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Shayne Lamas' Hubby

Taking Wife's Last Name

7/11/2010 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shayne Lamas' new husband is officially taking his wife's last name -- but Hooman Abedi Karamian claims he's only doing it because he's sick of people thinking he's a Kardashian.

TMZ has learned Hooman -- aka Nik Richie from "The Dirty" website -- and his wife have both filed applications in Arizona to change their names ... hoping to become Nik Lamas-Richie and Shayne Lamas-Richie

But the best part -- in Nik's application, he documents several reasons for wanting to drop his given name, noting that he "can't even pronounce it" -- and adding, "People ask me if I am related to the Kardashians which is tacky."

Meanwhile, nowhere in the docs does he complain about the name of his birthplace ... Hackensack, NJ.


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good job nik, good job. but, you're an idiot for saying you couldn't pronounce your own last name. however, you earned back points for saying being mistaken for being related to the Kardashians was tacky! good one!

1544 days ago


Lorenzo is not going to be happy about this...
Also, for someone that makes his living picking apart physical features of women, Hooman looks like he has the body of a toddler with the head of a full sized adult. It's the oddest thing.

1544 days ago


NO ONE mistakes this man for a Kardashian unless they are blind.

1544 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I would say that #4 Angel summed that up pretty well. Amazing how illusions (delusions???) can be created for the weak minded generation we live in.

1544 days ago

Fantastic Four    

I predict this marriage will not last until November 2010.

Hooman Abedi Karamian:

1. Criminal convictions under previous alias "Corbin Grimes", Arizona Superior Court public record #CV2005-017179, dated 11/7/2005

2. Known criminal associates and aliases:
*Criminal records observed on some individuals ranging from Narcotics Sale, Class 2 Felony to tax evasion.
Carlo K. Oddo (Talent 2K) = Vince Malnotti (Deftone Records)
Michael Anthony (97 Radio) = Michael Anthony Oddo (Talent 2K)
Thomas McManus + James Bennett (97 Radio) = Mark Kingston (97 Radio)
Keegan James (97 Radio) = Keegan Lowe (Deftone Records)
Joe Polizzi (IMG) = ?
Cameron Cohen (CIG) = Cameron Karamian (Hooman's brother)
Andy Conlin (CIG) = Andy Conlin (Talent 2K)
Ricky Donovan (CIG) = Fredrick Dominguez (Talent 2K)

1544 days ago



If he's so dirty, immoral, a bitch, and all the other racist **** you said he is then let this settle in: YOU'RE THE ONE THAT LET HIM INSIDE YOU.

you stupid bitch.

...and you made me defend nik richie. i hate you.

1544 days ago


Wow, what a racist whore Angel is.

1544 days ago


When your entire life is a con it only makes sense to grab at a D- celeb and take her name. The only thing legit about this fraud is his wrap sheet.

1544 days ago


Angel, if you didn't like him, then why did you have sex with him?!? Dumbass!!

This guy is a p**sy, but also an idiot!!

1544 days ago


I wonder if this is the same 'Angel' who, literally hours after Sandra Bullock won her Oscar earlier this year, left a shocking anti-Sandra, pro-Janine Lindemulder post ("Sandra Bullock Is Golden") that was full of so much personal information, that TMZ felt the need to take it down pretty quickly, but not before myself and a few other people had read it. Yes, I think it is indeed the same 'Angel'. Clearly, Angel herself didn't take note of my advice at the time for the lady in question to "clean up her life".

1544 days ago


This is pathetic! Hooman is nothing but a SELF-HATING Middle Eastern. He is a racist even against people of Middle Eastern descent. He calls them "desert monkeys", among other things. Not to mention he's a total racist in general, which is why I stopped reading his site.

Someone once posted a pic of their half white/half black friend for Hooman to make fun of and he responded "Dude, use the white in you to be somebody". WTF?!?

He is self hating and wishes so BADLY that he was born with blond hair and blue eyes...and genes that would make him taller than 4'11.

1544 days ago


To call Hooman a mexican is a insult to the mexican race..Hooman doesnt have enough class or morals...Hooman is a ****roach..Hes sleezy, a bottom feeder and he spends all his time making fun of girls who he'll never have a chance with..
I know for a fact that Hooman was sexually and mentally abused by his father thats why he is the way he is..
His mother was a big time whore...hence why he married a whore..Men marry women (in this case a dog).

I just think its sad all the ass kissers on his website that are always prasing him, if THAT is who they look up to can you imagine what their lives are like?
Hoooman is just a loser, he married a whore and hes a known coke head and criminal.
Notice that he never makes fun of guys??! Because hes a little bitch that would get STOMPED on!!! Suck on that 'Hooman"

Change your name to " Dirty abused wanted to mention the kardashians so people will notice me, married a whore, im a criminal, I make fun of girls because Im a bitch Richie' It'll suit you better.

1544 days ago


Talk about osing your MAN CARD... what a loser. But I guess when you marry a ugly coke head you have no brains

1544 days ago


I came in here to call him ***** whipped, but after seeing commenter #4's comments, just wow. Go die in a fire you racist slut **** whorebag. Go get raped in a back alley you slut.

1544 days ago


in reference to posting 16.

This is pathetic! Hooman is nothing but a SELF-HATING Middle Eastern.

I don't know his ancestry but my first reaction was that he is trying to distance himself from his Middle Eastern name/heritage
it has nothing to do with the Kardashians
he is just using that for an excuse
rather than just be honest about his reason

think most see right through what he is doing
not judging...just saying

1544 days ago
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