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Mel Gibson Goes After Oksana for Contempt

7/9/2010 9:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's lawyers have filed legal papers in their custody war, asking the judge to hold Oksana Grigorieva in contempt ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell us the Order to Show Cause (the contempt papers) claims Oksana is responsible for leaking the secretly-recorded tapes of Mel's rants during their nuclear arguments. The judge in the custody case issued a restraining order against Oksana late last month, prohibiting her from leaking the tapes. Mel & Co. believe Oksana sold the tapes for big bucks.

We've also learned Mel's lawyers have filed legal papers asking Judge Scott Gordon to issue an order allowing them to search Oksana's computer and iPhone for emails and text messages showing communications related to the sale of the tapes.  We've learned another judge has already rejected that motion, but it has now been renewed before Judge Gordon.

As we first reported, Oksana denied in her deposition that she's the leak.


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Man Mel got played bad what a b*tch! So what if he spews out hateful words what the hell does it matter to us? First Amendment lets us have a voice no matter how ignorant it makes us sounds. Get OVER IT!!

1568 days ago

dwaynes chris    

i still love mel gibson hes the man ..number 1# fan. screw that bitch

1568 days ago


Of-course, Oksana is quite in the tape as she is the one recording it. It is Mel who didn't know he is being recorded, being played to agitate, raise his voice and being played down. Poor him getting all the bad publicity. In today's world, Shrewed people who do things behind back, make others upset and then finally recording seems to win

1568 days ago


Hussie, I was thinking the same thing. I just finished listening to it and it sounds so fake as if he is rehearsing a scene. I have my doubts about this, something isn't right.

1568 days ago


No surprise Oksana is calm in the tape as she is the one with all planning, irritating and finally recording to play Mel down

1568 days ago


He should have kept it in his pants!

1568 days ago


oh poor mel being shown as his true self. i agree with the person above. whether he was taped or not he was the one throwing the slurs. he needs to be tried for domestic abuse and if he is found guilty then he needs to go to jail. he needs to apologize then get help with his anger issues, if he doesn't want to get help then go away with all your millions and buy an island somewhere. were he can't be heard or seen by any normal hard working person oh yeah if he decides to kill himself oh well the world will be a better place without him. i forgave him the first time when he said he was sorry but i'm done with him and his movies and his production company. it's sad that the only thing he's doing now is turning air into carbon dioxide.please help the carbon foot print and drop dead.

1568 days ago


I like to hear the tape because you never know what the truth is but since its unhappy to have it leaked than it has to be bad.

She needs to also follow what the judge says.

1568 days ago


lets see-man cheats on his wife and 50 kids and you get pregnant and it doesn't work out?are you missing something?

1568 days ago


Mel, if only you were a convicted child rapist. Hollywood would shroud you in love.

1568 days ago

Beauty Queen    

So what if she leaked the tapes...He deserves it! No matter how mad he was he should have never said the things he said. He knows what he did was wrong which is why he's in hiding now. He's offended too many people this time... We'll see if he learns a lesson.

1568 days ago


IF Mel never threatened to hit her or or never actually did hit her, as his lawyer insists, then WTF is Mel worried about? The tape would be fake...I guess the truth rears its ugly head this time. Mel was caught out in his lies and his awfulness. Good on her, she may a gold digger but he is a monster and richly deserves to fall for his horrendous behavior. And I'll just bet that he did this sort of shizz on his wife as well. Horrible man!

1568 days ago


Beauty Queen,
I bet, you can bring any person in front of me and I can make him / her angry and record. What do you say, who is at fault

1568 days ago

Queen Karma    

It is Mel. I heard the tapes on Nancy Grace.

Yesp,it is him.Yeah,what he saidis awful,ugly,nasty, racist, foul, disturbing. You name it.
Yes, Oksana taped him.
Yes,Mel is a an old,bitter, disturbed, sick ****.
BUT, and Iam NOT taking up for him, BUT Oksana taped him without his knowledge so she did not fuss or cuss back at him.
She is angry because she hooked the old 400 million dollar stupid goat and got pregnant asap, and he fell for it and she wants her big pay day of tens ofd millions .

Hopefully, Robin Gibson took her 350-400 million from his est.900 million when they divorced.

Mel thought this young woman wanted him and was going to stay with his old,ikkk,ugly butt.
HE wanted her tpobe like hsiex,quiet, in the background, off the red carpet, at home with the kiods. Oksana knew what shewanted.
IT takes two to tangle. He lost and she won.
Also, we all say thing s in arguments to family,friends we should not.
Oksana was wrong to release this via her lawyers . She should ahve them tell his lawyers to give her the tens of millions she wants or else. Seems that is what her side did and now it is or else.
I do not uphold domestic violence,BUT cases are different.
Don't hate the palyers;hate the game.
Mels atty's and Oksana's side should drop charges.Have Mel pay her 10-15 million inclusing Holllywood BeverlyHills homeand of the standard rich people's 25,000 a month for childcare.
Same goes for Menatlly ill,psychotic, gentically faulted, stupid,drug addicted, everything Charlie Sheen and his match,Brooke. Her side has already said they want not a penny less than what crazy Denise Richards got;25million upfront,52,000 yrly. in child support,etc. and all tax free.
Pay up guys. STFU. You lose.
Don't hate the palyer,hate the game.
Put a fork in Mel.He is cooked.
Mel needs to get off the radar afgter.Disappear in Malibu.

1568 days ago

Fred Farkel    

OK for you folks that have not traveled the world... Russians are indeed sub-human.

They do not value life in the least.

The women are not only ugly - they are dangerous. They come over here... get American men that are DONE with American women and then suck them dry. This recording is no surprise... and oh my - she no doubt crawled up in his face and he let her have it.

Who cares.

Go crawl up in anyones face like that and see what happens.

Oops. The law is on the side of the woman, you say???

Well. OK. Just as long as you don't mind seeing your teeth missing before the cops get there.

1568 days ago
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