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Mark Cuban to LeBron:

You Need 'Media Training'

7/9/2010 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So how the hell can LeBron James recover from one of the worst PR moves in NBA history?? According to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban ... dude needs "media training."

Mark Cuban
Obviously, Cuban is referring to the fact that James decided to amp up the drama ... and screw with practically everyone's emotions ... before announcing on live TV last night that he was ditching the city that loved him to try and win a quick championship with a "super team" in Miami.

LeBron had toyed with the idea of going to Chicago, New York, New Jersey and L.A. too ... so now everyone hates him.

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I hope Lebron (aka self proclaimed "King") and his ego never, ever win a championship after the slap and stab and gave to his fans here in Cleveland. HE'S WORSE THAN ART MODELL!!!

1532 days ago


heres the deal. anyone knows true cleveland fans stick with their teams win or lose...mostly lose. akron/ cleveland are very sad because one of our own gave up on us. pretty much lebron is dead to ohio.

1532 days ago


His manager should bear the brunt of this - Lebron isn't smart enough to carry off something this ignorant on his own.

1532 days ago


I don't get it, anyone of these teams would have sold him out as soon as he quit producing. He did want he thought was best for him. Hate him if you want to but it's his life.

1532 days ago


Jim Gray is the worst sports journalist in recent memory. And the most boring.
He makes Erin Andrews look like Bob Costas.
He has less talent than Mr. Boom Goes The Dynamite.

1532 days ago


If I thought about it, I can't stand either one of them.

1532 days ago


Wow. What a bunch of babies. The Lebron show last night was a bad show only if he didn't go to your team. There were plenty of celebrations in South Florida last night. We welcome Lebron and Bosh down here with open arms. The arena is already sold out of season tickets, which I don't think even happened when Shaq came to town. Give Lebron a break. He wanted to win a championship and Cleveland was not giving him the tools to do that. This is his job. You can't blame the guy for wanting to do better.

1532 days ago


Agree with #10. Seeing the true colors of the owner assures me that LeBron made the right decision.

TMZ keeps posting these stories that LeBron screwed Cleveland. Cleveland screwed themselves.

1532 days ago


I think LeBron needs to do right by the folks in Cleveland. Even Betty White was promising him a little sumpin-sumpin and her turned her down. So, after LeBron gets his media training (he really needs to know how to use proper English too), perhaps his PR/MRKTG folk can figure out something for Cleveland. New parks, mentoring at-risk kids with programs, free summer camps. Let all of this die down LeBron, then wlak lightly back in and do some good.

1532 days ago

Craig Colbert    

I am a huge LeBron James fan, and I'm from Akron Ohio. First of all that ungrateful ass owner is really at fault. LeBron has been telling them for years the players that he wanted to help him win there, and the owner felt like he didn't have to spend the money to get anyone else for years, since he already had LeBron under contract. Then all of the sudden when he is tired of carrying those bums that they put around him for years, they try to blame LeBron. Well I for one am glad to see an athelete who would rather play the game for the love of winning than for the money, which is the case. I say to him good luck and may you get the happiness that you seek in Miami. You owe no one nothing. It;s time for you to play for you, it all comes to light now that you left, that the Caviliers only wanted you there to fill seats.

1532 days ago


I'm not even a huge basketball fan but for people to say that he went to MIAMI for a "quick championship win" is retarded. If he really WANTED a quick win, he would've gone to the Lakers! So you're pissed that he didn't pick "your team" oh well, get over it! I think that by him picking Miami, he showed that he is in this for the LOVE of the GAME, not the quick win. He spent SEVEN YEARS in Cleaveland & nothing to show for it. It was time for him to move on. I could understand all the hate if he'd jumped ship maybe 2 years in, but no, he stayed 7 years & tried his damnedest to make do with the team he was with. Why is it HIS fault that the entire NBA world was waiting for his word as to where he was going to go? It's not! This has been a very HOT topic ever since the playoffs ended. It's not like everyone suddenly became interested in where he was going in the last week. The Cleaveland fans are definitely showing their asses now by being big crybabies over him not returning. Let it go!!

1532 days ago


I think that James does need some better people around him. It is not the fact that he was looking at other teams when he contract was up in Cleveland, it was the full on media circus that followed him. It was not like he was trying the be discrete with these visits, he was showing his face everywhere. I am pretty sure that the Cavs would have given him the moon, but James did not want to take a pay cut to get some decent players around him and he wants a ring, point blank. This would not have been so bad if James were not discussing this a couple of years before his contract was up in Cleveland. Charles Barkley made a comment last year about James keeping quiet and playing for the team you are with and not discussing free agency. James replied like the brat that he is and stated that Barkley needed to keep quiet. When James was dunked on and he wanted to gain ownership of that and never have it released. His poor sportsmanship after losing the the Magic, this crap with ESPN, I could go on and on. I have to say, were the fans/organization of Cleveland surprised that it went down like this. And before anyone says he does not have the right people around him remember he is not a 17 year old anymore, he dropped decent people who knew what they were doing for his 'boys', his yes people. I read the owners letter today and if this does not motivate he to get that team together I don't know what will.

1532 days ago


Mark, take your own advice. You've had plenty of opportunity to keep your trap shut and didn't. In spike of you, Go Mavs!

1532 days ago


He waited 7 years for Celeveland to build a team around him - their loss - their fault!!!

1532 days ago


will thats true coming from a owner of a team that sucks..Lebron is thinking like a man..he gave cleveland 7 years but he needs help..kobe keeps winning because he needs HELP..how can you be the best basketball in the nba and continue to play for a city that only depends on him?? justsaying

1532 days ago
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