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O.C. Housewife: My Kids Fell in the Pool Because ...

7/9/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A "Real Housewives" star is finally explaining how a stroller carrying two of her daughters managed to roll into a swimming pool last weekend -- and according to Alexis Bellino, it all has to do with the brake.


Bellino -- who stars on "The Real Housewives of O.C." -- posted a blog saying, "Our girls were in their stroller and I thought I had put the brake on, but apparently I didn't." As TMZ first reported, the parents weren't paying attention ... and the stroller rolled into the pool.

The reality star then explains that her husband "instantly" jumped in after the kids and plucked both of them out of the water before their heads went under the water.

Bellino notes that there's a lesson parents can learn from the incident -- "never take our eyes off the children for even a second when near water."


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Jeez people...give her a break! Accidents like this can happen to any of us. The important thing is that they were right there to save them and nothing worse happened.

1537 days ago


"how about never take your little ones next to a pool in the first place, let alone in a stroller. idiot people, i swear"

How about never drive with your little ones in the car you might just have a wreck. How about never taking your little ones to the park, grocery store or the mall they may just get kidnapped. How about never taking them outdoors to play they may trip and break an arm or leg. It has absolutely nothing to do with the pool and everything to do good parenting. You know, remebering to do things like putting the brakes on the stroller if your going to use it as a holding pen and, for god's sake, watch them.
I started exposing my son to the pool as soon as the pediatrician told me that it was okay. He's swimming at three year's old, but good parenting skills and common sense tell me not to take my eyes off of him.

1537 days ago


NO S**T SHERLOCK!! Any GOOD mother or father already knows that. What a completely irresponsible mother she is. First she "forget's"to set the brake!!!, then walks away to chat with friends!!! I worry about the future safety of those kids.
My two year old fell in the pool once. I was right there and got her out in 2 seconds. it does happen. Her negligence is what is so shocking.

1537 days ago


The reason this happened is because they use multiple nannies so they don't have to do anything so the one time they actually have the kids alone this happens.

1537 days ago


Um... maybe never take your hand off of the stroller when they're near water... or better yet.... KEEP THE DAMN STROLLER AWAY FROM THE POOL!!!!! I've got 3 kids... Doesn't take a genius to keep them alive. It's sad when Britney circa 2006 is looking like a better parent than these idiots?

1537 days ago

J Simp    

Great parenting tips there.

1537 days ago


Why weren't they paying attention to their children? Were they looking around to see where the cameras were?

1537 days ago


OMG! Why is that kid wearing a DIAPER???

1537 days ago


Hold up! I thought these people had a bunch of nannies??? I didn't know they watched their own children! They said on their show (real housewives of Orange County) that they never go anywhere without a nanny! That's probably why the kids rolled into the pool. No nanny!

1536 days ago


you dont do anything but enhance your looks!! why dont you enhance your eyes to see better!!! you dont work you dont do anything and you cant remember to but the breaks on your childrens stroller the one thing u need to remember you cant!! you have nannies for what reason you dont do ****!!! Their are single mothers in the world who work full time and raise way more then 3 kids and can manage to remember!!! you married ur husband for money not love!! you aint nuttin but eye candy for him....get a life get a real job get an education and stop using botox ur lips look like u got bit by a bumble bee!

1536 days ago

Just One Word    

Hoping this story is not factually based, but if it is, this woman and her husband should be ashamed of themselves. Seriously, what else would parents be doing by a pool with their kids besides watching their kids? There's two of you - four eyes.... c'mon. Were camera's present? Assuming not, since TMZ doesn't have 'the shot'... but if there were photogs present, these two should check themselves as if they were making love to the cameras they should have been paying attention to these kids instead. Bad news when a reality show takes precedence over responsibility. I honestly haven't a clue what else these two nitwits would be doing at the time.... but let me provide some wisdom - SWIM LESSONS for the kids -- if you're going to feel the need to show yourselves off while at the pool with your kids. SAD.

1536 days ago


She forgot to put the brake on? Everytime it comes to my daughter's safety, I always check twice to make sure I have the brake on, etc. Alexis was just too busy looking for the camera so she can pose for it.

Besides, I wouldn't park the stroller BY THE POOL. I would park it far away from the pool. Parenting, FTW.

1535 days ago

mom of 3    

First of all I reallty dispise both of them-as parents,as friends,and as any valuble contribution to society(besides being a lifestyle consultant, lmao and drug dealer,oh shoot I mean house flipper).They r sooooo full of themselves.Rude superficial,ignorant,and just down right creepy.(It's like a slave-master relationship I firmly belive she is there for the money, once it runs she will be gone.Their belief in Christ is their own faith(though they r hypocritical in the way they act and talk!!!)Alexis stating "I am a stay at home" was a JOKE,I love when she said and I quote"How dare she say I don't work,I'm the mother of 3 small children and I have a husband whom I take exceptional care of,If that's not work I don't know what is" What she should have said is "I have FAMILY whom I take exceptional care of"(if it were true)Most women do more with her children in one day then she does in week.I am a real mom of 3.Cook,clean,bath my own children,grocery shopping,keep up with yardwork,help my husband run a small buisness all by MYSELF.I understand if she had to hire a "babysitter"to do the show,she had 2 nannies and a maid BEFORE filming.
As for this pool accident-well she is soooo full of BULL****!!!!!!!!I had family members there and what she said is completley untrue.My brother saw her clear as day,park the stroller and walk away!!!!(and was standing 10-15 ft.away from where she left it) JimSlob was nowhere near the stroller.Where could he have been...By the bar of course where else would u be when u have family to look after!!!!My bro saw it with his own eyes,they oly realized the stroller was gone when they heard commotion.Jim rescued one of the girls,BUT the lifeguard was the main rescuer!!!!(i think there was one other guy involved too)It sickens me how they treated the staff who saved their baby girls.No gratitude or remorse.Being a mother of All girls would have been so grateful, I probobly would have hugged them..not sworn at them.More and more people will come forward and tell the "true" story and when they do GOD help the Bellino's,it's not going to be a pretty day for them.
I do understand accidents do happen,but take accountabilty for your actions,especially when it is your kids!!!!They r lying,flat out lying...correct me if I'm wrong...I thought that was SIN.

1533 days ago

Jim Jordan    

How can a stroller roil in to the pool? The area outside of the pool is always sloped away from the pool.
This is done because they do not want the rain to wash dirt and other things in the pool

1532 days ago


You ditzy ****s! Watch your kids. It is obvious that neither one of you are rocket scientists, but get with the program!

1532 days ago
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