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The Eye Has It

7/11/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF




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looks like someone DOTTED HIS EYE
@Bunism All for Bun and Bun for All

1565 days ago


all you people posting about MMA and UFC need to shut up and go away. People who get punched in the face during professional fights are #1 EXPECTING to get injured, #2 TRYING to injure someone else, and #3 CONSENTING to being hit. This poor guy didn't ask for ANY of those things, he was just walking down the street. He didn't deserve this so who cares if it "could have been worse"? I wish him a speedy recovery!

1565 days ago


THIS is gruesome? What are you? A little girl?

1565 days ago


thats terrible!!!
really talented actor tho!

1565 days ago


From the look of that eye, not pointing in the right direction, I think he is now blind in that eye permanently.

Why was he attacked?

1565 days ago


Okay I'm an ICU nurse...that isnt even close to bad...suck it up!

1565 days ago


I live in Belmar, It was all over the news. Four black guys were punching/beating up white men and women all over town, racist violence. The cops caught one but let him go, said they couldn't prove it was racist since black people "can't" be racist. True story, and its bull****

1565 days ago


ok here's what happened, 3 WHITE guys came and 1 of the guy from 210lbs -250lbs walked passed lou and sucker punched him who was 3 times his size. and my Boyfriend Anthony tackled him to the ground and put him in a headlock. The other guys ripped him out of it and ran off. THE COPS DID NOTHING when they showed up 3 minutes later!!!...luv ya lou, feel better.

1565 days ago


This was a random act? Call me skeptical.

1564 days ago

Tracey's not like it's hanging by the optic nerve...get a grip people..he got his ass kicked, maybe for a good reason??? HMMMMMMM................

1564 days ago


It is soo sad how some ppl think, oh it's not that bad..or one guy said something about 3blk guys doing something to someone this is 3 white guy's ...can someone tell me what the hell this has to do with "race"??? When things happen & it's proved to be racially motivated & it involves something hateful BEING DONE to a black person..then it's blacks always bringing race into something..yet MAJORITY of the time NOTHING is done about it, when it's done to a blk person...THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE...sure STUPIDITY on behalf of the COWARDS...just like ppl whom hide behind computers spitting racial hate...COWARDS :)

1564 days ago



1564 days ago


Damn, you got knocked the **** OUT!

1564 days ago


I think it is time for him to pay someone to teach him how to fight. He got f--ked up

1564 days ago

lou pucci    

i'll repost this for all the ignorant people out there ( you should know who you are but you probably don't) Actually I'm Lou's dad and I'm also 50, no we did not "sell" the picture above that i took myself with my cell phone, but gave it to TMZ because by our thinking, if Lou's little bit of fame helps to bring this worsening problem to light and keeps someone else from suffering random violence then it should be known....and Barbie, that's EXACTLY what happened, Lou was standing on a lawn at 2am talking to some friends when a total drunk a**hole who was walking by with 4 friends and was angrily yelling at his girlfriend, walked up to Lou randomly and hit him as hard as he could, no words were exchanged and he had at least 100lbs on was not gay bashing as Lou is not gay and Lou never even saw him coming or he would have been able to at least deflect the blow as he has had 5 yrs of tai quan do. He knocked Lou out. Cat scans and $9000 worth of plastic surgery later, Lou is doing well thanks and recovering at his family home at the jersey shore where Lou was born and raised. I don't blame the "jersey shore" but shows like that sensationalize stupidity and random drunkenness and violence at the shore and does not reflect the people who actually live here.

1564 days ago
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