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Lindsay's Alcohol Ed Class Under Microscope

7/12/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan wants Lindsay's alcohol education program shut down -- and he just might get his wish.

Turns out ... Right On Programs is currently being looked at by the L.A. County Department of Public Health as part of its twice annual review. The review started this week, but a rep for the county says the timing is just a coincidence. Riiiiiiiiiight.

We're told the review will focus on whether the program turned over accurate records on all their cases. If they uncover problems, they will work with Right On to correct them -- but if the problems are really bad the county could refer the matter to the state to shut Right On down.

As for Michael Lohan ... he tells us he wants to see the program shut down entirely. He says he thinks Right On falsified records and gave preferential treatment to their celebrity clients ... much to their detriment (see: Lohan, Lindsay).

Right On had no comment.



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LaToya Jackson    

I heard right on was a great place to party and meet new friends. Right On !!! Right On ..

1530 days ago


Because of LLs star status, she was able to "not attend" group sessions that take an hour or more, and was able to replace those sessions with a one on one session that take 15 minutes. And IF you paid attention, the judge finally got the woman to admit that ALL of Lindsays "group sessions" were actually only one on one. The fact is that it took hours of this womans testimony to conclude that when the woman was testifying that she successfully attended all those "group sessions", that require time and effort, Linds was in fact only showing up for 15 minute private sessions. So, Linds did get special treatment from them by only having to spend 15 minutes with a counselor in private, instead of doing what others had to do. And THAT is why the Program tried to get out of testifying "ON THE GROUNDS THEY WOULD ABSOLUTELY INCRIMINATE THEMSELVES". They didn't want to go in there and have to admit that they gave her special treatment the whole time and didn't do THEIR job! They definitely need to be audited and possibly closed down.

1530 days ago


I was a client years ago at Right On programs after a DUI in Santa Monica. I think they probably saved me from ever getting behind the wheel again after even a single drink. So while the testimony of the director may have been poor, their programs are very good.

1530 days ago

Knockers De Clown    

Rock on Right On !!! I heard its a great place to find a "party date"

1530 days ago


Just kill yourself already.

1530 days ago


Lets clarify this "compliance" issue... Lindsay was IN compliance with the PROGRAM requirements, but the judge had different requirements, more stringent, as is her right. So while she complied with the PROGRAM rules, she didn't comply with the JUDGES rules...

1530 days ago


If that program is not going to do the job it is designed to do, then I hope the authorities do shut it down. It sounds like they either accept favors or money to not report violations.

1530 days ago


Read the Orange Papers, and educate yourself on the quazi-religous mandated programs. Most of these rehab 12 step programs are run by scientologists and evangelicals of the Jim Jones type. Research his program too. For you 12 steppers, there was a 13th(LSD) and 14th(adultuery, promiscuity) step as well. Research Bill W.

If Lindsey has a problem, I'd go out of the states for the Ibogaine treatment. But thats just my research, and not for everyone.

1530 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Rock on Right On !!! ... Party, Party, Party.. Right On is where all the Hollywood Stars go to "hang" ...

1530 days ago


The "Program" totally tried, even while under oath, to deceive the court. Everytime that woman testified that LL successfully attended a "group session", she was lying. Remember when President Clinton claimed he did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinski? He also tried the same lame crap, because his opinion of sex was only intercourse. In layman terms, it's called "word ****ing". Just because the "Program" considered those to be "group sessions", they were not group sessions by any standard. And being that Lindsay is not an infant, I'm quite sure she understands the meaning of "once a week" and when the "Program" knew clearly what the judges orders were, they are definitely at fault here too. They tried the word game with the judge and got bit in the ass, as they should. And the best part is that it's entirely clear that Linds couldn't care less. She will throw anyone under the bus to save her own ass. And as long as her Momager continues to see her as a CHILD who is not responsible to know which one is shinola, she will continue to do so. Every one of these yuckles knew what was expected by the judge and they all are trying to look like a child that has no understanding of anything.

1530 days ago


There is one question I keep asking ~ why does she grin when she cries? It's freaky.

1530 days ago


it should be investigated , they let her run them.

1530 days ago

Joe Blow    

For once, I agree with Michael Lohan. Yeah, he's just looking to keep his name in the news, but he is right on this one. That idiot lady from the Right On program who took the stand at the hearing last week who so obviously trying to cover for Lindsay it's not even funny. We all saw how well that worked out, as she contradicted herself with every-other word and basically made the whole program out to be unreliable and a complete joke.

1530 days ago


Well, well, well, another potential victim of Lindsay's. That girl reeks havoc where ever she goes.

1530 days ago


No Tara... it is another potential victim of Michael's.

1530 days ago
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