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Tony Hayward -- Fish and Chicks

7/11/2010 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BP honcho Tony Hayward had a good oily time last month in Houston, TX, watching World Cup soccer in a bar with a woman -- not his wife -- and in a supreme irony  ... he ordered seafood.

0709_tony_heyward_woman_EX_TMZTMZ obtained photos of Hayward in a Champps Americana Restaurant and Bar on June 12.  We're told Hayward was watching USA vs. England next to an unidentified woman.


We wanted to make sure the pic was indeed Tony.  So check out the CEO's watch when he appeared on CNN.  It's a spitting image of the watch he's wearing in the bar.


As for what Dr. Hayward ate -- yes, he's a PhD -- the receipt shows he paid for shrimp fajitas, fish & chips and 2 cranberry juices.

No word if he cleaned up after himself.

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does anyone know if this is just a random photo when he is up to get a beer? I have been watching sports at bars next to unidentified women many times. funny though, BP has 40% UK shareholders, and 39% US shareholders. It's a gossip site folks, 99% of what you see is out of context. I hope he parties like nothing happened. It's not like BP wants to lose money. wakeup small peopl.

1529 days ago


I call bull****. Having worked both in restaurants and for a company that makes POS software (Point of Sales), I find it pretty strange that the customer's name (in this case "Dr. Hayward") would be on the receipt. The server's name, sure. But have you ever been at a restaurant where the server asked you for your name? Come on. Secondly, after all the mess he's been through (and caused), why on earth would Hayward still be in the US? And Texas, of all places? Please.

1529 days ago


These two may or may not be dining together. And they may or may not be fooling around. The watches don't necessarily look identical. This story is a waste. The only potential 'story' is seeing this fool go out to eat and watch a soccer game when he should be fixing the Gulf.

1529 days ago


@ Danny Dog---THANK YOU!!! And then someone tried to justify eating two meals in the span of two hours. Seriously??? Why are y'all trying so hard to defend the obvious? He was clearly on a date. TWO guests, TWO meals, TWO beverages. Do the math, morons.

1529 days ago


Morons. Not only does it appear they aren't even together, I wouldn't put it past whoever took that pictures that they told her to stand there so it looks even remotely suspicious. Looks to me like she's trying NOT to look like she knows the camera is there.Probably a setup. Please TMZ, there's plenty of stuff out there to report on without making it up.

1529 days ago


Geez-I guess it's a good thing he wasn't sitting next to a guy. You guys would be labeling him as a closet gay. The seafood angle? Yeah...how ironic. The "unidentified woman" angle? Moronic.

1529 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Who the hell drinks cranberry juice with fish and chips? Did he poison the bog those cranberries came from??

1529 days ago


Does this mean he's getting his life back?

1529 days ago


TMZ Readers, you're not aware that BP removed Tony Hayward from the Gulf Oil Spill in mid-June?

That being said, you accuse this man of being with another woman, yet there's only one meal on that tab.

1529 days ago


Clearly, BP has no respect for America... I am not saying this man should ball up int o a corner and die, but the nerve of him to be out in public having a good time... Just looks bad, and makes him and the company look like they are fakes, and really do not care about all the loss of life (11-men), and wildlife, that has perished as a result of BP not following safety standards. This is why I will never get gasoline again at another BP station.

1529 days ago


The arm around her waist has a different watch on it than the arm of the man resting his head on his hand at the bar.

1529 days ago

pink floyd    

who cares is it now against the law to have lunch with someone who is not your spouse.tmz you all need to grow up.

1529 days ago


Yes, he is with this girl! His arm is not around her waist in bar... There are 2-cranberry juices and two meals ordered. TMZ is showing us that Hayward has on same watch while on date with his mistress.

1529 days ago


Another liberal source buying into the Obama plan to demonize the wealthy and successful. These are the people that hire people. We have to stop this socialist agenda in november.

demonize the banks
demonize the oil industry
demonize the insurance industry
demonize the auto industry
demonize Arizona
demonzie the health industry

Why are American buying into this hate filled agenda?

1529 days ago


Who cares?

The guy has been working round the clock for 2 months and he takes off 3 hours to watch a soccer match with a chick?

What a crime against humanity!

Obama has golfed 7 times since the oil leak! That's 7 X 4 hours = 28 hours of liesure since the Gulf debacle started!

1529 days ago
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