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Lindsay Lohan -- Lawyered Up!

7/10/2010 4:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay Lohan has settled on a new lawyer -- and she went all the way to Chicago to find him.

We're told Lindsay will hire Stuart V. Goldberg, a criminal defense attorney from the Windy City. Goldberg met with Lindsay -- along with her sister and Ali and mother Dina -- for about six hours yesterday.

Lindsay, we're told, called Stuart herself and asked him to fly out to Los Angeles.

Lohan is supposed to surrender to the court by July 20, so Goldberg has his work cut out for him.


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Rodent Monkey    

She thinks she is just gonna BUY her way right out of jail!!! BULL**** !!!! You ran your mouth too much and trust me when I say the Judge is keeping tabs on your mouth!!! YOU NEED AND DESERVE JAIL!!!!!

1537 days ago

Woody Nelson    

Please join the Facebook Fan Page we created for her. It is called the "Official Lindsay Lohan to host SNL again after jail and rehab (please?)" Here is a link please spread the word
Help us help @LindsayLohan join this Facebook Fan Page plz RT help us get her on SNL again!

1537 days ago


Re: the lohan situation
It is so sad that her little sister was there to be witness to this disfunction that is her sisters life. It not to late Mommy Lohan dearest to start parenting Ali differently. You should check out Larry Winget book; Your kids are your own fault, oh and share it with your ex. Do they not realize how stupid they appear when trying to defend Lindsey.

1537 days ago


If Paris Hilton can do it so can Lohan. Just face it and get it over with. And be glad you didn't kill someone driving and facing 15 years in jail.

1537 days ago


well according to another site this story is not true. this guy can't practice law in LA

1537 days ago


better him than me.....

1537 days ago


Just another wanna be jumping on the gravy train....Snot nosed little Lindsay (wahhhh waaaahhhhha) needs to sit her ass in jail for a cool minute and realize, she' ain't all that anymore

1537 days ago


Give me a break!! It does not matter if she hires the best attorney in the world, she is STILL going to jail!!

Why don't you just shut up Lindsay and take responsibility for your actions like a mature adult?? Oh that will ever happen! She is nothing but a spoiled rotten alcoholic coke head celeb-BRATTY who thinks she is above the law, and she can get away with each and everything she does! And when she gets busted, she thinks she can just cry her way out of it!

"WHAH, WHAH! I didn't do was the guy in the yellow shirt that did it, not me! But even though it was not me, I'm still sorry for doing it (actually, I'm sorry that I got caught and now I'm going to cry like a little baby and say that I thought I was doing everything right). So what if I went to Morocco and went to all night raves?! That should still make me excused from going to my court ordered weekly meetings! HELLO!! I'm Lindsay Lohan, B**CH!"

1537 days ago


Now I bet it will be her former attorneys fault that she has ANY consequences for her actions. How long is this guy going to last!!!

1537 days ago


All I thought of while reading this article is Lindsey telling the judge that she took responsibility for her actions.

Sure, Lilo, sure!! Once again, you just want to avoid the consequences of bad (and illegal) behavior.

And her previous attorney said the judge didn't treat Lindsey like a "normal" person? HA! If she were treated like us, she would have been in jail a LONG time ago.

1537 days ago

bring back recent posts    

tooooooooo...SJ #48...omg...u cracked me up bigtime! hahahaha

1537 days ago

Poncy Caverhill    

Sarah Failin' is about as useless a piece of crap as Lilo!!@

1537 days ago


Mommy doesnt want her to go to jail because LiLo is her meal ticket. Both parents need to tell her to shut up and do the time. show this girl some discipline.

1537 days ago


Take her ability to drive herself away and let her get as high as she wants to, she won't last long.

1537 days ago


OMG, check out this guy's website He seems just as whacked as Lilo and totally into himself. He kinda looks like Liberace.

1537 days ago
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