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Tony Hayward -- Fish and Chicks

7/11/2010 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BP honcho Tony Hayward had a good oily time last month in Houston, TX, watching World Cup soccer in a bar with a woman -- not his wife -- and in a supreme irony  ... he ordered seafood.

0709_tony_heyward_woman_EX_TMZTMZ obtained photos of Hayward in a Champps Americana Restaurant and Bar on June 12.  We're told Hayward was watching USA vs. England next to an unidentified woman.


We wanted to make sure the pic was indeed Tony.  So check out the CEO's watch when he appeared on CNN.  It's a spitting image of the watch he's wearing in the bar.


As for what Dr. Hayward ate -- yes, he's a PhD -- the receipt shows he paid for shrimp fajitas, fish & chips and 2 cranberry juices.

No word if he cleaned up after himself.

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Maybe hes just there to get some food and the lady next to him is waiting for take out? The receipt looks like he only paid for himself.

1568 days ago

Leein Houston    

Come on .....he cant eat and watch a tv?.........looks to me he was just sitting with her..........plus who gives a sh*t...

Houston Texas

1568 days ago


Geez tmz you cannot even eat in public with the opposite sex now a days without cheating? you guys are turds, it could be his sister, cousin, friend, colleage!! you guys are morons so lame....must be a slooooowwww day! this was almost a month ago too....little late in the game don't ya think??? lol

1568 days ago


Go Get Him !!! Stay on him TMZ, this jerk wants his life back but doesn't do anything for the people in the Gulf who have lost theirs, BOYCOTT BP!!!!!

1568 days ago


He doesn't look like he is having that great of a time.

1568 days ago



1568 days ago


"Team Tony"? Seriously? Because I and others have stated the obvious -- that there is no evidence in this photo whatsoever that proves this man is cheating on his wife -- we somehow approve of his handling of the BP oil spill? Is that what you're implying? If not, then please clarify. The "you moron" statement is seeming more appropriate.

1568 days ago


look at the expression on the woman's face. she knew she was being photograghed...obviously she set herself in position to make the shots appear as if the two of them were together... come on, tmz, you're not that gullible, are you? hope you didnt pay a lot of $ for the pics

1568 days ago


We can make out which Champps it was by the zip code if you look it up on google maps

1568 days ago


The guest check list 2 persons.

1568 days ago


It does not look like these two are "together" at all. It just looks like clever camera angling and suggestions by the media.

However, two entrees and two cranberry drinks is a different story if that is, in fact, his tab.

1568 days ago


since i live on the gulf coast of FL I can say that i really don't like this guy but come on TMZ he's not looking at her, not talking to her, not touching her. what tells you that hes cheating on his wife with her? i go out to bars and restaurants all the time and sit next to people who i don't know and don't talk to. He looks tired and drunk which is what i would be if i were in his shoes

1568 days ago


I hope his wife chops his ballz off,

1568 days ago


If you don't know that dem congress forced them to drill in a area not suitable or tested in the gulf for drilling just for this horror to happen, not allowing any resources for emergency exit repairs, shut down or inspecting the drill site for years, like they do the other oil sites, then you are dumb and kept in the dark trusting the Progressive manipulators in washington and the world. The man is the owner not the recovery divers and workers. He is under orders not to fix it quick, who knows why when other nations are hiring him to drill deeper and in more dangerous cir***stances because they know BP can handle it and will have all the checks and balances in place. In this miracle age The BOSS can be reached at any place and time for inquiry and leadership okays or nays on any subject. This drill site was meant to fail.. Wonder why Pres O is not letting anyone recover and protect their states and the water in the US? Nothing they do is right, even wiser minds and suggestions are ignored? Just blame Bush BP our enforced depression and study it as no one on American's panel is educated in the OIL INDUSTRY. The President and Dem congress was also preventing other nations for helping until they are caught in the act and accused by wise and good reporters other than the NBC CBS ABC CNN or MSMCB taking them to task for errors and terrorism to our economy and nation. Cold hearted snakes!

1568 days ago


TMZ making something out of nothing. The man is watching a game in a pub. Doesn't look like he is interacting with the girl. Just so happens she is sitting next to him watching the game to. **** You TMZ you should know better. Leave the man alone already. Go take pics of the ****ing ****** president Obama taking all our money watching basketball.

1568 days ago
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