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Mark Cuban to LeBron:

You Need 'Media Training'

7/9/2010 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So how the hell can LeBron James recover from one of the worst PR moves in NBA history?? According to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban ... dude needs "media training."

Mark Cuban
Obviously, Cuban is referring to the fact that James decided to amp up the drama ... and screw with practically everyone's emotions ... before announcing on live TV last night that he was ditching the city that loved him to try and win a quick championship with a "super team" in Miami.

LeBron had toyed with the idea of going to Chicago, New York, New Jersey and L.A. too ... so now everyone hates him.

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Cubans point is....if you're going to leave, leave quietly, you don't do a 3 hour B movie if you aren't going to stay where you were playing. It was classless and tasteless. I can care less where he plays next year....this was done is poor taste, he should have done a 20 minute press conference and left, end of story.

1565 days ago

so over it    


1565 days ago


Media Training? From Mark Cuban? How many public gawfaws has this douche made?

Guy wins the dot com lotter and then thinks he knows everything

**** off wanker

1565 days ago


The below poster makes me sick. Mark Cuban is the ultimate jerk? Lebron James is the ultimate jerk for yanking everyone around like he did. He can play wherever he chooses to play, but did he seriously have to do it the way that he did? I am a Mavs fan, but Lebron USED to be my favorite player. Not anymore.

Mark Cuban didn't "fall into" money. Give me a break. Do some research.

As far as Dirk being a wimp - sounds like a little jealousy coming from you! Sounds like you have seen one too many daggers going into the bucket from Dirk.

Have you ever been to Dallas? I don't think so. I hope you stay away.

"Who cares what idiot mark Cuban thinks. he is an ultimate jerk and smart ass and he is telling someone to get training in anything when he, as a representative of Dallas, wants to scream at the basketball commissioner profanity and accuse him of being a thief. he owns a team with the biggest wimp in the NBA (Dirk), expects he has to get everything the way he wants it, when he wants it and how he wants it or it deserves every ounce of anger he has. He is a spoiled brat and was just a junk heap dog before he accidentally fell into money. he can go to hell and take all of his European white boys and try to win in an African American game- nut then he is from Dallas and besides racism, what is Dallas good for anyway?????"

Posted at 8:21 AM on Jul 9, 2010 by Larry

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/07/09/mark-cuban-lebron-james-media-training-miami-heat-cleveland-cavs-basketball-nba/2/#comments-anchor#ixzz0tDVtiPw6

1565 days ago


He had an Idea for streaming audio sold that Idea to Yahoo and made money before the dot com boom. What "great Idea" has he come up with since them? dancing with the stars..

Do you ****ing research...

1565 days ago


He doesn't have to come up with any more "great ideas." One was enough. He has more money than he can ever spend. What about you? My research is done.

1565 days ago


its the same great Idea any lotto winner has when picking there numbers... **** off ***got

1565 days ago


Rodney - I'm sure that you have bought your fair share of lotto tickets - too bad you're not a winner. The language needs to be cleaned up a little - how old are you? 12?

1565 days ago


The Cav's owner response is typical of white men when a black man can and does what's best for him. Would he have said any of this had LeBron resigned with Cleveland, of course not. Great job LeBron..GREAT JOB!! Now you and your MIAMI CREW spank the CAVS 4 times..that's right 4 times next season and see what that idiot owner and the rest of his haters have to say..

1565 days ago


I dont think that most people get this. It is not that Lebron left Cleveland, it is the way that he did it. There was no reason for the way that he announced it, except to get the most media coverage he could get. In my opinion he is self centered. Like the way that he referred to himself in the interview? LeBron is going where LeBron is going to be happy. Nothing like Thanking the fans in Cleveland for all the support over the years.. It's all about Lebron and how he could get all the teams hyped up and much television coverage he could get to knock them all down. Sorry, but I disagree with the way that he handled the situation.

1565 days ago

Donald Ray    

That was CLASSIC, the way Mark just ignored those STUPID questions that idiot REPORTER (LOL) WAS ASKING HIM.

1565 days ago

Mary B    

Everyone hates him...but Miamians....which is actually not a great thing. Miami have the worst fans in the world! they only like their team when they are winning, they don't support they just like to celebrate

1565 days ago

J Simp    

Cuban sounds like a sore loser there.

1565 days ago


I meant to spell DOUCHE. I don't use that word often, Lol.
See I can spell. SupercalifragilistickexpialadDOUCHEIOUS! Tthat's right Mark Cuban is DOUCHEIOUS! Hahahahahaha.

1565 days ago


I understand that the guy has a right do what he wants but the way he went about it was the wrong way. To announce on national TV that he was leaving the city that loves him and has supported him for 7 years, was just cruel. Very selfish and immature. I just hope Cleveland will continue to support the cavs and show LeBron that he is not the King!

1565 days ago
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