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Tony Hayward -- Fish and Chicks

7/11/2010 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BP honcho Tony Hayward had a good oily time last month in Houston, TX, watching World Cup soccer in a bar with a woman -- not his wife -- and in a supreme irony  ... he ordered seafood.

0709_tony_heyward_woman_EX_TMZTMZ obtained photos of Hayward in a Champps Americana Restaurant and Bar on June 12.  We're told Hayward was watching USA vs. England next to an unidentified woman.


We wanted to make sure the pic was indeed Tony.  So check out the CEO's watch when he appeared on CNN.  It's a spitting image of the watch he's wearing in the bar.


As for what Dr. Hayward ate -- yes, he's a PhD -- the receipt shows he paid for shrimp fajitas, fish & chips and 2 cranberry juices.

No word if he cleaned up after himself.

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So this is how tmz does it..even though BP f'd up the gulf does that give this shoddy excuse for a news org the right to speculate that this guy was with another women...have you not been in a crowded bar before when people wanna watch a sporting event usually the best place is standing at the bar...

1531 days ago


TMZ should stick with their day jobs of running after d-list celebs and stay out of grown folks stuff.

1531 days ago


He needs to be handling the problem's out in the Gulf. I could care less who his with just fix the problem he created and when it's done put his ass in jail.

Alot of people loss there jobs and many people are going to be sick from the mess he created. The chemicals there using is killing fish and if you inhale it for long periods of time. I'm sure it going to effect those who are trying to help clean the mess the animals at BP better known as BIG PRICK. Just a thought

1531 days ago


He was not with her, as much as I know everyone wants to smear him and his image, just look at the pics; they were not together. He just happened to be sitting next to her in what was likely a crowded bar.

She's a pretty girl, and if I were her I'd be PISSED that some a**hole was taking pictures of me with a cell phone while I was trying to enjoy my lunch break.

It's time to get over yourselves people. We may hate him, and quite honestly we have good reason to, but putting things up that are untruthful is not going to fix the situation at hand.

1531 days ago


He was with her... did he order two meals by himself? I am sure someone who worked at this place knew this,, and gave TMZ this information and copy of his reciept with his name on bill/credit card.

1531 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

Typical douchebag CEO.
What is sad and disturbing is the amount of losers on here that are defending this piece of garbage after he and his company have destroyed a part of this country and seem unapologetic about it.

1531 days ago


what a friggen stupid fake story. I hope the guy sues TMZ over this false accusation. just because he's at a bar and a woman is next to him doesn't mean they are together or doing anything inappropriate. geesh Harvey, do you get this jealous when your boyfriend is standing next to another guy at a bar?

1531 days ago


Maybe he meant to say "I want my WIFE back"?

1531 days ago


Really??? THey don't even look like they are together lol. God forbid anyone in the public eye stands or sits next to each other in a public place.

1531 days ago

Miss Clairol    

Look at the Tony's Wife, Not Tony's Wife... It IS THE SAME WOMAN, she just has her hair a different color. Also they DO put your name on the check when you sit at the bar, it is called running a tab!

1531 days ago


I hope all the BP ex's fry in hell

They have pissed on America as seen by all the fines they got, boot them from anything to do with the USA

Boycott all their company's in America

1531 days ago

The Professor    

In a court of law neither of these photos would convict but in the eyes of his wife they might. Depends on his past behavior.

1531 days ago


Why dont you guys stick to the bull**** happening in Hollywood. Who cares if this guy is in a bar in Houston? He needs time to relax as well. What is it now like day 80 of the spill? OLD NEWS!! Whats done is done. MOVE ON PEOPLE!!!

1531 days ago


Even if there are two separate meals on a single tab, why must the second meal necessarily belong to this "mystery woman"? It's a crowded bar. CEOs have lots of business associates, along with an income to justify treating for a $15 meal. There is no proof of anything here. All these "you people are morons" responses cite evidence as meritless as the content of the original article.

1531 days ago

You Betcha    

Looks like there's alot of guys here on Team Tony. And they copy each others comments nicely.

1531 days ago
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