I have seen it a million times. Judges almost never flip on judges and that goes for anyone in law enforcement. All she is doing is pissing off a judge who Lilo is stuck with until she finishes probation. In the same way Lilo is drawing more attention to this case, the courts attitude will be "You think that was bad? I was cutting you a break and now I WILL give you something to cry about." This is where RIGHT ON F-ed up in the same way. "We will plead the 5th and not testify." HAHAHAHA yeah right buddy you seen how well that worked out. Not only did they make them testify but are going to lose their state contract and I bet the entire business...over sticking up for Lilo? They must be high.

1572 days ago


Once the Director is replaced, I believe the place will be fine. She appeared so "StarStruck" in court and her records were in no kind of order.
She truly needs to go (and fast)
I do agree with Michael Lohan

1572 days ago


I called it!

when I saw them on the stand trying to be honest without lying, I knew they would lose their certification and be blackballed by the court system.

there's no telling how many celebs they green lighted through the system merely because theyre celebs.

1572 days ago
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