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Jon Bon Jovi Injured, Finishes Concert

7/10/2010 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Bon Jovi really was "Livin' on a Prayer" last night after he injured his calf during a concert at the New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey, but finished the show like a champ.

In the video above, you can clearly see Jon struggling to walk around on stage -- but he sings the ironic closing song, "Living On a Prayer" as if nothing is wrong. In the video below, you can see Jon thanking the crowd before being carried off by the rest of the band.

A rep for Bon Jovi tells TMZ: "Near the end of Bon Jovi's two-and-a-half hour show at New Meadowlands Stadium on Friday night, Jon Bon Jovi sustained a torn calf muscle ... The injury will not prevent Bon Jovi from playing any of their upcoming stadium dates this summer."


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Jon's a sweatheart, I hope he recovers quickly.

1565 days ago


i was 12/13 years old when i first heard bon jovi and was a massive fan. i'm 37 now and totally lost interest when he did that song with sugarland, they were on tv and kissed like they were old soul mates, none of my business of course but i just lost total respect for him- you know his kids watched that special as well along with dorthia. faithful fan no more.

1565 days ago


Best quote; he's a good entertainer but is a dope when it comes to politics.

He sounds like he's got a brick dangling from his wi*ly, and a food-mixer making purée of his tonsils.
- - - Paul Lester (about Jon Bon Jovi)

1565 days ago


17.isnt he the guy whose never had a single drink or drug his entire life, but his right hand man, friend and lead guitar player is a testamonial to the absolute abuses of drink and drug?

The ONLY rocker I've ever heard claim he's never had a drink or tried any kind of drugs is Gene Simmons of KISS. Bon Jovi used to tour with the heavy duty partiers like Motley Crue - trust me, Jon's been there and done that. Not sure he still does, but he has.

To #20 - Dorothea broke up with Jon in the very early years because of the women and then Jon started dating actress Diane Lane. When she dumped him, he went running back to Dorothea (wrote the song You Give Love a Bad Name about Diane Lane). He's had women all thru the years and don't think Dorothea doesn't know it. Jon's a self-proclaimed workaholic who's never home and always on the road touring or doing something. I bet his kids don't even know who he is.

1565 days ago


@truth because you stupid moron most stars today would just walk off stage and not play and cancel the whole ****ing tour over a hang nail...

**** look at all the crap Axel did back in the days and well still now..

Jon Bon Jovi himself and the rest of the band have been some of the best guys all around compared to other bands. This doesn't mean they rocked more than montly or whatever just means they have been more connected and always seem to give it their all every time.

1565 days ago


She looks like an elderly homosexual- which is exactly what she is!

1565 days ago


That wasn't an injury! That was a leg cramp!

1565 days ago


Enough with the negative comments about Bon Jovi and celebrity; we fans appreciate the AWESOME show they put on each and EVERY time. If anyone has EVER hurt their calf muscle OR had a cramp, you know how painful it is. I for one wouldn't have been upset if he had walked off stage, or if he got a chair, stool, whatever to sit on until he was done. But he didn't want to disappoint the fans and finished; even smiled. Get over yourselves, those who say "he makes enough money" bla bla bla. He works hard for it too. Before you criticize, go to a concert and FEEL the energy and love from the fans.

1565 days ago


I was there last night what a showmanship was still hot and hope you feel better Jon I would to be your nurse Thanka for great concert as always

1565 days ago


It looks as if he had torn a muscle in is calf. I have done that and it is extremely painful as you cannot put any pressure on the injured leg. Kudos to him for finishing the show!

1565 days ago


I was at the show too. He said he felt his calf pop during the second to last song. You could see when it happened and he was in alot of pain getting through the final song. If anyone has seen them perform (and for those who have not who are making idiotic judgements) they give 200% on stage for 3 hours every performance...They don't just show up like some bands...they put their heart and soul in EVERY performance. You have to be in not good but excellent shape to give the performance he gives and you can tell he is in great peak physical condition. I hope he feels better.

1565 days ago


Sucks growing old, doesn't it?

1565 days ago


Duh bimbos, he clearly stated at the beginning of the video..."I got another leg cramp." Just because you were "at the show", it doesn't mean you were paying attention.

1565 days ago

Jovi Girl    

Jon did the promised Philly concert back in March at the Wachovia Center!! : )

1565 days ago


Obviously these dopes bashing have never been to a real entertaining show. You don't have to love their music (though I do) to respect that he finished the concert. Think about all the idiots that "injure themselves" on stage and end the concert right then and there. Jon and the boys are getting older, but they still care most about giving the fans their money's worth, so A+ to Jon. I'll be seeing you guys on the 24th. Hope he feels better

1565 days ago
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