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Lindsay Lohan -- Lawyered Up!

7/10/2010 4:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay Lohan has settled on a new lawyer -- and she went all the way to Chicago to find him.

We're told Lindsay will hire Stuart V. Goldberg, a criminal defense attorney from the Windy City. Goldberg met with Lindsay -- along with her sister and Ali and mother Dina -- for about six hours yesterday.

Lindsay, we're told, called Stuart herself and asked him to fly out to Los Angeles.

Lohan is supposed to surrender to the court by July 20, so Goldberg has his work cut out for him.


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According to his website (, he specializes in narcotics cases. I wonder if she found him on google.

Harvey, is he admitted to the CA bar?

1536 days ago


Oh my God! Lindsay is such a spoiled brat! She's throwing a hissy fit over having to be locked up in a PRIVATE cell, with her own bathroom and shower. Meanwhile, the "average Joe" offenders are herded like cattle into a public barrack and do not have privacy while bathing or going to the bathroom. I think she has it pretty darn easy compared to the other inmates and yet, here she is, freaking out and hiring another lawyer to try an get her out of it. Could you imagine if she had to do time mixed in with the other inmates and NO privacy? If you ask me, she's getting off too easy and it's all because she's famous. Ugh.

1536 days ago


He has very nice hair.

1536 days ago


He isn't licensed to practice in California, so he will have to associate himself with someone local. The best that he can hope for is a stay pending appeal and I doubt if he will get it. What a waste of money and the court's time.

1536 days ago


ApeAl, you might be right since Stuart V. Goldberg looks like Rocky Balboa on blow!

1536 days ago

Knockers De Clown    

Hey ! I have an idea. I could represent Lindsey

1536 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Lindsay would have probably been outof jail already if she went in right after her court appearance. What a coke head she is....

1536 days ago


This guy will have never worked so hard for his money, when he's finished with this case. She has to be the biggest pain in the ass to defend. She doesn't respect the law or her attorney any more than she does the judge, hence the signal on her 2 middle fingernails in the court room. Oh, yeah and....she's too stupid to keep her mouth shut or stay out of trouble. I wonder, if she hadn't basically laughed so loud at the law while in Caans, would she have gotten the 90 days? And to those who say she was unjustly sentenced, think about the fact that all judges know that if they want a criminal to spend any time in the clink, they need to amp up the amount of time they sentence them to. They are fully aware that the criminals get out earlier because of overcrowding. But if she gets in there and acts up, they could keep her for the full term. Hey Linds, don't change a thing, stay arrogant, defiant and least until your whole 90 days sentence in jail is up.

1536 days ago


@20 May
Every cell has a toilet none of them have a bathroom! You try isolation, no one to speak to and the guards watch while you use the toilet.
She is in isolation because she would be beaten or killed in the general population or extorted.

1536 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Is he wearing a "Eva Gabor Wig"

1536 days ago


Is he licensed to practice law in California?

1536 days ago

Knockers De Clown    

His eyes arn't even. Has he had a stroke? *I'm just say'en

1536 days ago

myrna tyrna    

Jail and inpatient rehab are the only things that will save this girl's life. Any lawyer willing to stand in the way of that is essentially saying, "It's ALL about the money...and I might even get famous for this!"

I predict we'll see his fake-tan face coming out of The Ivy any day now.

1536 days ago


Hey Fan,

Dina WORKS FOR LINDSAY. She could be fired at a moments notice, if Momma gives her a hard time or disagrees with her. Maybe Linds has already made that clear to her in the past. And actually at this point in LLs life, meaning she's an adult she do anything to her anyway. Not like she can take her car keys or cell phone. Dina has created this litle monster and for those who want to address her like a child, get over it, the girl will change when she absolutely has to and not a moment before. If she survives.....

1536 days ago


Maybe Lindsay has hired this lawyer not to keep her from Jail time as she knows she wont spend much more than a week, but to keep her from having to pay huge in the civil case. Now that the Judge read out the cir***stances of her two dui's and she was found positive for cocaine in her blood test, she might be in more trouble with the civil case than she was before.

1536 days ago
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